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  • If You Like... You Will Like...

    Pastel Heaven.  If you 'liked' Mollie Makes' winning entry in our #PimpMyFrench competition then we'll think you like this... P.S Don't forget the pineapple!

    Pastel Heaven Inspired by Mollie Makes #PimpMyFrench entry


    1. Festa Light £69 2. Noya Rattan Sunbed £315 3. Lesette Pineapple Jar  £60

    4. Vinala Bedside Table £410 5. Maya Table Lamp £175 6. Sibylle French Cabinet  £475

    7. Marge Rug £695

  • Designer Profile : Out There Interiors talks to Achim Rehahn

    Achim Rehahn, Owner, 8 Seasons Designs Achim Rehahn, Owner, 8 Seasons Designs


    The team at Out There Interiors loves the quirky lighting designs that 8 Seasons Designs are renowned for, and which are suitable for indoor, and outdoor, use.   With Summer approaching rapidly and the chance to extend a glorious evening by installing beautiful outdoor lighting it seemed apt to talk to Achim Rehahn, Owner of 8 Seasons.


    8 Seasons Designs ethos is to combine fun with practicality in your light design. What prompted you to start the company and what were your initial designs?

    I saw an illuminated item made of polyethylene in Italy. I then thought why has no one so far designed Christmas items out of this great material? Following this thought I designed the Shining Star as our first, and still, most popular item. Unfortunately we first imported these products from Asia and the quality was very poor. We were very unhappy with the result and from that day on we decided to go a different way. Today all our products are made in Germany. High quality and competitive prices are our highest goals.


    Butterfly and Flower Lights

    What is your most popular design?  We are a German company. In our own country we sell Shining Stars the most. Abroad we sell much more shining globes and cubes. Furthermore our illuminated flowers and planters are very popular in countries like England where the garden culture is very strong.

    Munich in the Summer means…?  Actually for me Munich in the summer means beer garden. That has nothing to do with our lights but that's what Munich stands for in the summer for me. You should try them.

    What are you most proud of?

    We started this company in 2008 with nothing more than the idea of illuminated Christmas items. I maybe got 100 “no's” until the first customer said “yes we will buy this”. Today we are the leading company in this type of products in our country. That makes me happy but also keeps us pushing every day to enlarge this position.


    Rabbit Lights

    What is your favourite design from your current outdoors collection? I love our shining rabbits. At Easter time this year they were the top sellers

    What or who inspires you, on a day to day basis? I have 3 lovely children and a wonderful wife. They give me power and a reason to work for.


    What is a normal working day like for you and your team?

    Actually we have no normal working day. Every day brings its own advantages and tasks we have to manage. Every day we just try to be a little better than the day before. This is a quite easy goal every day which makes a big difference at the end of the year.




    What would be the ultimate fantasy light that you’d love to design? For instance: A giant dinosaur? A Castle? A Birthday Cake? And why? 

    I don't know. If you have an idea just let me know. If we like it we will produce it and name you as the designer. :)

    OTI Note : So tempting!  The child in us would love to see a sandcastle light - for a piece of British Seaside Fun all year long!


    What’s your favourite film?Rocky – Hope you did not expect something with more profoundness. :)



    If you could have personally designed one item in history what would it have been and why? 

    The IPAD. The combination of a total new product in a perfectly designed case with its intuitive way of functioning set a new class. Far beyond everything people ever thought of before.

    Can you give us a sneaky peak into what new designs you and your team are currently working on? What can we expect to see in 2015/2016?

    We will introduce some new designs all year round lights in late 2015 and some new Christmas lights in early 2016.

    What’s your favourite meal? A barbecue with family and friends. Surrounded by people I love all kinds of barbecue - it tastes good.


    To see all of the 8 Seasons Designs lighting available at Out There Interiors click here

  • If You Like... You Will Like...

    We loved 2LovelyGays recent entry into our #PimpMyFrench challenge - so if you 'liked' it as well then we think you'll 'like' our complimentary suggestions.

    2 lovely gays if you like

    1. Cirlandara Wall Mirror £375  2. 'Sergio' - Papa Bear Chair & Ottoman £565

    3. Neko - Neon Colour Word Lamp  £110  4. Ivoire - Hanging Flower Pot Holder £50

    5. Qadira - Glass Vase £59  6. Dionne - French Desk  £720

    7. Illiana - Diamond Side Table £275

    8. Piyali Wall Pot £10  9. Lianna Watering Can  £50

  • Weave gone natural!

