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  • Autumn & Winter 2014

    Fireworks: Light Up The Dark

    Early last week Mark decided almost on a whim to dismantle our downstairs display area and redecorate. A most uncharacteristic move on his part and although I have bitten a painful, simmering slice off my tongue over the accuracy of his cutting-in I do appreciate his choice of shade: a dark and decadent midnight turquoise.

    This sudden swing to the dark side no doubt has something to do with the myriad of moody splodges that have appeared on the walls of our 'white box' flat over the past few months as I gear up to go all out dark.

    My recent obsession with dark hues is echoed in our autumn / winter collection "Light Up The Dark" which was inspired by this season's forthcoming fireworks.

    corner of bright striped chest with oranges

    The best thing about going dark is the freedom it gives you when it comes to furniture choices. Colour pops, metallics shine and imperfections are allowed. Everything looks dramatic and special. (I have taken the plunge and ordered two huge tins of luxe black emulsion for my living room. Can't wait to show you the results).

    Golden Leaves: Awesome Autumn Metallics

    If you haven't yet incorporated copper into your interior autumn is the perfect time to indulge. Not only is it a fitting tribute to the season: echoed in the swirling brown and red leaves outside, it adds warmth and regality to your space as the colder weather sets in.

    gold chair and sideboard against mint green wall

    Our 'Golden Leaves' shot is my favourite of our Autumn / Winter collections, incorporating what is (in my opinion) the most beautiful sideboard of all time. Copper, gold leaf and mint green: what a magic combination!

    Grown Up Gothic Glam

    Our final collection we termed "Grown Up Gothic Glam". Inspired by Halloween I wanted to show the versatility of contemporary mirrored furniture by demonstrating how it can by juxtaposed with baroque pieces for dramatic effect.

    Mirrored bedside table and grey ghost chair

    Ridiculous as it may seem for such a statement finish, contemporary mirrored furniture is, in my opinion, the ultimate 'fail safe' furniture choice. It's colourless and impossible to clash. The clean lines of chests provide good storage. The reflective finish works in small spaces and 'lifts' dark areas. The style is neutral allowing you to indulge in colour or flamboyant/risky touches elsewhere. I could go on! Mirrored furniture is the new oak for those with an eye for interiors and it's a sure fire winner for autumn, winter and beyond.

  • Trend Watch: Copper

    I have been a fan of copper for years. Ever since a bar (which has now sadly closed down) opened in my home town sporting a huge copper plated bar.  I obsessed (and leaned) over it for years, declaring that as soon as I had the cash to create something similar in my kitchen I would.  Now it's all the rage I fear I may be accused of being a fashion victim, but it doesn't matter because I still don't have the cash.

    You don't need a copper kitchen to indulge in the copper trend though.  Here are my top 5 pieces in this magnificent finish from £27 - £945.


    copper mug with brass handle copper mug with brass handle

    These copper mugs with brass handles are arriving in October and I literally cannot wait to get my hands on them. I will be slurping my coffee in this for the next year or two for sure. You can order here.

    Copper and wood table lamp Copper and wood table lamp

    We supply a lot of copper lamps but this one is my favourite. Hailing from Denmark it combines copper with Scandinavian cool.  The braided wire is the perfect piece of detail. What's more, it's currently on sale at £135.


    Copper Pedestal Copper Pedestal

    I impulse bought this copper pedestal as soon as I saw it. Everything about it is a dream: the hexagonal shape (cue another trend watch) the understated design, the imperfect finish... it's a keeper. Buy your own here.


    copper wire chair copper wire chair

    Without doubt my favourite chair on the site at the moment. Penda isn't cheap but she really is something. Hundreds of copper rods are arranged to support the seat and back. She's a little bit retro, a little bit Art Deco and a little bit totally fabulous. Indulge here.


    copper tolix style chair copper Tolix style chair

    From an expensive chair to one a little more affordable. Our ever popular Tolix style cafe chair gets a trendy makeover in fabulous shiny copper. She adds instant pizzazz wherever she is placed. Only £160 here.

    copper french bedside copper French bedside

    Just when you thought it was all paired-back modernist stuff! Nope, this fabulous bedside table is part of our exclusive French furniture range. She features an elaborate copper motif offset against a lilac/grey base. Brass handles and gold trim make her ostentatious in the most appealing way. A stunner and a firm favourite. Here she is.

