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Our guide to blackened silver embossed furniture

Why choose black and silver furniture?

Our dark embossed metal furniture range is a wonderfully understated version of the light silver embossed furniture range. It is manufactured in the same way, but has a matt black finish applied over the top of the shiny silver surface, giving it a lovely versatile nature which works beautifully in almost all interiors. The black finish serves to tone down the shiny silver covering of the original embossed metal furniture but because the pattern shines through it is still fabulously unique and glamorous.

Similar to bone inlay furniture

This black and silver furniture range has a look of bone inlay furniture which is a much coveted style of Indian furniture that tends to get very expensive. With bone inlay, pieces of (usually camel) bone are inserted into a piece of typical Indian furniture in a decorative pattern, and then lacquered to give a smooth polished finish. Our black and silver furniture replicates this look due to the matt black paint which is rubbed over the silver embossed sheeting. The holes (or indented sections) of the embossed sheeting catch and hold the colour, and the protruding sections which form the pattern are rubbed clean, allowing the silver design to stand out on the dark background. The black paint combined with the shiny silver creates a brilliant contrast which is an absolute pleasure to behold.

Where does this style of embossed metal furniture come from?

Embossed metal furniture is really Indian furniture and therefore has its origins in India. The creative and inventive Indians devised many ways to manufacture the original pieces of decorative metal embossed furniture. They would hammer designs into copper and brass, use intricate tools to carve the designs and/or use moulds to create larger pieces of embossed furniture. Man-made Patina’s were (and still are) used on much Indian furniture to give the pieces an antique look ahead of their time. (A patina is a mixture of chemicals which is rubbed onto the surface of a piece of embossed metal furniture – or any furniture for that matter - which creates the illusion of age in the metal. The term also refers to the natural discolouration that some metals acquire over time, through natural oxidisation and exposure to the elements).

Luckily manufacturing has got easier which allows us to sell this fantastic metal embossed furniture at such affordable prices. The ever industrious Chinese seized the opportunity to create stunning copies of embossed Indian furniture designs through the use of aluminium sheeting, acrylic fillers and large decorative moulds. Although the idea of less than authentic manufacture, aluminium and acrylic can be off putting when looking at pieces of decorative embossed furniture, these factors should not be looked upon in a negative light. The new manufacturing techniques have served the embossed metal furniture industry very well, creating not only beautiful affordable metal embossed furniture, but also stronger, robust pieces which will stand the test of time.

The disadvantages of authentic embossed Indian furniture

Black and silver furniture: metal covering.

The first reason why our metal embossed furniture can be said to be better than the original Indian furniture is material used for the embossed designs. Our silver and black metal furniture is created from wood with embossed aluminium sheeting pressed and secured firmly over the frames. Aluminium has two main advantages: the first is that it is low cost, meaning that our black and silver furniture is very well priced, but the second and most important is that aluminium WILL NOT tarnish over time in the way that pewter, copper, silver and brass will. It does not acquire a patina whereby the metal work turns green, or develops a film through years of oxidisation and exposure to different temperatures. Aluminium stays shiny, bright and clean and will not deteriorate.

Another reason to avoid authentic metal embossed furniture

Another reason for modern manufacturing techniques is the acrylic filler which is used to hold the designs in place. It’s something that is not often thought about, but once those beautiful pronounced patterns are pushed into the silver and black metal furniture how is it that they stay there? A filler of some sort has been used to ensure the patterns stay in place since metal embossed furniture manufacturing began, however in the past, less than ideal substances have been used to fill the holes, and it can lead to the surface of your embossed Indian furniture looking a real mess after a certain amount of wear and tear. A mixture of beeswax and resin was melted over heat and smoothed into the back of the metal used for traditional Indian furniture. This had the desired effect, but turned squishy and soft in hot temperatures meaning that you could push the patterns in with a finger from the front – not good! Other manufacturers use plaster which hardens beautifully but can crumble through exposure to various conditions, again giving the embossed metal furniture a less than consistent pattern. The acrylic which is used in our factories has been thoroughly tested and is the perfect consistency to hold the patterns of the black and silver furniture firmly in place.

The metal sheeting which is used for our silver and black metal furniture is embossed in large quantities by special moulds. This eliminates the need for each piece to be embossed with intricate tools and puts the emphasis on design and economy. The above techniques combine to make a metal embossed furniture range which is not only beautiful and authentic looking, but also affordable for many.