    We're totally digging the 70s trend and are currently hanging out in natural rattan under macrame! Sit back, take a chill pill and check out our far out natural seating:


    round rattan chair and rattan dining chair

    1. Don't be square.

    Our Finleigh chair has been a huge hit with the press. The circular woven seat sits atop the black base at any angle you choose.

    2. Gimme five...

    ...Geva rattan chairs around a dining table for a laid back Scandinavian vibe which complements the 70s trend perfectly.


    rattan egg chair and rattan lounger

    3. Groovy baby!

    Arne Jacobson's classic egg chair gets a paired back natural makeover. perfect for chilling to the max in your garden or conservatory.

    4. Dream on...

    This incredibly comfortable retro rattan lounger looks as beautiful in a conservatory as it does under the cherry trees.


    natural rattan armchair and natural rattan rocking chair


    5. Mellow out. 

    In this open-weave natural rattan chair with a campari and soda and Leo Sayer on your record player. (Or don't).

    6. Rock on! 

    As if we could stop you in this amazing rattan rocking chair.


    natural rattan hanging ball chair and rattan ottoman

    7. Off the hook!

    Get into the swing of things with this hanging rattan ball chair - by far our favourite piece of the moment!

    8. Down with that.

    This brand new, low rattan ottoman is set to be a best seller. Perfect for indoor and outdoor use, its simplicity is its appeal.

  • Designer Profile :  Out There Interiors talks to Betina Stampe

    Betina Stampe, Creative Director & Founder, Bloomingville Betina Stampe, Creative Director & Founder, Bloomingville

    Originally founded in Denmark in 2000, from its modest beginnings with only 2 employ­ees Bloomingville has continued to grow from strength to strength to the recognisable design house it is today. 

    Out There Interiors talks to Bloomingville's Founder and Creative Director Betina Stampe about family life, Nordic Cool and what inspires her and the brand.

    Bloomingville signature style is a mixture of raw products with a nostalgic Scandinavian twist. Which piece from the collection would you describe as being the most representative of this design heritage?

    In the past years we have become much more modern, but the Nordic emphasis will always be present here. For the spring season we have hit that note with our botanical tableware. The floral print is of wild field flowers – a very Nordic twist on a floral print.

    Why do you think ‘Nordic Cool’ continues to be as popular across the world?

    I think the simplicity appeals to many people. For most, the home is a heaven and place to detach from stress and hassle….Nordic Cool provides a very calm setting…


    Serene calm meets Nordic cool Serene calm meets Nordic cool in Bloomingville's Rattan range
    A Danish dish served in the summertime, Koldskal is traditionally made with buttermilk. A Danish dish served in the summertime, Koldskal is traditionally made with buttermilk.

    Denmark in the Summer means…?

    Warmth, long evenings, koldskål ( a Danish dessert), new lanterns for the garden. 


    What are you most proud of?

    Other than my kids :) the fact that Bloomingville has become the brand it is today – and we give people the chance change their homes with each season.


    What is your favourite product from the SS/15 collection?

    I love our plant hangers – they are perfect for summer and both indoors and outside. We have many different ones and it is impossible for me to choose a favourite.

    macrame hanging planters Ceramic Hanging Planters part of Bloomingville's S/S15 collection

    What or who inspires you, on a day to day basis?

    Inspiration is found all over and it hits me at the strangest times – I even dream up style at might sometimes. We work with a young team of designers as well, and interns and they are also very inspiring to work with.


    What is a normal working day like for you and your team?

    Depends on where in the season we are. Right now we are designing S/S 16, so days are spent drawing, looking for inspiration and going over samples.


    How would you describe your own personal interior design style?  Are you influenced by the seasons?

    I am very influenced by the seasons and my home always changes with them. My style is reflection of the life my husband and I live with 4 teenagers in the house. I love to take classic Scandinavian design and mix with the seasonal styles from Bloomingville.


    Your family is obviously an integral part of your life. (Betina & Husband Simon have a family of four girls) What activity do you and your family like doing the most on a weekend together?

    It is clear that when you work like we do, family time becomes intense and we make a great effort to have time together. We spend time at our summerhouse, go out to dinner and travel, so we share in some great experiences as well.


     What’s your favourite film?

    A French film; “The Intouchables”

    The Intouchables The Intouchables


    If you could have personally designed one item in history what would it have been and why?

    There is so many great designs throughout time…..I don’t know that I could say one, but it would have to be the perfect combination of an iconic shape, a perfect function and beauty.


    Can you give us a sneaky peak into what concepts you and your team are currently working on? What can we expect to see in 2015/2016?

