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black glass furniture: our buying guide

Black glass furniture terminology.

Black glass furniture has and is called many things. We have heard Black Venetian furniture, Black gloss furniture, black mirrored furniture and more. We consider our furniture best described as black glass furniture, as this is what it essentially is, but don’t worry if we throw a few black gloss and venetians in there when discussing it, it’s all the same stuff.

Black glass furniture quality: why it really DOES matter.

Sometimes it doesn’t matter if the item you are buying is not top quality. Most of us wouldn’t think twice about buying copies of designer clothes on the high street, choosing a stylish but inexpensive chandelier or opting for the cheap red wine in Sainsbury’s. Cutting a corner or two doesn’t matter to most of us in these circumstances. We’d rather have the cheaper option and save a few quid. But glass furniture on the other hand (whatever the colour) shouldn’t be compromised upon. Luckily for you Out There Interiors has a top quality range of black glass furniture at very cheap prices.

Black glass furniture manufacturing process

Our black glass furniture begins life the South East corner of China where it is manufactured by skilful workers in an exceptional glass furniture factory. The high standards of the factory owners are visible in every piece of black glass furniture they produce, and as a result the quality of our black glass furniture is second to none. The black glass furniture designs you see on our site are either our own creations or thought up by the factory’s in house designer. Once a design is approved the individual elements of each piece of black glass furniture are broken down by an engineer who masterminds the creation of an individual piece. Our black glass chest of drawers for example will begin life on paper. In the first stages the frame which is constructed of hardwood is lazor cut and built by hand. Once finished the frame looks like a sturdy black wooden chest of drawers without handles. In the meantime, large pieces of clear glass are coated in a highly resistant black lacquer and baked at high temperatures. These pieces are then cut using special machinery, they are given a chunky 2cm bevel and holes are drilled in the relevant places. The black glass pieces are then carefully secured onto the frame by specially formulated cyanoacrylate gel. Upon completion of the piece of black glass furniture the handles (if applicable) are screwed into the inside of the drawers to protect the piece within its packaging. The piece of black glass furniture is thoroughly cleaned and polished with an acid based cleaner. It is then bagged in clear plastic with silicon gel to eliminate moisture before being placed into our thick polystyrene casing. Once in the special casing the finished product is placed in a branded cardboard box before beginning its long journey west to our warehouse.

What sets our black glass furniture apart from the rest?

The bevel

Almost all of our black glass furniture features a bevelled edge. The majority of our black glass chests and bedside tables have a bevel of approximately 2cm thick along the top and side surfaces, with a smaller bevel along the inside edges such as around the drawers. This gives the black glass furniture a look of exceptional quality. It’s hard to say why a bevelled edge makes such a difference to black glass furniture but it really does.

Ball bearing runners

Almost all the black glass furniture with drawers features ball bearing runners which are top quality. Ball bearing runners attach, not the bottom of the drawer but to the centre, like a kitchen drawer. The oiled ball bearings ensure that the drawers on our black glass furniture slide wonderfully in and out. They close smoothly without any noise and feel top quality.


As our black glass furniture is created using clear glass baked in resistant black lacquer the result is a perfectly smooth and glossy, jet black finish which will not fade, chip or weaken over time. Our black glass furniture will look stunning for a great many years.


Black glass furniture and glass furniture in general should always have a very strong, sturdy frame. A light chipboard or thin wood frame is simply not strong enough to support a piece of furniture encompassed in glass. All our black glass furniture pieces are made of thick, heavy hardwood. It is extremely strong and durable, and the perfect base for all that spectacular black glass.


The interior of our black glass furniture (i.e. inside the drawers and cupboards) has a black silk finish which gives the inside a polished appearance worthy of high quality furniture. The silk finish ensures that there are no sharp or rough edges on which to snag clothes. The backs of the majority of our black glass furniture have the same finish, but the backs are usually thinner, allowing you to drill or cut holes in relevant places should you wish to feed wires through.


You will know that you’ve bought something good when a piece of our black glass furniture arrives in your hallway. Our black glass furniture packaging is second to none, encasing the furniture in extra thick moulded polystyrene and boxed in branded cartons. We know packaging is really boring but it makes such a difference to the way your furniture is handled. It also speaks volumes about the quality of the piece inside, as the manufacturer has taken pains to ensure the black glass furniture arrives with you in great condition.

Black glass furniture as a trend.

Our style of black glass furniture is a very new trend. Glass furniture and coloured glass furniture have been around for a long time, (you may have seen cheap black glass furniture in high street shops, usually TV and HIFI stands held together with nickel plated brackets). But our black glass furniture is something totally different. It is essentially Venetian mirrored furniture using black glass, or black Venetian furniture. The entire piece of furniture is designed to look like it is made of black glass through and through, and it does. The finished result is solid, top quality, glossy furniture which is beautiful to look at. Mirrored furniture, although still very popular is bordering on mainstream at the present time, but black glass furniture is still very unique. It has an ‘understated masculine elegance’ which sounds like a load of waffle but is really very accurate. Black glass furniture is popular with men and sophisticated women. It suits those seeking classy furniture with wow factor.

