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  • Designer Profile : Out There Interiors talks to Stefano Seletti


    Stefano Seletti, Seletti Holder & Art Director, Seletti Image courtesy of Seletti Stefano Seletti, Seletti Holder & Art Director, Seletti
    Image courtesy of Seletti

    Founded originally in 1964 by his father, Romano Seletti,  Stefano Seletti and sister Miria Seletti, are the second generation of a brand with over fifty years of pedigree, and have been instrumental in shaping the unique and visionary brand that Seletti is today.

    Out There Interiors talks to Stefano Seletti, Seletti Holder & Art Director about the vision behind the Seletti brand, his personal design favourites and inspiration.

    The OTI team love the new Outline range that you have launched for Spring 2015.  What was the inspiration behind it? Did you use somebody’s real life sofa to model it on?


    The iron rod used in the design is like the graphite of a pencil, which designs with sophisticated curves the effect of Capitonné stuffing (found in traditional upholstered furniture). Remotely surreal, the series evokes memory stimulations, sending back a familiar image to the viewer.

    Outline Range S/S15

    What are your favourite three Seletti products and why?


    It is very difficult for me to choose, I love all the products and the best one is always the newest one, even though I will never betray my past. An example for now is the Toiletpaper Project. These are projects that belong to my origins, products similar to those imported by my father from China in 1972, which he used to sell in local markets (the metal mug, the plastic mirrors, kitchen towels, plastic trays, plastic tablecloths…), and it is exactly for this devotion and this memory that we decided to work with Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari. This is a great return to “popular” and to Basic products with accessible prices for everyone, with a very well selected distribution logic (the tp Collection can be purchased in the best shops all over the world for accessible prices for all). This is a revolution for us.

    Another satisfying Project is the collaboration with Diesel and their team. Working in harmony has given us two collections for the table that have obtained great results and very important appreciation. This is just the beginning.

    In terms of commercial satisfaction, the other important projects for us are “lighting” and “neon font”, a bright alphabet (and a series of numbers and symbols) formed by letters that can be joined together to form a word, number, symbol or sentence that can light up the environment where one lives or works. It is another unconventional way to ‘enlight’.


    Neon lighting from Seletti

     What or who inspires you, on a day to day basis?


    I find the major inspiration is my family, in my little daughters and nephews. I have in front of me an extraordinary generational context (little girls and teenagers) from 5 to 17 years of age, and I chose them for the elaboration of my new projects, because I like to understand what they watch on TV, how they sit on the sofa, how they use their smartphones. Of course, travelling has contributed a lot to the development of styles, necessities, and colour variety. Since I was 17 I have travelled to the Far East for work and amusement, and I have been married for the last 15 years to my Brazilian wife. (We are…) Two opposite worlds that have created wonderful contrasts in my day to day, and with imperfections that I appreciate so much.


    Entrepreneur and Designer Marcel Bich in 1953 Entrepreneur and Designer Marcel Bich in 1953

    If you could have personally designed one item in history what would it have been and why?


    I consider Monsieur (Marcel) Bich my highest level of inspiration: for his design of a lighter, a pen and a shaver. Perfect products, and each one extremely different from the other as merchandising categories, detectable in all parts of the world. All of this without investing in publicity, at least until recently.


    How would you describe your own personal interior design style?


    It is difficult to define it as a design-style. I am not a designer, unfortunately my school career ended early and I then started to follow my father in his trips to the Far East. At 18 I entered the family company and I immediately loved it. My style and my company’s is a gathering of experiences from the past, future visions, mistakes, different materials, different styles, imitations. A kind of plaudit to the imperfection that makes us different from all the other competitors.


    What is a normal working day like for you and your team?


    I live and work in the countryside. My house is only 100 meters away from my office. Time is regulated by the slow routine of the village. My daughters go to school by bike in the morning, I go to walk to work and then we all see each other at my parents’ house for lunch (they too live near my office). We don’t have overtime and we stop from 12:30 to 14:00. This way we can divide the day, to have a break from stress and the difficulties of the job. Some of our collaborators stay in our office for lunch where we have installed a kitchen, but most of the guys live nearby and manage to eat at home. This situation is excellent for a work/life balance but it is obviously often changed by trips, expositions (fairs), meetings, and a long holiday I have in Brazil with my family.


    You talk about a journey towards a ‘new beauty’ can you elaborate further? 


    I believe in a concept not too blinded with perfection. I love a used chair, with history, I like a wooden floor with traces, a wall with marks on. Our objects must tell a story but they have prices accessible for all. I believe this to be the real new thing Seletti proposes.


    Export Como Collection



    Can you give us a sneaky peak into what concepts you and your team are currently working on? What can we expect to see in 2015/2016?


    We are now exploring new merchandising categories, such as outdoor. For the next Salone del Mobile - it’s a famous Italian furniture exposition - we will have a new product in partnership with Studio job that will represent a new revolution!!!


    And finally you’re hosting a dinner party, and you can invite anyone to it, living, imaginary or dead. Who would you bring, why and what would be on your menu?