    We have worked a lot with different materials and textures – some used in unexpected ways – there's a lot to look forward to….


    Are there any areas that you’d love for Bloomingville to branch into? And any brands in alternative fields that you’d love to collaborate with?

    We always stay on our toes to keep making wonderful collections – and lately we have added our Mini for kids and expanded our bath selection with a line of home and body care products. You never know what the future will bring – we will do ours to stay sharp.


    The new Mini collection for kids The new Mini collection for kids


    What’s your family’s favourite meal?

    A classic Italian feast.

    To see more of the Bloomingville collection available at Out There Interiors click here


  • Behind The Scenes : Courage & Dash #PimpMyFrench entry

    Courage & Dash have kept their Isabelle elegant with a Midas Touch and a surprise inside!


    Rich Design Moodboards Rich Design Moodboards

    Of Courage & Dash's #PimpMyFrench entry, Sarah Stopforth (C&D Contributor) says:

    "The pimping involved sanding, wood-staining, re-spraying, and replacing the handles to create a soft and rosy look. We tried to create a sense of intrigue by using bright colours on the inside of the drawer to give a nice little nice surprise when it was opened!...

    IMG_20150319_170723 The deer get a golden makeover

    We had been looking for ideas on Pinterest and were instantly inspired by the gold dipped leg look. From this point we wanted a subtle but warm colour to complement the gold. Lastly the toy searching began and ended in our two deer being put through their transformation, a golden snow storm, finishing the coffee table off with an English but eccentric touch."


    Like what you see? Vote For Courage & Dash' Entry on Facebook or via Instagram hereVote by hitting the 'Like' button.






    ct side    inside drawer

    Open the bench and inside you'll see a surprise of stripes waiting for thee!




    About Sarah Stopforth, Courage & Dash Contributor : 

    Sarah Stopforth is a contributor to Courage and Dash and her posts feature various D.I.Y projects. Sarah has known the creator of Courage and Dash for a few years and jumped on board when the blog was in the initial stages. The interiors blog focuses on inspiring others to improve their rented accommodation with quirky, colourful and cosy home comforts.

  • Behind The Scenes : Mollie Makes #PimpMyFrench Entry


    The Mollie Makes team have combined grey and neon with an added cross stitch detail The Mollie Makes team have combined grey and neon with an added cross stitch detail to fantastic effect

    Charlie Moorby, Deputy Editor at Mollie Makes says of Mollie Makes' team entry:

    "If there’s one thing we love at Mollie Makes, it’s a materials mash-up!

    We wanted to give the bench a makeover that represented the personalities of our team, whilst paying homage to the creative brand we work on, so we knew it had to include: neon pink (our favourite colour), chunky stitching (we’re all about the yarn) and pom poms (because we believe everything should have a pom on it).

    We used Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint ( for the grey base, Rustoleum spray paints ( for the neon pink accents and gold drawer interior. We wanted to make the inside of the drawer feel like a bit of a treasure trove – ready to be filled with yarn, of course.

    Our focus point, the cross stitched rose, is a design by Audrey Smit (, which we stitched in bright tapestry yarns. We loved the idea of taking a technique traditionally reserved for fabrics and super-sizing it so it could be stitched directly onto wood.


    Finally, we sprayed the handles white, wrapped them with yarn and decorated with a few pom poms before hitting the studio with our infamous pineapple decoration.




    Like what you see? Vote For Mollie Makes' Entry on Facebook or via Instagram hereVote by hitting the 'Like' button.










    About Mollie Makes: 

    We are Mollie Makes - a lifestyle magazine for those who live creatively.

    We bring you the latest crafting trends in easy-to-follow how-tos, encouraging you to adapt and share your own crafty spin on things. We celebrate creative industries and give up-and-coming designers their first platform. And above all, we aim to inspire you to live your best, artful life.

    Creative endeavours are more than a day job for us. From choosing indie cushions and prints for our interiors pages to learning how to take beautiful photos for our Instagram feeds; we’re crafting along with you.

    We love trying new things and being inspired by what you’re creating, wearing and blogging about, too. Come and meet us! (

  • Behind The Scenes: Period Living's #PimpMyFrench entry


    Cross Stitch becomes fun, crafty & interactive in the hands of Pippa Blenkinsop Cross Stitch becomes fun, crafty & interactive in the hands of Pippa Blenkinsop


    Period Living's entry was conceived, made and styled by Pippa Blenkinsop, Period Living's Content Producer...