    Hope you've enjoyed this trip though copper land. These are my favourites but we have LOADS more. Check out the On Trend category, or Search by Colour and select Gold.

  • 10 Best Bits Of The Summer

    This summer has been a bit of a whirlwind. At the start of the year I had so many plans about what to do with the Summer months, and a lot of them didn’t happen. The company rebrand and website took up almost every waking hour and there wasn’t much room left in my head for anything else.

    yellow van surrounded by flowers The Centrepiece of Grown London

    Now the mayhem of those days is becoming a near distant memory, I wanted look back at some of the things I DID do this summer, most of which I didn’t write about.

    1. Open Garden Squares

    I just loved the idea of this event where all of London’s private and secret gardens are opened up to the public for one weekend. I heard about it in January and was determined to go, however it coincided with a friend’s big birthday night out. Despite being completely hungover I managed to haul myself around six London gardens on the Sunday. I had a posh Belgravia breakfast, discovered the music of Sam Hardy bought a cactus and stroked some goats. Success.

    open garden squares The British Medical Association secret garden in Russell Square, and a domed green house on Freightliners Farm.

    2. Emily Quinton’s Makelight Workshop

    I left Emily’s photography workshop full of creative inspiration and a determination to get to know my camera again. I learnt a huge amount and met some really lovely people. Unsurprisingly the website took a big fat dump on my plans to photograph flowers pre 10am, but I've saved the course notes and intend to put my dormant new skills to use in the coming months. I can’t recommend this course highly enough to anyone looking to improve their photography skills in a relaxed environment. Emily is fab (and she brings cake).

    emily quinton photography course Playing around with the rule of thirds at Emily Quinton's Makelight Workshop

    3. The Seven Minute Showcase

    I belong to Sister Snog which is "a remarkable club for successful business women". They organise lavish events and connect amazing women who share similar passions. I love the Sister Snog girls, but I’ll admit to panicking somewhat (ok a lot) when asked to present Out There Interiors to them at an event called Seven Minute Showcase. This was held at Lumiere London which deserves a mention for its fabulous interior (below right) I told the story of how the company began and gave away a mannequin as a prize. Surprisingly fun!

    lumiere london and breakfast Blogging over breakfast in Belgravia and the wonderful Lumiere London.

    4. The May Design Series Chairs

    At May Design Series I entered a Silent Auction for some chairs which had been upcycled by three of my favourite journalists (Carole King, Arianna Trapani and Kate Watson-Smythe) with the help of one of my favourite furniture companies, Out Of The Dark. I couldn’t believe it when I had a call from the organiser in June to say that I had won Carole and Arianna’s creations! The chairs and Out Of The Dark deserve a post of their own, so I’ll be putting that together shortly.

    may design series silent auction The May Design Series Silent Auction, and an amazing chair by Out Of The Dark.

    5. Grow London

    I went to the all-new modern garden show Grow London, based on Hampstead Heath. This was probably the best day of the summer. Not only did I meet some brilliant customers (I was giving out #footballfreefun discount codes) I stroked countless silly dogs, bought a pair of amazing vintage goblets and sat in the baking hot sun drinking kir royals until the early evening. We then got a drunken Mexican on the way home. Perfection.

    out there customers at grow london Hugh from John Cullen Gardens and Francesca and Alan playing discount code lucky dip at Grow London

    6. Sunset In The Garden

    I can’t divulge much about this event as it was a private affair organised by Décor Café Founder Debbie Blott. It was ‘just’ a garden party but also the most MINDBLOWING event I attended this summer. Want to know more? Get involved with the Décor Café. It’s brilliant.

    7. The Fiera Launch

    Fiera is the brainchild of Katie Treggiden (Confessions Of A Design Geek) and Jeremy Leslie (Mag Culture). It’s a brand new biannual design magazine showcasing new talent at the world’s design fairs. The launch party was held at The New Craftsmen – a Mayfair boutique showcasing the very best of British Design. This night meant tasty wine, inspiring people and the chance to contribute to an exciting new publication. Fiera met their funding target and are set to take the industry by storm.

