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  • Behind The Scenes : Lotts & Lots #PimpMyDeckie entry


    Lotts & Lots PimpMyDeckie Zesty inspiration from Lotts & Lots #PimpMyDeckie entry

    Lotts & Lots deckinging in progress


    Of her #PimpMyDeckie entry, Charlotte from Lotts & Lots says "My inspiration for the deck chair was lemons! I really loved the simple rustic style of the base chair and wanted to create a decoration that was rustic and elegant to compliment it. As I started to create my design I kept dreaming of Sicilian lemon groves and imagined myself sitting in this chair sipping lemonade on a hot summers day in an Italian garden! Colour is PimpMyDeckie in progressreally important to me so I went with these soft zesty lemon and lime shades with a dash of white to really compliment the grey of the chair. I also love ribbons and the different textures you can create with fabrics, I kept my fabrics on the sheer side so you could see the different colours build up through the design. I had so much fun putting this together, It's my own piece of Italy to enjoy at home!


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    Charlotte Smith


    About Charlotte Smith from Lotts & Lots:

    Charlotte Smith writes the blog Lotts and Lots sharing her love of DIY's and creative living. Her biggest DIY project to date is renovating and Edwardian house with her husband which she shares on her blog. When she isn't up a ladder she is either Styling The Seasons on Instagram or teaching jewellery making workshops in London and the South East.


  • Behind The Scenes : Torie Jayne's #PimpMyDeckie Entry

    Bumblebee Deckchair by Torie Jayne Simple elegant detail including a beautiful cross stitch bee from Torie Jayne

    Deckchair Inspiration for Torie Jayne's #PimpMyDeckie entryOf her Bumblebee Deckchair, Torie Jayne says "I was inspired by a cross stitch paper lampshade I made recently for my Summer House that featured three bumblebees on in a colour palette of mauves, lilacs, duck egg blues and turquoise that match back to the colours of flowers in my garden.  I also wanted to bring in the lace detail of my hanging planters so I added a cotton broderie lace trim in the softest duck egg blue colour."

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    Cross stitch bee up close      Bumblebee cross stitch on deckchair_1

    Honey bee style


    Torie JayneAbout Torie Jayne:  Torie Jayne is a successful designer, blogger and author with a keen interest in creating pretty interiors for the home. Her blog,, receives over 100,000 hits a month, and features her trademark  beautiful saturated pastels in craft and sewing tutorials, inspiring interiors, as well as gluten free baking and other inspirational finds.






  • Vote for your favourite in our #PimpMyDeckie Competition

    Voting has now gone live for our #PimpMyDeckie Competition with entries from Torie Jayne,, Alternative Eden, Lotts & Lots, Bloom & Wild, Homemaker Magazine and Trend Daily all competing for your vote.

    Showcasing Summer to the max our Deckie has been transformed with bees, grass, agave's, lemons, wildflowers, stripes and gold glimmer by our contestants.

    The OTI Team all have their personal favourites but who will you vote for?  Voting ends 08/07/15 (Midday GMT) and the only way you can vote for your favourite is by visiting either our Facebook page and Instagram accounts to vote. 

    Vote via Facebook here  |  Vote via Instagram here   (Vote by hitting the 'Like' button against your favourite)

    PimpMyDeckie overview

  • If You Like...You Will Like...

    Period Living's #PimpMyFrench entry played with cross stitch, teal and pink to create an Isabelle with quirky charm.  If you liked the colours and techniques they employed then we think you'll like our complimentary suggestions...

    Pink & Teal mood board inspired by Period Living's #PimpMyFrench entry

    1. Falda Chair £170   2. Shaila Parasol £85  3. Paise Display Board  £63

    4. Colette Console Table £495 5. Carmela Candlesticks  £99 6. Vinolas Vintage Cases £70

  • Jenny's Top Garden Picks

    If you're on our mailing list you may have noticed that we are all about the garden at the moment!  We have brought so many exciting garden-y things on board over the last few months we could be mistaken at first glance for an alfresco furniture store.  (Rest assured we are simply excited about the summer)! The  choice of garden furniture here at Out There Interiors whether its rattan, metal or wood is frankly overwhelming. So with this in mind I thought I'd select my top picks to help narrow down your choices.

    Top Pick: High End Rattan

    high rise rattan furnitureThe very definition of 'high' end rattan! Can you really do without this mind blowing double story grown-up play house?


    Top Pick: Wooden Garden Furniture

    stylish wooden garden furnitureTake your paired-back retro style into the garden with this super-chic Scandinavian style sofa set.


    Top Pick: Metal Garden Furniture

    contemporary coloured garden chairsI'm usually all over elaborate wrought iron, but this year I'm in love with these 'big circle' contemporary metal garden chairs. In a choice of on-trend colours.