    Colour combination moodboard

    "The motivation behind my ‘Pimp my French’, upcycled bench was to create something crafty, fun and interactive. I love to juxtapose different styles and use mixed media, and, as the bench was French-inspired, I thought incorporating industrial-style pegboard – reminiscent of retro hardware and general stores – would present not only a interesting contrast to the elegant unit, but also provide a canvas for some crafty cross stitching. In order to do this I had to slightly alter the original design of the piece from a drawer unit to a cabinet with hinged door; this way the pegboard can be accessed from either side for easy stitching. Colour-wise, I am drawn to bright, jewel shades, like a moth to a flame, so there was no question that bright teal, hot pink and citron green would form the palette for my project."

    Like what you see? Vote For Period Living's Entry on Facebook or via Instagram here. Vote by hitting the 'Like' button.


    About Pippa Blenkinsop:

    Pippa Blenkinsop is Content Producer for Period Living where she produces monthly shopping, news and the ‘My Vintage World’ pages. She is a vintage, interiors, and craft enthusiast who is always on the hunt for talented designer/makers and beautiful products and homewares to feature in the magazine. A real girly girl, Pippa has a weakness for anything floral, aqua and pink so it’s no surprise that these are key elements of her final upcycled bench. When she’s not beavering away in the Period Living office she loves to visit vintage and craft fairs and ramble around the Cotswolds.

  • Behind The Scenes : Emily Quinton's #PimpMyFrench entry

    You would never be afraid of monters with upcycled bench by Emily Quinton You would never be afraid of monsters with this upcycled bench by Emily Quinton for #PimpMyFrench

    Of her #PimpMyFrench entry Emily says "The inspiration for our Monster bench came from our family life. My husband, Stef Lewandowski draws these monsters all the time and runs cute monster drawing workshops in the mornings for our four children. ...

    Ucycling in progress Monster-cycling in progress

    Final Design_Emily Quinton_top view ...Our home is full of them and they are a big part of our family now. We have just got a new studio together and it seemed right for us to design a bench together that was full of happy, cheerful monsters to go in the space. ...

    ...The bright blue on the top is also a great photography background for my Instagram vignettes!


    Like what you see? Vote For Emily Quinton's Entry on Facebook or via Instagram here . Vote by hitting the 'Like' button. 

    End Panel Detail End Panel Detail


    Close up detail of the Monster box! Close up detail of the Monster Box!



    About Emily Quinton

    I am a writer, photographer, trainer and makers. And Stef is a technologist and artist. Together we have four young children. We live our lives with the motto 'create something every day' and we work together on lots of things. My first book, 'Maker Spaces' has just been published. I was so inspired by all the amazing interior projects the makers in the book had created that we have both been planning and making things for our home ever since. This project with Out There Interiors was a great excuse to create another piece together.

  • Behind The Scenes: 2LovelyGays #PimpMyFrench entry

    Jordan and Russell say of their #PimpMyFrench entry...

    "As soon as we saw the piece of furniture we knew that we wanted to focus on its functionality. Not just giving it a makeover, but totally re-inventing it. Once we took the drawer out it totally changed the way we viewed the object and so we made it into two pieces, connected by their use.

    customised french coffee table

    Spray paint

    We then wanted to find that visual connection and for this we wanted an element that was a total juxtaposition to the original French roots and that's why we chose brass metal tubing. As if the original piece had not just been pimped, but taken over by the invading metal and new purpose.

    We are not metal workers, but we know a man who is amazing with metal, so we had a meeting with Primary Grey and a collaboration was born.

    We gave the bench new life as a hall set, with space for shoes inside, a seat to perch on to tie your shoes, a pot plant of your choice to make you happy and an umbrella stand.

    We united the elements with bold sapphire blue from Dulux and pieces of scrap brass tubing from Primary Grey's workshop. We kept the French handles and leg shape as a reminder of its past life and added a touch of terracotta to bring the piece right up to date."

    Like what you see? Vote For 2 lovely gays entry on Facebook or via Instagram here . Vote by hitting the 'Like' button.

    Buckley the Wonder Dog - models the newly reinvented Isabelle bench Buckley the Wonder Dog models the newly reinvented Isabelle bench


    About Jordan & Russell : Jorda2 Lovely Gaysn & Russell aka 2 lovely gays are an Interior Design duo based in London, working with residential and commercial clients. Collaborating with Britain's leading designers, established brands and rising talents to create spaces that truly inspire. Simplicity, elegance, functionality and our signature use of colour, we believe that by surrounding yourself with expressions of who you are we can create an environment for growth and happiness.

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