    fiera launch The New Craftsmen and The Super Hero Rabbit Screen Print by HAM

    8. Cosmo Super Blogger Event

    As we collaborate with bloggers more and more I love finding out about the industry. I think I was the only ‘brand person’ in the audience at this event and it reminded me a bit of a pop concert. I refrained from dive-bombing the stage to have my photograph taken with Fleur De Force and Kat (Rock and Roll bride) but I have huge admiration for what they have created and gained some valuable insights from what they had to say.

    cosmo blogger event Cosmo's Super Blogger Event

    9. The House Boat

    We were invited to a friend of a friend’s house which happened to be a huge boat moored on the Thames by Chiswick Eyot.  Not only did it have a mature garden hidden behind an adorable gate on Chiswick Mall. It had original portholes, a huge deck and a library built into the bow. This was the most inspiring living space I have seen this year and has had me day dreaming about living on the river ever since.


    The house boat we visited and a pretty Hampstead restaurant The house boat we visited and a pretty Hampstead restaurant

    10. The Press Shoot

    Finally, last week we had a very long overdue press shoot for Out There Interiors. Although staff were plagued with sickness and the light wasn’t right to do what I had planned, Lucy from My Heart Skipped made the whole thing an absolute breeze. I received the raw shots back on Friday and spent Saturday afternoon laughing at my computer screen like an idiot. Lucy has a talent for making you completely relax in front of the camera, which combined with her photography skills produces great pictures. Can’t wait to show you them.

  • Welcome to the all new Out There Interiors!

    happy place cushionWell, I am delighted to welcome you to the All New Out There Interiors.

    Our makeover is long overdue. From choosing a design and development company, to negotiating pricing, agreeing functionality, doing photo shoots, re-categorising the product range and actually building the thing, the work has taken almost two years to complete. (Meanwhile I saw a KFC round the corner go up in under a week).

    Continue reading

  • Tuesday Night Recommendations

    portrait of jenny hurren

    I became aware of the Decor Cafe (an interiors members club) at the beginning of the year when founders Debbie Blott and Emma Mitchell launched Decor Fest. Decor Fest is the Decor Cafe's brand new intimate retail/trade show hosted in a historic school house in Wimbledon. It attracted lots of wonderful creative / crafty types, hosted talks by industry experts and served coffee and cake (so basically a brilliant thing to do on a Sunday).

    When I discovered that my friend and super talented wallpaper designer Laura Felicity was due to talk at a Decor Cafe event earlier this month I jumped at the chance to attend. What I didn't realise until the day was that the talk was to be held in a stunning converted town house. What a bonus!

    photograph of putney town house taken by paul craig Photograph by Paul Craig.


    The townhouse had been completely renovated by architect Silvia Alcantara who designed it from scratch and I really do mean scratch (the 'Before' pictures were just unbelievable). It was four floors of contemporary white heaven. Every fixture and fitting had been carefully considered and could be described by Silvia in amazing detail. I love snooping around the pokiest of homes so this Putney palace (currently on the market with Warren) was a real unexpected treat.

    Laura's talk was also a treat. I know she creates fabulous bespoke wallpaper but you rarely get an insight into the hard work which goes on behind the scenes of a small creative business. Laura showed us not only her finished products but also the tools and materials she uses, and broke down the process to give an overview of the effort and skill which goes into each commission.

    Here are some of Laura's lovely products:

    lampshades, wallpaper and cushions

    So I have four big recommendations for you this Tuesday!

    • For exquisite, luxury wallpaper, cushions and lampshades take a look at Laura. It's a cliche, but her products really are made with love.
    • If like me you appreciate interiors, crafts and beautiful properties you will love the Decor Cafe, go check them out.
    • If you are ever in need of a world class architect, Sylvia is your lady.
    • Finally. Paul Craig's pictures will make your place look like a palace, even if it isn't.

    Till next time!

  • Football Free Fun: WIN! At Home & Garden Events in June and July

    portrait of jenny hurren

    As the World Cup loomed I started thinking about how I could capitalise on the big event. The World Cup’s a big deal right? The whole country will be gripped with football fever for two months and I thought it’d be stupid not to jump on the bandwagon. I considered a press release featuring flood-light style floor lamps and personalised red and white shelving units. I thought about changing the site banners, emailing the database and running a ‘Win a World-Cup-Style-Urn!’ competition. I thought about it all. But then I thought, “nah”.

