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Bedside Tables: Our buying guide

How we can assist in the purchase

So, you’re on this page because you need some bedside tables. Perhaps just the one, or maybe several pairs. Firstly we hope that we can inspire you with some unique and interesting bedside tables within these pages. Our aim here at Out There Interiors, is not just to inspire you with interesting bedside tables and wow you with jaw-dropping prices. We want to provide you with a feast of information on each and every bedside table we sell so you can feel confident in purchasing online with us. Although we have a small and glittery Chalfont showroom packed full of bedside tables, we want to do more than sell to those who can saunter in off the street and ensure that we are reaching customers all over the world. Our individual bedside table pages are therefore choc full of info, so you can learn about the quality of each unique bedside table, easily locate matching items such as chests and dressing tables and also find out practical information such as specific drawer dimensions, delivery times and returns policies. We are always here to answer your questions from 9:30 – 18:00 Monday – Friday so feel free to call us about any bedside table you see on our site. But if you’re shopping for your bedside tables outside of these hours, you will find a wealth of information within these pages. We have also written the following bedside table guide to assist you with your purchase. We hope you find it helpful.

Bedside table terminology

Let’s start with the basics first. Bedside tables are called ALL SORTS of things and its worth getting the terminology correct before we dive in to the detail. Our preferred term here at Out There Interiors is (yes you guessed it) ‘bedside table’ and we regularly use the plural ‘bedsides’. Another common term is ‘bedside cabinets’ often used to describe a bedside table featuring a bottom cupboard, and then there’s ‘bedside chests’ for those which feature three or more drawers. ‘Bedside drawers’ is also a very common term for bedside tables or small chests which feature drawers. Delving a little deeper, the most common American term for bedside table appears to be ‘nightstand’. In Britain we often use the term ‘nightstands’ to describe tall and thin bedside tables, with slender legs but in the States it is usual to describe all bedside tables as nightstands. Over in Ireland everyone seems to call bedside tables ‘Lockers’ which was fascinating for us when we first started selling furniture. When hearing the term ‘bedside locker’ we instantly pictured a vintage/industrial bedside table fashioned from an old school locker. It’s amazing how terminology can differ over a few miles of water. Then there is a whole manner of other generic terms used to describe bedside tables which are more universal in their styling. These include lamp tables, side tables, end tables, side cabinets, pot cupboards, side cupboards, open bedsides and many more. Variety is the spice of life so we will use a sprinkling of different bedside table terminology through-out this guide, so don’t let the odd ‘locker’ mention throw you off.

Bedside tables are fun to buy

It’s about time that buying bedside tables (and furniture in general) became a bit more fun. Here at Out There Interiors we believe that bedside tables are one of the most exciting pieces of furniture to buy for your home. The main reason for this is to do with symmetry and versatility. Let’s discuss symmetry first.

Bedside Tables: The power of two.

Symmetry in general looks great around the home. Picture twin sinks with matching mirrors, matching chandeliers in a long dining room, or a couple of bay trees framing a red front door. It’s a simple and effective way to add impact, and unless you’ve only got room for ONE bedside table, you instantly create something symmetrical when purchasing bedside tables. Symmetrical purchases can be bolder and more exciting that non symmetrical purchases, as singular furniture often needs to blend or compliment an original ‘look’, but a pair of eye-catching bedside tables can put their own stamp on a room. What we’re trying to say, is that you can think outside the box when it comes to buying bedside tables. Take our brightly coloured side tables such as Stevie and Nicky, or the striking lacquered bedsides Mildred and Macy. Both styles will add instant symmetrical wow-factor, and bring a room to life in a brave new way. Add a pair of striking lamps, and you’ve created something totally unique with a few simple and inexpensive steps.