Other terms for black glass furniture

So why do some people call this furniture black gloss furniture?

The concept of ‘high gloss’ furniture has been around for a while. It’s a bit silly really because although a lot of it does look very nice, it’s essentially plastic furniture. The typical high gloss finish is created by super smooth plastic or acrylic, and is very rarely lacquered in the manner suggested. Black gloss furniture is therefore usually not glass, but due to their similar appearance black glass furniture is often labelled black gloss furniture.

So why black mirrored furniture?

As mentioned above, our style of black glass furniture has been derived from mirrored furniture. It has the same construction and design and is made to look like glass furniture through and through. Some people may think of black glass furniture as black mirrored furniture because of these similarities, but it is most likely called this due to the reflective nature of the black glass. If the glass was truly black (i.e a dye added to the glass during production) the glass, although coloured would be see-through, in the way that dark sections of a stained glass window appear. This would not work for our black glass furniture as the wooden construction of the chest would be visible. The glass is therefore backed in black lacquer which ensures the finish is a solid colour, and backing glass in this manner is similar to creating a mirror. Mirrors are created by pouring molten silver nitrate or aluminium over the back of the glass, and the black lacquer has a similar effect on the front end. The finish of our black glass furniture is therefore both jet black and significantly reflective, hence the expression ‘black mirrored furniture’.

Why glass is better than gloss.

Weirdly enough, the majority of this black gloss furniture on the market is very expensive. As some iconic designs have been created in black gloss, such as John Reeves’s Louis tables, many retailers believe that black gloss furniture is worthy of a hefty mark-up. It isn’t really. The majority of black gloss furniture finished with plastic is very easily scratched. Marks appear almost instantly upon installation and the whole piece looks significantly shabby after a couple of months use. Black glass furniture is cheaper, stronger and better looking. Glass is far less easily scratched and does not turn permanently cloudy or develop patches of dirt when cleaned. It is also a pricier material, so no matter what the sale prices may lead you to believe, black glass furniture is always a better choice than black gloss furniture.

Our different sets of black glass furniture

We have a few different sets of black glass furniture but by far the most popular ranges are our silver handled and 50s angled black glass bedroom furniture ranges. Both sets are equal in quality, with the angled drawer range just outweighing the silver handles in choice of furniture available. Our black glass furniture with angled drawers range comprises two sizes of wide chest of drawers and two choices of black glass bedside tables. We also feature two black glass dressing tables in this range. Angled drawers are an unusual design feature, which give a room a luxury hotel feel. The drawers open from underneath eliminating the risk of finger marks and giving the furniture a sleek, modern look which is ironically inspired by 50s design. The silver handled range is also a very modern, chic range of furniture which suits those who aren’t crazy about the angled drawers. The silver handles complement the black glass perfectly; they give this range a wonderful symmetrical appearance which is almost certainly one of the reasons for its popularity. There are plenty of stand alone pieces of black glass furniture in our collection. We also feature a fantastic selection of black glass side and coffee tables, along with some striking console tables and black Venetian mirrors.

Using black glass furniture

Black glass furniture is elegant and modern. As mentioned above it tends to be popular with both men and sophisticated women, or those who want to add understated glamour to a living space. Don’t worry if your space is small and/or dark. Although black glass furniture won’t brighten a space as much as mirrored furniture reflective surfaces ‘lift’ spaces, whatever their colour, so you can get away with it. It’s amazing how small spaces benefit from glossy touches so do not be afraid to go dark. Black glass furniture works in almost all interiors, but thrives in simple modern homes where it can be truly appreciated. The clean lines of the majority of our black glass furniture also suit a contemporary setting, although we do have certain pieces of black glass furniture which will sit well in more traditional spaces. For example the black glass console table Imogen, with its fabulously detailed embellishment, or the black glass coffee table Taylor, featuring curvy legs and retro styling. A single striking piece of black glass furniture works wonders, take our Mia console table for example standing alone in a hallway with an impressive bouquet of flowers on top, or use a black glass bedroom set combined with printed crimson wallpaper for an romantic boudoir bedroom. We have also seen our black glass furniture used wonderfully in modern black and white themed rooms.