    I'm not going to jump on the back of the World Cup in order to promote Out There Interiors. It feels cheap, and I don’t believe for a second that our customers will rush to buy a lamp just because it looks like a floodlight.

    No matter how fabulous the lamp is our customers care too much about their homes to do this on a whim, and let’s be honest, football has nothing to do with creating a nice home. It’s all big screen TVs, tacky looking flags and sitting in beer gardens whilst your pot plants get neglected. There’s no link. So I’m not going to pretend there is one.

    Grow London Flyer Looking forward to Grow London

    Instead, for the next two months I’m going to skip the football and spend my time doing lovely home and garden related things.

    I’m going to go to all sorts of industry events, fairs and shows, and I’m going to encourage you to do the same by giving away vouchers for Out There at each event I attend.

    All you have to do is find me (I have bright pink hair, it won’t be difficult) and say hello. Once I’ve congratulated you on being totally brilliant, I’ll hand you a lucky dip of voucher codes. Some will give you £20 off. Others will give you £50. One will give you £500! (You’ll have to go home and get on the website to find out what yours does).

    harrogate home and gift banner Harrogate Home and Gift 13th - 16th July.

    I’ll be shouting about the events I'm going to attend over the next few weeks (a couple are pictured above) so do keep an eye on our social channels. And I'll be writing about each event and publicising the winners (if you're happy of course) so watch this space for that.

    I'm looking forward to seeing attractive things, meeting lovely people and having loads of #footballfreefun :)

  • Salon Mirrors: Silver and Ornate

    portrait of jenny hurren

    I have spent the day lost in the world of luxury hair salons. I recently attended a lovely interiors event in Putney with the Decor Cafe (post coming soon) and whilst stumbling back along Lower Richmond Road after one too many glasses of rose, I found myself gawping in the window of Kink Hairdressing.

    The interior caught my eye as our Bourgie-style table lamps were all lit up against the darkness, throwing eerie light onto a bare brick wall and a set of fabulous silver mirrors. I started to think about all the hairdressers we have supplied mirrors to over the years, and how annoyed I was I didn't have photographs of these places to prove what a statement a set of ornate mirrors make in a salon.

    So today I embarked on a mission to find the some examples, and boy did I get over-excited. In fact, I found so many pictures of our mirrors (and furniture) in luxury salons that I can't fit them all in one post. So I thought I'd do a little series called Salon Mirrors, and kick off with the silver ornate mirror:

    silver ornate mirrors against brick wall with design lamps Kink Hairdressing Putney

    This is Kink hairdressing which sparked my much-overdue thoughts. I can't believe we've supplied mirrors for hairdressers for so long without showcasing these places! In the case of Kink we didn't supply the mirrors (in fact I don't know where these are from which is bonkers as I know where everything is from - seriously), but if you want to recreate this look, try our Eugenie mirror which is a really similar shape and (dare I say it?) even nicer than these.

    modern salon with black and white striped wallpaper and silver ornate mirrors belle toujours in cardif with our silver mirrors


    This is Claire Bellamy's salon Belle Toujours in Cardiff. Claire has opted for our Maxine mirror which she has ingeniously placed against black and white striped wallpaper. The heavy ornate frames instantly create a feeling of luxury in this very swish salon. (More mirrors from Belle Toujours featured shortly).

    a las vegas salon featuring silver ornate mirrors Canyon Ranch Spa Club, Las Vegas


    Ornate mirrors don't always have to look heavy. In this example you can see how another of our mirrors (link on way) has been used to create a very serene salon. I can't say I'm a huge fan of the styling. Personally I wouldn't have hung a chandelier into the mirror, or filled the table top with clutter (especially not with all those drawers!) but the image gives you a sense of how a set of silver ornate mirrors can create a very grand yet calming space.

    a large silver mirror propped against a pink wall Mikael & Ludovic, Surrey

    Propped up against pink! Super easy to achieve, this is a really strong, statement look for a salon. We don't sell this particular mirror, but our large Esmeralda mirror will give you the same effect. Whether or not you opt for full length mirrors in your salon really does depend on how much wall space you have. (More on this in a future post).

  • Where To Buy A 10 Seater Rattan Dining Set

    portrait of jenny hurren

    We had a laugh in the office today. A lovely lady desperately needed a 10 seater rattan dining set for an impromptu dinner party this weekend. Upon discovering that the one we sell was not only out of stock but also (upon investigation) a rather tight squeeze, Natalie in Sales Support embarked on finding her another.