    Top Pick: Affordable Rattan

    grey garden furnitureIt's all about the chairs! Our Saba dining set with its shapely curved back armchairs makes a stylish and unexpected statement. Personally I love the contemporary grey.


    Top Pick: Garden Accessory

    pink garden fountainOoh. This bright pink wrought iron water fountain has caused some arguments in our office! Yes, I suppose it IS all wrong. But that's why I love it.


  • If You Like... You Will Like...

    Courage & Dash's #PimpMyFrench entry was a mixture of Midas touches with a hidden surprise inside.   If you liked this entry, we think you will like our complimentary suggestions...

    courage1. Lydiamarie Shagreen Cabinet  £770  2. Arabelle Stripy Chest of Drawers £1,030

    3. Avaron Coffee Table £629  4. Hallianna Garland Lighting £85

    5. Hilde Deer Head (Orange) £65  6. Hilde Deer Head (Yellow) £65

    7. Westra Cabinet  £1,150

  • The launch of #PimpMyDeckie

    Summer is here and with it our latest design challenge #PimpMyDeckie ! We’ve invited 7 members of the design, interiors, gardening and creative community to customise a deckchair to their own personal taste.  Each entrant has been provided with the same 'deckie' to adapt to their heart’s content – so whether they want to give it a showgirl look with sequins, make it into the ultimate plant holder, embroider it, dye it to become an ode to denim, make it into a tropical fantasy, graffiti to the max or just stick fake starfish all over it – the choice is theirs.

    Keep a look out at the end of June when the entries will be published - but we're looking forward to seeing what, Homemaker Magazine, Alternative Eden, Lotts &Lots, Bloom & Wild, Trend Daily and Torie Jayne will do.

    Deckchair Makeover Moodboard What will our #PimpMyDeckie contestants do with the humble 'Deckie'?
  • Designer Profile: Out There Interiors talks to HK Living's Emiel Hetsen


    Emiel Hetsen from HK Living Emiel Hetsen, Co-Founder, HK Living

    We've fallen completely in love with HK Living here at OTI Towers, especially with their colourful industrial lighting and rattan hanging chairs.  So to formally launch our newest designer range we interviewed Emiel Hetsen of HK Living to find out more of what makes them tick.

    We understand that you used to run an Antiques Business? What made you want to launch your own 'modern classic' design brand?

    Because I used to do a lot of projects with antiques and I always "missed" certain items that I needed in larger quantities such as same/similar chairs, lights or tables etc.  I also found that there was a real gap in available interior accessories in the market. I could never find what I was looking for, so we decided to get it made ourselves.

    Factoria Lamp in Mint Green Adding a splash of colour to the kitchen a Factoria Lamp in Mint Green

    How did you and Sander (HK Living's Co-Owner) meet and what inspires the two of you when it comes to your brand?

    Sander and I have known each other since birth. In fact, our families have known each other for generations. His grandparents were friends of my grandparents, our parents are friends, we are still good friends, and now Sander's daughter is friends with my daughter…the connection between us is strong and probably one of the most important ingredients for the success of HKliving. Inspiration for the brand is to fulfil a need for basic, good quality designs available for a reasonable price!

    For people in the UK who may not already be aware of HK Living - could you describe your design ethos in five words? Basic, Simple, Authentic, New, Fresh



    Bicycles in Old Amsterdam

    If you could have personally designed one item in history what would it have been and why? A bicycle of course! Where would we, Dutch guys, be without one!

    There is always an element of fun in your collections, whether it be oversized lamps or a dash of bright colour. What personally makes you laugh?

    People should not take interiors too seriously. I really believe you can never make huge mistakes if you decorate your home with this in mind. If you still feel insecure about your personal styling qualities, get all the big pieces in a basic style so you can make mistakes with small accessories and paint! Nobody is perfect so why would anyone's interior be! If I see an interior made with this in mind it really makes my day!

    Do you have any secret talents? No secret talents here, my only talent went global when we started HKliving

    What is your favourite product from the 2015 collection? Our new ceramic line, like the handmade character of all the items.

    How would you describe your own personal interior design style? Basic, simple, Authentic, new, fresh

    Elsa-Hanging-Chair The Elsa Ball Hanging Chair

    What is a normal working day like for you and your team?

    We work in a small and close team. As we run on the motor of the success of HK, no day is the same. Sometimes days we end up doing a photo-shoot in a house we have never heard of or thought of ever before. I think as a creative team it's necessary to be open minded and not to be too controlled, I think the fun element in our collection
    is a result of this attitude

    Can you give us a sneaky peak into what concepts you and your team are currently working on? What can we expect to see in 2016?

