For The Love Of Daina

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Whilst searching Pinterest and the blogosphere I have become aware of a Daina obsession! This lovely antique style mirrored cabinet has long been one of my favourites and I’m delighted to show you some gorgeous ways to use her in your home.

You can find Daina and all the matching pieces of mirrored furniture, right here.

mirrored side cabinet in loungeI think the reason Daina is so popular is her versatility. As you can see from the below imagery, she works perfectly in contemporary, traditional and eclectic interiors. She is ideal as a bedside table, but also works in the lounge or hallway as a stand alone unit. You can’t really go wrong.

Like all good quality mirrored furniture Daina has an MDF base. Please don’t look for a solid wood base, it is not a good material for mirrored furniture as it reacts to temperature and can cause issues with the glass (blog post about this coming soon)!

The mirrored panels which fully cover the front, top and sides of the cabinet feature a subtle misty sheen and the trim is silver/gold and distressed giving her elegant, vintage charm

The single drawer features double handles and the interior is velvet lined. The cupboard doors open with the use of matching knocker-style handles. Inside is a shelf which is adjustable on three settings.

So there you go. Looking for a beautiful, versatile and practical piece of furniture? One which will store your books, plates, files, TV remotes and more?

Job done.

out there interiors 'daina' cabinets used as bedside tables in glamorous bedroom

silver daina style cabinet used in contemporary hallway    daina mirrored cabinet used as bedside table

daina mirrored cabinet used in sophisticated bedroom    daina mirrored side unit used in eclectic setting

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