    Natalie spent almost her entire morning scouring our contacts for a suitable table and chairs. We hadn't realised but genuine 10-seaters are actually really difficult to find. Many manufacturers advertise 10-seaters, but when you look at the arrangement of plates on the table in the pictures you're left wondering how on earth you'd manage to eat your dinner without starting an elbow war with your neighbour.

    During the search Natalie discovered that our office chairs are 60cm wide, which, as it turns out is the average width of most of our rattan dining chairs. Armed with a tape measure, she made us roll away from our desks time and time again to be seated around imaginary tables as she attempted to find one large enough for ten guests. Sadly her creativity didn't work. There just isn't a table big enough on the market. However, just when she was about to give up, she found this:

    10 seater rattan dining set

    This is a GENUINE ten seater rattan dining set from our high end garden furniture supplier, Alexander Rose. 100% waterproof, you can leave this elegant dining set out all year round. The table is extendable so it needn't take up too much space when not in use, and look at those super slim-line chairs - absolutely no elbow bashing involved.

    close up of 10 seater rattan dining set

    This fabulous high end dining set will be added to our rattan furniture range very shortly. If you're keen to snap one up quick talk to Natalie on the Sales Support line, she knows all about it :)

    02080997443 (option 2).

  • Four Favourites: Pink Chairs

    portrait of jenny hurren

    It won't come as much of a surprise to learn that I love pink. As a feminist I am slightly ashamed of this stereotypical girly passion, but I can't hide it. I'm obsessed. In fact, I find it hard not to be 'pink biased' when choosing products for Out There Interiors and commissioning design work. We have a new website in build stages at present and although I was remarkably colour restrained with the design, I couldn't resist a little touch.

    I thought I'd take a look at a few of our pink chairs today as a chair is a great way to add a splash of pink into your interior. I advocate mixing and matching chairs so there's no need to overpower the room with it. Here are my top picks:

    pink pelican chair

    This hot pink Pelican chair is a firm favourite of mine. I love everything about it, from the deep pink upholstery to its simple, childlike legs. It's cute yet classic, not to mention extremely comfortable.

    pink french chair with a black frame

    If you prefer French furniture, Yolande is a fabulous Louis chair with sumptuous pink velvet upholstery. We supply several pink Louis chairs on Out There Interiors but this one is a little more special. It has a solid mahogany frame and a perfect black satin finish.

    pink panton chair

    I didn't really understand the appeal of the Panton chair until I saw this pink one in the flesh. I fell in love as soon as I saw it and am now a huge fan of this iconic design no matter what the colour. Our modern classic factory produces the most glorious shiny fibreglass finish you can imagine. It's much weightier than it looks on screen and the curves look absolutely divine.

    purpley pink tulip chair

    I love the deep cerise of this upholstered Tulip armchair. This picture just about gets across the exceptional quality of our modern classic chairs. Although I love mixing and matching, a Tulip table surrounded with these would absolutely rock my world.

  • French Chests As Bedsides

    portrait of jenny hurren

    Today I had a nosy around the website of the utterly fabulous Alexander James Interior Design. Once I'd finished drooling with envy over the houses they work their magic on, I thought I'd showcase some of our pieces which grace these impeccable rooms.

    You should always maximise the width of anything you put either side of the bed. It provides you with more storage and has an elongating effect on the room giving it grandeur and presence. We often supply our French chests of drawers in pairs for this purpose, and the below images prove just how effective this look can be.

    white french chests used as bedside tables with matching french bed

    These are our Jamie chests of drawers, teamed with the Stephanie French bed and matching Greta mirror. They make wonderfully roomy bedside tables, eliminating the need for further storage, maximising space and light.

    silver leaf chests used as bedside tables

    Proving just how gorgeous our Michelle silver leaf chest is in the flesh. Feminine with a lustrous finish, these add instant glamour and look wonderful in pairs.

    black french chests of drawers used as side tables

    This is Estelle. Jet black and totally fabulous. They will look great in almost any setting, from the fairly traditional vibe of the above room to ultra modern chrome and even vintage.

    cream french chests used as bedside tables

    Last but not least, Celine, looking beautifully countrified and sophisticated in this shot. Isn't symmetry wonderful?

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