    I’d leave it all to my wife because she is a fabulous hostess and a great cook… I would take care of the wine…maybe a Barbaresco to start with and a good Barolo to continue.

    To see more of Seletti's innovative products available now at Out There Interiors click here

  • My 5 Favourite New Things

    cushion with colourful botanical pattern

    I am definitely a furniture girl. I'll admit to not getting all that excited over cushions and candlesticks. However I am excited about the latest addition to our home accessory category: 'Preeti'. Named by me (because I think it's so preeti) this large 70 x 50 cushion is embellished with exotic botanicals and colourful birds. I've bought a couple for the bedroom and can't wait to see them in black surroundings flanked by antique gold furniture and lush palms.

    tan tub chair gold legs

    What a chair! Tons of vintage appeal but with perfect springs, sumptuous velvet upholstery and generous proportions. Turned mid century style legs (in gold)!! give this tan tub chair buckets of style.

    mirrored cabinet

    Any addition to our best selling American antique mirrored furniture collection is welcome, but Dainata is the perfect new piece. Bigger than Daina but smaller than Decima she is ideal in the lounge, bedroom or hallway and (like the others) provides glamorous yet very elegant storage.

    warehouse bed

    Personally I am more inclined to embellish than strip back, and yet I am a huge admirer of the well established industrial trend. Carole Poirot's gorgeous images sold me utterly on the idea of a warehouse pipework bed, so when I saw this (terribly photographed but totally awesome) industrial bed I had to get it on the site pronto. Follow Carole's example and juxtapose with soft pink linen and flowers for maximum appeal.

    walnut drinks cabinet

    Brilliantly (yet possibly unconsciously) named by web content manager Richard, the Fox drinks cabinet is seriously foxy! Dark walnut-backed beveled glass covers the cabinet section which is elevated 60cm off the floor on antique brass Art Deco style legs. I want it!

  • Botanicals are back. As is black.

    Ahhh botanticals are back. For me they've never gone away. Ever since I can remember I have surrounded myself with plants.  I am definitely happiest among fresh greenery and big leaves and would happily live in an interior jungle did not my rabbits' propensity for munching them require the purchase of expensive pots.

    group of plants Moo going in for the kill.

    Before Out There Interiors moved to an old farm we resided in a rather pedestrian office in Chalfont St Peter. It was a stark environment very lacking in atmosphere so I invested in eight large Areca palms to add some interest to the space.  When we moved the plants couldn't survive in the uninsulated farm buildings so they came home with Mark and I.  Mark thought it would be ridiculous to have eight huge plants in such a small space but almost as soon as I dragged them backwards through the front door he relented.

    Plants work magic. Not only do they hide a multitude of sins (cables, dodgy paintwork, ugly speakers) they bring your room to life, literally. Everything is refreshed by the addition of a living, breathing green thing.   If you haven't yet tried this in your space, 2015 is the perfect opportunity to get involved in greenery.  House plants have got more and more interesting recently with the resurgence of succulents, cacti and ferns, and the trend has found its way onto cushions, wallpaper and furniture too.

    large fern next to rattan chair Plants add magic to a space

    As you can see I recently succumbed to black walls (they're going to be big!) and I think my plants look magical against them.  I suggest grouping various plants together on differing levels. Vary the size and shape of your pots and experiment with the positioning until it looks right to you.  Then sit underneath them, talk to them, love them and breathe in the oxygen.

  • Step into the Marsala Zone

    I can’t say I’m in love with Marsala.

    Pantone’s colour of the year 2015 is an off-beat, burnt maroon which upon first view reminded me of my secondary school uniform and my Dad’s old Toyota Corolla. I instantly turned my nose up. But after the initial reaction subsided I started to look at it a little differently…

    Marsala is actually a very sophisticated colour. It’s timeless yet characterful, warm but edgy, and grounds interiors with a satisfying richness.

    Lee (Out There's PR Manager) and I spent a little time looking at complementary shades and were genuinely surprised at its versatility. Baby blue, fresh green and natural fibres set it off beautifully, as Pantone’s inspiration shots prove:

    marsala inspiartion 2

    marsala inspiration1

    If you like what you see check out our ‘Marsala Zone’ category where our Marsala friendly products are grouped together. Our Daniella wall clock has been a particular favourite in the press.

    My change of heart was confirmed when I discovered that Pantone refer to Marsala as a ‘wine red’. (Those who know me will know that it is impossible for me to dislike it now).

  • Join the Blush Rush...

    Weber Cabinet - Copper Blush Copper Blush Weber Cabinet


    I was recently asked to provide a comment on the 'Copper Blush' trend for 2015 - why its going to be so popular and more importantly how to use it!

    Hopefully you might have caught it over the Christmas period but if not here's the article in full along with suggestions from our Copper Blush curated collection.  :)

    Happy New Year!


