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  • Black and Gold... Black and Gold

    It may still be summer but it doesn't feel like it here in Stokenchurch. We've had the heaters on in the office for three days straight and the rain and wind is set to continue through the August bank holiday weekend.  We are not too upset however. In fact for the last three months we've been fully immersed in Christmas, so the cold and wet doesn't feel so alien.  And also a wave of new and exciting products are helping us to imagine (and look forward to) those cosy autumn and winter months.

    Black and gold is set to be big this autumn/winter. From subtle brass lamps to ostentatious 'Arabian Nights' side tables. Here are some of our favourite new things:

    Black and gold product images


    1. Daphne Retro Angled Floor lamp £145 (coming soon)
    2. Myami Black Glass and Gold Coffee Table £1390 (coming soon)
    3. Hillary Round Side Tables in Gold £175
    4. Gold Seahorse Ornament £39 (coming soon)
    5.  Chet Console Table in Gold and Black £925
    6.  Sola Satin Finish Side Table in Light Gold £595 (coming soon)
    7.  Laton Glass Topped Console £645
    8. Dezzrah Black and Glass Bedside Table £310
    9.  Kaina Case Base Marble Topped Table £1195 (coming soon)
    10.  Perrilea Mirrored Desk in Black and Gold £820
    11. Arin Marble Topped Gold Side Table £495 (coming soon)
    12.  Bobbie Designer Style Table Lamp in Gold £195
    13.  Arabian Nights Side Table £449 (coming soon)

  • Designer Profile : Out There Interiors talks to the ibride Design Team

    Benoit & Rachel Convers - iBride Designers Benoît & Rachel Convers - ibride Designers

    Founded in 1996 the ibride Design House combines historical references, romanticism and the designers' own experiences from travelling in its pieces.  The word 'ibride'  is a play on words for the French meaning 'hybrid', with many of the pieces combining several forms and several functions. OTI talks to Benoît & Rachel Convers, the Husband and Wife Designer Team, about their inspiration and what makes them laugh.



    Joe - Bear Bookcase from ibrideYou can tell that the team at ibride love animals :) ! What are your top three favourite animals and why?

    Benoît : Our favourite animal is our Jack Russel of course! It was our inspiration for our first piece of furniture Sultan the dog stool.  Rachel loves the birds, you can feel it on the “Galerie de Portraits” collection of trays. And finally we would say Bears, they are a majestic animal.



    What is your favourite design from the current collection?
    Benoît : Each project has its own history. The souvenir we've dug out to find inspiration, the moment we had the idea, the people we met and collaborate to set up the production… it’s hard to highlight one particular product in the collection - most of them became characters of our design history and share our life like children or cousins. Some of them are bad-tempered, but most of them are easy to live.


    How did the company start? Can you tell us a little bit about the team?

    ibride Console TableIn 1996, Carine Jannin (Director & Editor, ibride) decided to create her own publishing house specialising in the design of objects. Her singular and strategic choices, free from all archetypes, allot a central position to the independence of creation. Together with Rachel and Benoît Convers, the established designers of the label, they combine a family trio, precursors in author design. Based on audacious concepts such as the “Made in France ” and objects with dual interpretations, this publishing house blossoms independently and cultivates its differences on the fringe of insidious standardization.

    What is a normal working day like for you and your team?
    Benoît : We are lucky to work in a hidden rural area at the east of France. When we aren’t travelling, we spend our time between our design studio and the workshop in the same building. Since we have our own production plant, we can do many experimentations and work hand in hand with production people to set up the new collections.

    What would be the ultimate piece of furniture or accessory that you’d love to design? For instance: A full size elephant bookcase, a ‘plate’ tree that has a whole banquet service inside it?
    Benoît : When we meet a manufacturer or a craftsman, it’s a new opportunity for us to experiment new technologies, new processes. We feel free to discover new materials, and design new things.

    What’s your favourite film or novel ?Alice in Wonderland - a source of inspiration for iBride

    Rachel: A few years ago, we developed the ibride catalogue from the Alice in Wonderland story of Lewis Carroll. This fancy and complex story is like us – As Alice, I do like to hesitate between dream and reality, especially in the morning.
    Benoît : I really enjoyed Toy Story from Lasseter. The idea that the objects come alive as soon as we don’t look at them is a story that could be suitable with the ibride collection.


    What makes you laugh?
    Benoît : We did a design recently for an exhibition in Shanghai about Spongebob Squarepants. The name of our design is « Precious but not so serious » / To work at ibride’s, you must be really involved in your job, but not take yourself to seriously ;)

    Fontain in the Summer means? Countryside! Fontain is a small town based in the East of France where we come from. We enjoy being closed to the nature, living in a quiet environment.

    What do the ibride team do to relax? Having coffee, playing babyfoot or pingpong, sharing music, going to weekly massage - working at ibride is quite cool !