How to compliment black glass furniture

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, black glass furniture works beautifully with pink/red, white, silver and black interiors, along with the neutral themes that a lot of us still stick to. Once in situ it is easily complimented with a range of black glass accessories that we supply. The most impressive way you can compliment black glass furniture is with a large black Venetian mirror. Black Venetians make a monster statement, and are still very rare. At the time of writing we supply only a small range of black Venetian mirrors but will soon be expanding this range to give you more choice. Our black glass furniture is usually very simple, with the exception of the Imogen console table all the black glass furniture features smooth clean lines, simple handles and unfussy details. This is mainly due to the fact that the majority of customers who purchase black glass furniture prefer the simple style, but the Black Venetian mirrors are an area in which you can really let your hair down. Our black Venetian mirrors are extravagant, with lots and lots of individually cut pieces of bevelled glass etched by hand and painstakingly pieced together. The finished products are large, very good quality and overflowing with wow-factor. We recently supplied a large amount of Sofia black Venetian mirrors to an exclusive restaurant in London, and the impact was show-stopping. Although fussy and elaborate black glass furniture is often a step too far, you can easily indulge with a black Venetian mirror.
Another thing which will add extra wow factor to your black glass furniture is accessories like tall glass lamps. We feature two great examples of matching lamps which will make the most of your black glass furniture. Use a pair of our ‘Dara’ black glass bedside table lamps on top of our Lyndsey black gloss bedsides. This creates a very bold statement in a bedroom, and the easiest way to create immediate symmetrical wow factor. Compliment with long flowing drapes in silver, white or red, and go to town on some bold printed wallpaper for your feature wall. This is the perfect recipe for a statement bedroom.
If it’s the front room you’re focusing on, try sitting a large plasma TV on our Phoebe black glass TV unit and complimenting with our fabulous turned black floor lamp Chloe. Try white walls and Venetian blinds for an ultra modern black and white theme. We have plenty more accessories to accentuate our black glass furniture range, including jewellery boxes, photo frames and stunning gothic chandeliers.

When black glass furniture goes wrong.

Do not assume all black glass furniture is the same, it’s not. Here are some fundamental questions to ask when purchasing black glass furniture.

Does it have a bevel?

Unless the piece of furniture is very simple, such as our black glass cube table, your black glass furniture should feature a bevel. If it a large item such as a chest of drawers and it doesn’t feature a bevel then it’s likely to be low quality. There is no reason why a bevel should be left out on such a piece, and suggests that corners have been cut in the manufacture. It will also not look as good at face value. Cheap glass furniture is always bevel free as this part of the manufacturing process is time consuming and expensive.

What is the structure like?

As mentioned previously, all our black glass furniture has a very heavy hardwood frame. It is a good strong base for all the glass. A sturdy base like this is imperative when considering black glass furniture. We have seen many, many pieces of black glass furniture manufactured using chipboard and light-wooden frames, (similar to the wood used to manufacture wine crates). This material is just a disaster waiting to happen. Although once in situ a black glass chest of drawers manufactured from this material may look ok, you will be able to tell the difference in the feel of the drawers, and the amount of weight they will take. If you ever need to transport or manoeuvre black glass furniture with this structural material you will rightly be very nervous. Glass furniture with a weak frame is an accident waiting to happen.

Is it definitely glass?

We talked a little earlier on about the difference between black glass furniture and black gloss furniture. Although we use both terms to describe our range there is plenty of scandalously priced black gloss furniture on the market which is finished not in glass, but plastic. The result maybe lighter and less fragile, but the finish is not half as impressive, and as mentioned previously plastic coated black gloss furniture can be a nightmare to maintain.

Drawer runners?

If it’s a chest of drawers you’re buying then quality drawer runners are paramount. Cheap drawer runners (or worse no runners at all) can result in all sorts of problems. If the drawer runners are not smooth and cause the drawer to wobble about as they slide them you risk chipping the glass on either the top or underside of the drawer when you close them. Obvious problems exist if you don’t have drawer runners on your black glass furniture. The drawers will not open easily or slide smoothly causing excess pressure on the handles. Handles are always delicate on black glass furniture and glass furniture in general as they are the single pressure point in a single pain of glass. Normal use is absolutely fine, but excess pressure caused by stiff drawers will cause problems. You find the handles break, snap off or worst case crack the glass – not good!

Matching items

The last thing it’s always worth finding out is the matching items that are available in the range of black glass furniture you’re considering. As there are many different manufacturers, suppliers, retailers and resellers out there designs and specifications of black glass furniture are varied. Even if you’re only looking for one particular piece of black glass furniture at the time of reading, it’s good to know that should you require further pieces in the future you can go back to the same vendor for the same style or specification. Should you wish to add to your black glass furniture collection as funds become available it’s worth ensuring that the vendor has a good supply chain, or you may find yourself with half, or a few pieces of one range when the rest is suddenly discontinued. This happens regularly to unsuspecting retailers of black glass furniture, so if in doubt give them a call.
Or of course you could purchase from us!

Many thanks for reading the black glass furniture guide, and happy purchasing.