    “There is no doubt that metallics have been a key trend in 2014, and there’s little to suggest their popularity is diminishing. It is fitting therefore that Dulux have chosen Copper Blush as their colour of the year for 2015.  Copper Blush is a warm, grown-up, terracotta-pink which is perfect as a backdrop for all those shiny metallic pieces you may have invested in during 2014, taking you seamlessly from one season to the next.

    But Copper Blush is not just for the metallic junkies amongst us.   It works perfectly with crisp whites, reclaimed wood, pastels and dark greys, enabling you to incorporate it into a wide variety of interiors. Indeed this is Dulux’s vision, the forecast theme for 2015 being ‘Everyday Plus’ which is all about finding new subtle ways to add colour to everyday/normal lives and spaces.

    Here are four differing ways to introduce this delicious coppery hue into your home.


    Latisha Latisha Side Table

    Simple Cool:  Off-set rich copper blush walls with pure white Scandinavian and mid-century inspired furniture. Keep things super simple, then add designer flair with raw wood or dip-painted table legs in a contrasting fluro like fizzy yellow, or complementary bright such as coral or orange.



    Panya Chair Panya Chair




    Edgy Dark: Create contrast by combining copper blush with dark charcoal. The juxtaposing dark hue tones down the coppery richness and keeps the look grounded yet chic. Incorporate grey-scale textiles, dark woods and copper accessories for an edgy, sophisticated look that’s hard to beat. 




    Gwen Gwen Chest


    Romantic Charm:  Copper blush is brought to life with fleshy pinks, earthy clays, pastels and natural woods.  This layering of complementary shades and textures creates an easy-to-live-with atmosphere with an essential touch of elegance. Accessorise with natural textiles for a relaxed vibe or glassy objects and French pieces for a more glamorous, feminine look.


    Placida Placida Desk Light




    Metalic Luxe:
    Clearly copper blush works wonderfully with metallics.It is divine as a backdrop for copper furniture, lighting and architectural pieces breathing warmth and luxury into a space.  Remember to break it up with pops of pure white or soft grey so the look doesn’t become overbearing.”

  • OTI 12 Days of Christmas - Day 12

    It's the final day of our Christmas Giveaway #oti12days ! Our final giveaway is a beautiful B&W Damask Mannequin  - perfect for getting those pesky clothes off the floor!

    Day 12 - Win a Damask Mannequin

    We'Day 12re head over heels in love with this dramatic dressmaker's mannequin which is upholstered in an eye-catching damask fabric.

    We are giving away one B&W Damask Mannequin on 12/12/14. This competition is only open to UK Residents only.








    a Rafflecopter giveaway

  • OTI 12 Days Of Christmas - Day 11

    It's our last but one day of our 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway #oti12days and we think today's prize is fairly apt for the time of year! Come back tomorrow to enter our last day!

    Day 11 - Win a Pudding Lane Sign

    Day 11

    Who says that you have to have just Christmas Pudding at Christmas? We like Chocolate Cake, Treacle Tart, Apple Pie... we could go on but we're making ourselves drool!

    We are giving away one Pudding Lane Sign on 11/12/14. This competition is only open to UK Residents only.  






    a Rafflecopter giveaway

  • OTI 12 Days of Christmas - Day 10

    Give your home a copper shine with this pair of Coppie Mugs in todays' 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway #oti12days.  Come back each day (from now to 12 December 2014) to enter a new competition.  Please remember each prize is only available for one day so don't wait and think I'll do it later. 

    Day 10 - Win a Pair of Coppie Mugs

    Day 10A delightful 100% copper mug with a brass handle. Bang on trend and so aesthetically pleasing, this little mug is just perfect!
    We are giving away a pair of Coppie Mugs on 10/12/14. This competition is only open to UK Residents only.  Please note though that we recommend that the mugs are for decorative use only.

    a Rafflecopter giveaway

  • OTI 12 Days of Christmas - Day 9

    "On the 9th Day of Christmas my true love gave to me... a fantastic French Cushion".  Our prize for Day 9 of our 12 days of Christmas giveaway is the perfect way to say I love you! Come back each day (from now to 12 December 2014) to enter a new competition.  Please remember each prize is only available for one day so don't wait and think I'll do it later. 

    Day 9 - Frenchie Cushion

    Day 9'I Love You' always sounds better in French don't you think? Plus the love of your life can't fail to miss your feelings with this cushion's bright red background and decorative stitching.

    We are giving away one Frenchie Cushion on 09/12/14. This competition is only open to UK Residents only.







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  • OTI 12 Days of Christmas - Day 8

    It's Day 8 of the OTI 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway #oti12days and Santa is bringing a touch of class to your bedroom with this Lily Glass Jug.   Come back each day (from now to 12 December 2014) to enter a new competition.  Please remember each prize is only available for one day so don't wait and think I'll do it later. 

    Day 8 - Win a Lily Glass Jug

    Day 8


    Reminiscent of the Art Deco period, this beautiful Lily Glass Jug combines a rose etched base with a stunning silver top.

    We are giving away one Lily Glass Jug on 08/12/14. This competition is only open to UK Residents only.






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