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Metal embossed furniture

Metal embossed furniture is hard to market. We genuinely feel that most people who buy this embossed furniture are not looking for it originally, but stumble upon it and fall in love with it. If you feel or know otherwise please drop us a line to let us know. We love embossed furniture and although difficult to categorise (do we market it as silver furniture? Indian furniture? Embossed furniture?) It has become a solid range for Out There Interiors and the plain silver furniture along with the blackened embossed range have been selling well to an elite group for quite a few years.

New to embossed metal furniture?

If you've just discovered embossed metal furniture, then let us enlighten you as to what it is. It is wooden constructed furniture fully encompassed in embossed metal sheeting. This technique creates a totally unique, textured piece of furniture that will never fail to get mentioned. Once full covered in the embossed metal the furniture is finished in various colours which are discussed briefly below. If you're interested in learning more about our metal embossed furniture select the particular range you are interested in from the options above and scroll down to the bottom of the pages. The silver and blackened embossed pages have buying guides at the bottom which go into a scary amount of detail.

Silver embossed furniture

silver embossed furniture is the original and 'pure form' metal embossed furniture. The silver sheeting is not treated to a black or white finish, and therefore you get full on shiny silver furniture. It wasn't until later than the manufacturers became to experiment with other finishes.

Blackened embossed furniture

The blackened embossed furniture has had a black finish applied to the silver metal sheeting. The black paint is smoothed over the textured surface and dries creating an eye-catching contrast. This range of embossed range has really taken off in recent years. Although it is more striking than the silver embossed furniture in many ways, it is somewhat muted in comparison to the shiny silver furniture.

White embossed furniture

The white embossed furniture is exclusive to Out There Interiors at the time of writing. As with the blackened range, this furniture begins life as silver furniture and has had a white finish smoothed over the top of the textured surface. It dries to create contrast, but not a dramatic one like the blackened range. This contrast gives a twinkly finish with the silver pattern glinting through the white paint.

metal embossed furniture


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