So what’s with the outdoor images?

Well, for a start off it’s in our name.  If you start something you’ve gotta finish, right? Well when we started out we didn’t have anywhere sensible to photograph our mirrored furniture, so we took the first bits and pieces out into the garden where it didn’t reflect our somewhat questionable interior surroundings.  If you look closely at the images you will see some of our original products – the mirrored chest and bedsides pictured in front of a green fence, with sheds, bird feeders and goodness knows what in the back ground. When we moved into sensible premises we decided it was best to continue to photograph outside for the reasons outlined below. Before we knew it we were getting more adventurous with our pictures, hanging chandeliers from trees, setting ornate beds up in the snow and thinking of a permanent company name...



We’ve seen it, we’ve touched it.

One reason for sticking with the outdoor images is that they indicate something important.  You may see a lot of furniture stores using white-background images that you will see scattered all over the internet. These white-background shots are more often than not supplier’s or manufacturer’s images, which are taken and distributed when a new product comes onto the market. This means that if you own an interiors company you can advertise a whole catalogue of inventory without ever having seen any of the products! At Out There we like to make a little more effort than this. How are our sales people supposed to instruct you with your purchases if they have never seen, felt or experienced the products?  At Out There we choose the best items to buy, photograph and hold in stock; so we know exactly what it looks like, feels like and matches with.


Ever seen a pretty dress on an ugly person?

...Or an ugly dress on a pretty person? We have! Well that’s the way we feel about some of these “serving suggestion” interior design shots you will see dotted around the internet.  Now don’t get us wrong, some of them are lovely, but a lot of them can give you the wrong idea about the furniture. Take our antique gold bed and chairs for example. We think that these pieces work best with plain white walls, mirrored furniture and quirky lamps, but we’ve seen them put together with dark walls, burgundy tapestries and cushions on the wrong side of chintz (yes we believe there is a right side too).  The bottom line is that we hope our outdoor images allow you to see the furniture in a neutral setting so you can imagine your other possessions around them.  It also eliminates that annoying (and often mistaken) notion that you need to buy everything in the image to ‘complete the look’.


To avoid orange streaks

Ladies, ever done your make-up in artificial light, then stepped outside and looked at your reflection in horror? By photographing outside we avoid the furniture equivalent of orange foundation streaks. Studio lights can do crazy things to the colour of anything.  Check out these two white-background pieces of our chunky wood furniture below.  Both studio shots, and both exactly the same colour in the flesh! This is unbelievably misleading, one looks beech; the other mahogany, how is it possible? The true colour is reflected in our outdoor image on the left, the natural light not only shows the true colour, it also brings out the beautiful grain of the acacia wood, which is completely lost in the studio shots.

The whole secret garden thing

We know it’s weird, but there’s just something about picturing glittery stuff in the dirt that we absolutely love. We have some beautiful mature gardens, and it’s exciting to find different little spots to picture the products and watch how the images change through the seasons.  The locations provide their own uses, what better way to display a crystal chandelier than hanging it from the branches of a mature apple tree, photographing a mirrored chest reflecting vivid flowers, or lying a Venetian mirror on the grass so it reflects a cloudless sky? It’s a silly romantic thing but we are hooked! And we hope you are too.