    More natural elements and colours… think green, brown and a splash of yellow. Authenticity will increase in 2016 collection, this in combination with some Japanese influences will lead to new exiting items, can't wait to show it!


    Are there any more brands in alternative fields that you'd love to work with? Gstar RAW, in Dutch we say they are a "stoer"* company…love them! Also great are, la tulipe (wine by Ilja Gort) I love to see when a person was born for a job!  *'Stoer' means cool, nice, a bit daring, but in a nice way and with no fuss, just down to earth. 

    Da Vinci's Flying Machine - perfect entertainment for the Kids! Da Vinci's Flying Machine - perfect entertainment for the Kids!

    And finally you're hosting a dinner party, and you can invite anyone to it, living, imaginary or dead. Who would you bring, why and what would be on your menu?  This
    would be a good big BBQ with family and friends, no crazy requests here…well maybe invite Da Vinci so he can bring his flying machine for a flight around the garden with the kids.



    To see more of HK Living's range click here

  • If You Like... You Will Like...

    Pastel Heaven.  If you 'liked' Mollie Makes' winning entry in our #PimpMyFrench competition then we'll think you like this... P.S Don't forget the pineapple!

    Pastel Heaven Inspired by Mollie Makes #PimpMyFrench entry


    1. Festa Light £69 2. Noya Rattan Sunbed £315 3. Lesette Pineapple Jar  £60

    4. Vinala Bedside Table £410 5. Maya Table Lamp £175 6. Sibylle French Cabinet  £475

    7. Marge Rug £695

  • Designer Profile : Out There Interiors talks to Achim Rehahn

    Achim Rehahn, Owner, 8 Seasons Designs Achim Rehahn, Owner, 8 Seasons Designs


    The team at Out There Interiors loves the quirky lighting designs that 8 Seasons Designs are renowned for, and which are suitable for indoor, and outdoor, use.   With Summer approaching rapidly and the chance to extend a glorious evening by installing beautiful outdoor lighting it seemed apt to talk to Achim Rehahn, Owner of 8 Seasons.


    8 Seasons Designs ethos is to combine fun with practicality in your light design. What prompted you to start the company and what were your initial designs?

    I saw an illuminated item made of polyethylene in Italy. I then thought why has no one so far designed Christmas items out of this great material? Following this thought I designed the Shining Star as our first, and still, most popular item. Unfortunately we first imported these products from Asia and the quality was very poor. We were very unhappy with the result and from that day on we decided to go a different way. Today all our products are made in Germany. High quality and competitive prices are our highest goals.


    Butterfly and Flower Lights

    What is your most popular design?  We are a German company. In our own country we sell Shining Stars the most. Abroad we sell much more shining globes and cubes. Furthermore our illuminated flowers and planters are very popular in countries like England where the garden culture is very strong.

    Munich in the Summer means…?  Actually for me Munich in the summer means beer garden. That has nothing to do with our lights but that's what Munich stands for in the summer for me. You should try them.

    What are you most proud of?

    We started this company in 2008 with nothing more than the idea of illuminated Christmas items. I maybe got 100 “no's” until the first customer said “yes we will buy this”. Today we are the leading company in this type of products in our country. That makes me happy but also keeps us pushing every day to enlarge this position.


    Rabbit Lights

    What is your favourite design from your current outdoors collection? I love our shining rabbits. At Easter time this year they were the top sellers

    What or who inspires you, on a day to day basis? I have 3 lovely children and a wonderful wife. They give me power and a reason to work for.


    What is a normal working day like for you and your team?

    Actually we have no normal working day. Every day brings its own advantages and tasks we have to manage. Every day we just try to be a little better than the day before. This is a quite easy goal every day which makes a big difference at the end of the year.




    What would be the ultimate fantasy light that you’d love to design? For instance: A giant dinosaur? A Castle? A Birthday Cake? And why? 

    I don't know. If you have an idea just let me know. If we like it we will produce it and name you as the designer. :)

    OTI Note : So tempting!  The child in us would love to see a sandcastle light - for a piece of British Seaside Fun all year long!


    What’s your favourite film?Rocky – Hope you did not expect something with more profoundness. :)



    If you could have personally designed one item in history what would it have been and why? 

    The IPAD. The combination of a total new product in a perfectly designed case with its intuitive way of functioning set a new class. Far beyond everything people ever thought of before.

    Can you give us a sneaky peak into what new designs you and your team are currently working on? What can we expect to see in 2015/2016?

    We will introduce some new designs all year round lights in late 2015 and some new Christmas lights in early 2016.

    What’s your favourite meal? A barbecue with family and friends. Surrounded by people I love all kinds of barbecue - it tastes good.


    To see all of the 8 Seasons Designs lighting available at Out There Interiors click here

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