    Can you give us a sneaky peak into what new designs you and your team are currently working on? What can we expect to see in 2016? Our inspiration for this 2015/16 collection comes from our childhood memories. Most of these new products refers to our grandparents’ ways of life.

    To see more of the ibride collection click here





  • Behind The Scenes : Trend Daily's #PimpMyDeckie

    Trend Daily's #PimpMyDeckie entry The traditional stripy deckchair is re-envisaged by Trend Daily

    RibbonsCaroline Davis from Trend Daily says "I chose to decorate mine with some fabulous ribbons from Jane Means and create my own take on a striped deckchair! It’s a quick and easy makeover that anyone can try! I was initially thinking of doing a simple floral design with fabric pens and paints, but when your deckchair arrived, I thought the linen was so gorgeous, I didn’t want to permanently mark it! Stitching on ribbons seemed the perfect alternative and you can still change or update the look and colours any time!"

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    Caroline Davis

    About Caroline Davis from Trend Daily: I trained in textile design at De Montford University, then moved into buying for Debenhams. After 3 years I moved into magazines and worked as a style director for the now defunct Home Flair. That led to a short stint setting up an interior design business with two friends and finally my real passion, freelance styling! I live in the Chilterns with my husband, two children, Evie and Gabriel and 6 pets! I started my blog Trend Daily in 2012 and update it as and when I can in between work and the kids, but hope to pick up with it much more seriously again this Autumn. I have some ideas for a fresh start and new angle, which I hope will be very exciting!

  • Behind The Scenes : Homemaker Magazine's #PimpMyDeckie entry

    Homemaker Magazine #PimpMyDeckie entry Ice-cream shades, Holidays and Coastal memories provide the inspiration behind Homemaker Magazines's entry

    Fabric SelectionHomemaker Magazine's entry was conceived, designed and made by Corinne Bradd, In House Crafts Project Designer.  "I’ve always lived by the coast and deckchairs were an integral part of my ‘70’s childhood holidays. I wanted to create a luxury version that reflected the colours of summer. I started by blending ice-cream shades of chalk paint then added a little sparkle to the corners of the frame using mixed metal leaf flakes to imitate sunlight reflecting off the sea. I’m a bit of a quilt addict so a pastel, padded patchwork runner was the obvious choice to recover the seat. Hand-stitched across the existing canvas, I added pads of extra wadding between the lines of stitching to plump up the quilt. In addition I created a large ‘pocket’ at the top of the deckchair to act as a pillow case.

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    work in progress

    Homemaker's Deckchair

    Corinne Bradd from Homemaker Magazine


    About Corinne Bradd: Corinne Bradd has worked for Aceville Publications for more years than she cares to count. As In House Crafts Project Designer for a number of creative titles including Homemaker her work is varied and never boring. A childhood spent sewing, painting and gluing things together has resulted in a dream job that allows her to spend time with her daughter while filling her house with ‘lovely stuff’.

  • Behind The Scenes: Alternative Eden's #PimpMyDeckie

    Alternative Eden_PimpMyDeckie Agave inspiration from Alternative Eden

    Centre of an agave plantMark, of Mark and Gaz the duo behind Alternative Eden says "We decided to use our separate chairs to combine to a "whole" by creating an image of an Agave. Using fabric paint to create each half of the image. We grow a number of agaves and other succulents in the garden so it was an easy choice to use an Agave plant, plus the plants are roughly symmetrical so it would form a unified image.

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    Mark from Alternative EdenGaz from Alternative EdenAbout Alternative Eden: Mark & Gaz are the creative duo behind Alternative Eden which follows the story of their garden, as they create a taste of the tropics in the UK. Their philosophy is to create an exotic effect using mostly hardy plants with some more tender accent plants in pots.  Mark says "We have been creating an exotic garden in Bedfordshire over the last ten years, the garden has been a real labour of love turning a fairly normal residential garden into a tropical escape. Its our real Alternative Eden!"

  • Behind The Scenes: Bloom & Wild's #PimpMyDeckie Entry

    Bloom & Wildflower Deckie entry The Bloom & Wildflower Deckie

    Ophelia Boquet Olivia from Bloom & Wild says "The inspiration behind our deckie was lazy summer afternoons spent in an English Country garden, and of course, flowers are such a huge part of that. We used our bouquet The Ophelia, as the light wood of the deckie complemented the hot pinks and deep purples of the scented stocks perfectly. The jam jars containing posies of limonium and roses were to create an impression of wildflowers gathered in the afternoon sun - we didn't want it to look too manicured - we wanted to keep our blooms wild, just like our name!