The versatility of bedside tables

You may have of course, already decided or created your look and need bedside tables to compliment it. Often you can find bedside tables to match your existing look, either by searching for the colour of bedside table you need or by individual style. (Whilst we’re on this subject, if you’re looking for a particular style of bedside table that you cannot see on our site, by all means call or email us to discuss your bedside requirements. We have a huge back catalogue of bedside tables which we have either overlooked or not photographed, so please feel free to contact us about alternative options). Even if you are tied to the colour or style of your room, you can still take risks with your bedside table purchase because bedside tables are so versatile. As discussed in the paragraph on terminology above, bedside tables can become pot cupboards, side and end tables, telephone tables and plant stands. There no reason why any style of bedside table cannot be universal should it not work in your chosen room, or you become tired of the look you created several years earlier. When you consider our prices, does it matter if your brave bedside table purchase doesn’t last you a lifetime? We encourage you to be bold and exciting when looking for bedside tables. Create a striking symmetrical look which can be broken down and reused should you grow tired of it. Versatility and reinventing space is what modern interior design is all about, and purchasing unique bedside tables is one of the best ways to embrace this concept.

Using chests as large bedside tables.

If you have a large bedroom, using a chest of drawers as a bedside table is often a brilliant idea. It’s sometimes hard to know at what size a bedside table becomes a chest and vice versa. Take our small silver embossed chest ‘Kendra’ at 53cm wide it could be either a large bedside table or a small chest of drawers. The truth is it works as both items depending on your space, and the good thing is that the vast majority of our chests of drawers can double as bedside tables. A large bedroom is not always a requirement. Sometimes a small space can benefit from using a chest as a bedside table, where one side of the bed sits next to a large dressing mirror or there is simply not enough space for both a chest of drawers and two side tables. The other benefit of using a chest of drawers as a bedside table is the surface area you gain with a deeper or wider piece of furniture.

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Surface area is surprisingly critical with a bedside table, as many of us underestimate the amount of odds and ends we require by the side of our beds. A pair of large bedside table lamps is one of the best ways to create a striking and warm bedroom, and the bases often take up the majority of space on a smaller side table. When using a chest as a bedside table you often end up with twice the surface area, which is perfect for a large lamp along with your mobile phone, tissues, cups, jewellery boxes, remote controls, books and more (we told you there was a lot). By the way, if you’re looking for an actual bedside table with a large surface area the biggest one on our site is the ‘Helen’ mirrored bedside table. She is a classic mirrored side table with one drawer. The surface area on this bedside table is surprisingly big and often overlooked due to the lack of storage space. Sometimes it’s worth thinking about how much you will store, verses how much you will want at grabbing distance!

Small bedside tables

Sometimes small bedside tables are necessary. Many a time we are asked for slim bedside tables especially in our mirrored furniture range. Mirrored bedside tables are a luxury products which have become popular due to their space and light maximising qualities and the ability to transform a boring bedroom into an opulent boudoir in seconds. It’s a shame therefore that mirrored bedsides are not manufactured in a variety of sizes like French bedside tables as often it is the smaller, darker bedrooms which benefit from them. We feature a few different options for those searching for slim or narrow mirrored bedside tables. Please contact us to discuss various options supplied in the past. At the time of writing, slim bedside tables are something we need to feature more of here at Out There. It must be very frustrating to have a small space and be so limited to the bedside tables you can choose.

Using stools and upturned things as bedside tables.

One of the best ways to get around the narrow bedside table problem is to use a stool as a bedside table. Stools come in a variety of diameters and widths and do not have to sit flush against the wall to look good. One of our newest products the ‘Teyona’ Saudi Arabian hammered metal stool is proving very popular as an alternative bedside table. Her surface area is very pretty with an engraved ethnic stamp, and is sufficient to hold a variety of bedside things. Another benefit of stools is that they can be moved around to suit your needs. You can sit on a bedside stool and do your make-up, rest your glass of water on it at night, and stand on it to reach that top wardrobe cupboard. A bedside stool is a practical and versatile option in a small bedroom.