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    About Bloom & Wild:Bloom&Wild_Logo1_rgb-01

    At Bloom & Wild, we make selecting and sending the perfect gift feel as good as opening it. From freshly-cut flowers delivered through the letterbox to hand-tied bouquets, our gifts are designed to surprise. Always beautifully presented, and delivered the next day. Download our free app or visit our easy-to-use site to choose from our stylish flower collection. We can even remind you of your important dates so you’ll never miss a special occasion again. Styling suggestions for arranging your blooms can be found in your gift card on the back of the box.

  • Behind The Scenes :'s #PimpMyDeckie Entry's #PimpMyDeckieOf her entry into #PimpMyDeckie Judith says "For my Deckie I aimed to create a green seating. Of course I don’t want anyone to sit on my cacti, so I opted for some soft and wild grass from our garden. And because I’m dreaming of a little summer getaway, I chose this pale blue for the deckchair and hung a print of one of my photos on the wall. I created a little jungle of fig trees and a coconut palm, served a refreshing drink and pineapple on the side: voilà! Here’s my green summer deckie! I hope you like it because if I win, I will donate my prize to the wonderful Kew Gardens Foundation. Have a great summer!"

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    About Judith de Graaff:

    Judith de Graaff is a Dutch graphic designer who lives in an abandoned factory just outside of Paris. With her husband she has renovated the industrial space into a comfortable home and workspace. Their home has been featured on Design*Sponge and in IKEA Family Live Magazine.
    Judith writes a lifestyle blog called where she shares anything from cool new design shops in Paris, her home renovation, beautiful typography she discovers on her travels and lots of plants & green hotspots around the world.
    Together with Igor Josifovic (Happy Interior Blog), Judith founded Urban Jungle Bloggers, an online community that aims to bring more plants into homes & blogs.

  • Behind The Scenes : Lotts & Lots #PimpMyDeckie entry


    Lotts & Lots PimpMyDeckie Zesty inspiration from Lotts & Lots #PimpMyDeckie entry

    Lotts & Lots deckinging in progress


    Of her #PimpMyDeckie entry, Charlotte from Lotts & Lots says "My inspiration for the deck chair was lemons! I really loved the simple rustic style of the base chair and wanted to create a decoration that was rustic and elegant to compliment it. As I started to create my design I kept dreaming of Sicilian lemon groves and imagined myself sitting in this chair sipping lemonade on a hot summers day in an Italian garden! Colour is PimpMyDeckie in progressreally important to me so I went with these soft zesty lemon and lime shades with a dash of white to really compliment the grey of the chair. I also love ribbons and the different textures you can create with fabrics, I kept my fabrics on the sheer side so you could see the different colours build up through the design. I had so much fun putting this together, It's my own piece of Italy to enjoy at home!


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    Charlotte Smith


    About Charlotte Smith from Lotts & Lots:

    Charlotte Smith writes the blog Lotts and Lots sharing her love of DIY's and creative living. Her biggest DIY project to date is renovating and Edwardian house with her husband which she shares on her blog. When she isn't up a ladder she is either Styling The Seasons on Instagram or teaching jewellery making workshops in London and the South East.


  • Behind The Scenes : Torie Jayne's #PimpMyDeckie Entry

    Bumblebee Deckchair by Torie Jayne Simple elegant detail including a beautiful cross stitch bee from Torie Jayne

    Deckchair Inspiration for Torie Jayne's #PimpMyDeckie entryOf her Bumblebee Deckchair, Torie Jayne says "I was inspired by a cross stitch paper lampshade I made recently for my Summer House that featured three bumblebees on in a colour palette of mauves, lilacs, duck egg blues and turquoise that match back to the colours of flowers in my garden.  I also wanted to bring in the lace detail of my hanging planters so I added a cotton broderie lace trim in the softest duck egg blue colour."

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    Cross stitch bee up close      Bumblebee cross stitch on deckchair_1

    Honey bee style


    Torie JayneAbout Torie Jayne:  Torie Jayne is a successful designer, blogger and author with a keen interest in creating pretty interiors for the home. Her blog,, receives over 100,000 hits a month, and features her trademark  beautiful saturated pastels in craft and sewing tutorials, inspiring interiors, as well as gluten free baking and other inspirational finds.






  • Vote for your favourite in our #PimpMyDeckie Competition

    Voting has now gone live for our #PimpMyDeckie Competition with entries from Torie Jayne,, Alternative Eden, Lotts & Lots, Bloom & Wild, Homemaker Magazine and Trend Daily all competing for your vote.

    Showcasing Summer to the max our Deckie has been transformed with bees, grass, agave's, lemons, wildflowers, stripes and gold glimmer by our contestants.

    The OTI Team all have their personal favourites but who will you vote for?  Voting ends 08/07/15 (Midday GMT) and the only way you can vote for your favourite is by visiting either our Facebook page and Instagram accounts to vote. 

    Vote via Facebook here  |  Vote via Instagram here   (Vote by hitting the 'Like' button against your favourite)

    PimpMyDeckie overview

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