Variations of blackened silver embossed furniture

We talk a lot about the variation of metal embossed furniture and although it is something which will go unnoticed by the vast majority of customers the slight differences between manufacturer do make a difference when you sit two pieces from different factories side by side. As I’m sure you can imagine we have seen our fair share of black and silver furniture over the years and therefore feel qualified to offer some pedantic but (we think) rather interesting insights into black embossed furniture as a whole.

Metal embossed furniture patterns

If you look closely at the range you will see the some differences in pattern between different pieces of black and silver furniture. At the time of writing we still have a few inconsistencies with regards to pattern, but we are ironing these out and will soon feature two patterns only. The flower print pattern will adorn the silver and white metal furniture and the curly decorative pattern will embellish the black metal furniture range. We have made this distinction for a few different reasons.

Curly pattern for the blackened embossed furniture

We have gone for the curly pattern on our silver and black embossed furniture first and foremost because we feel that this works better. The black finish seems to hold better within this pattern creating a more striking contrast, and because the design is smaller and more intricate the embossed furniture looks more impressive. The second reason for using this pattern is that is separates our silver and black embossed furniture from another (slightly inferior) range sold by other companies, which uses the flower pattern for the blackened silver furniture. This range looks exactly the same at face value but is manufactured by a factory which foregoes small details such as drawer linings. As (very shortly) all our black metal furniture will be manufactured with the curly pattern so you will know instantly that they are from the same good quality range.

Flower pattern for the white and silver metal furniture.

We believe that the flower pattern serves the white and silver embossed furniture better than the curly. As the flower pattern has a larger print which can look overpowering, repetitive and/or obvious in the black and silver furniture, it works wonderfully on pieces with very little or no contrast in the colours. The white embossed furniture does have colour contrast but only enough to give an intriguing twinkle of the overall pattern, and of course the silver embossed metal furniture has no colour contrast, it is simply shiny and tactile.

More details you may or may not miss with regards to black and silver furniture

Blackened embossed furniture handles:

We care about handles here at Out There Interiors. Although it is a small detail that is not particularly noticeable when the embossed metal furniture is in situ, it’s always good to know that your pieces are meant to be together. The dark embossed furniture range has some pieces featuring rounded black wooden knobs and others featuring the cut glass handles you see on the majority of the silver embossed furniture range. At the time of writing we cannot supply every piece with the same matching handles, but we are working on it! It’s always worth asking however as sometimes we do have the odd piece of embossed metal furniture with a different style handle knocking around.

Black trim or no black trim: that is the question.

The metal embossed furniture always features sections that are not embossed for whatever reason. These sections are usually the back and underside of the furniture or anywhere that is unseen at face value. This is understandable in order to keep the black embossed furniture affordable and not to waste unnecessary materials. The un-embossed pieces are painted in keeping with the units, often the silver embossed furniture has silver painted sections and the blackened silver furniture features black painted sections. Here at Out There we are unsure whether the black painted sections are best for the blackened silver furniture, and have opted for a mix of silver and black paint on some of our units. At the time of writing we are supplying two styles of embossed metal bedsides within the blackened silver embossed furniture range. The Hannah beside tables feature our silver mix trim, and the Davina bedside tables have the black. We’d love your thoughts on this through our feedback system in the bottom right of this screen.

Embossed metal furniture drawer linings

As mentioned briefly above, there are many metal embossed furniture manufacturers out there all doing slightly different things with regards to designs and features. The majority choose to forgo drawer linings, seeing them as an unnecessary and unseen expense. We don’t think so. Due to the handmade nature of metal embossed furniture it is not uncommon to find a rough edge here and there, meaning that if you have an unlined drawer you can easily catch delicate clothing on the edges. A lined drawer eliminates this possibility and here at Out There we do our utmost to ensure that our blackened silver furniture features drawer linings. Most of our embossed metal furniture will feature a black velvet interior, which is well worth the extra cost and you will find that we swallow this extra expense rather than passing it on as a premium to our customers.

Imperfections and quirkiness of black and silver furniture

On every page of our metal embossed furniture range there is a link to a Quality page which talks you through the various features to expect when purchasing metal embossed furniture. The embossed sheeting is produced and manufactured using modern machinery and sophisticated techniques, but these wonderfully quirky pieces of black and silver furniture are put together by individuals, by hand. The wooden frames are cut and carved individually by hand, the edges are painted by hand and the embossed metal sheeting is secured to the frames (yes you guessed it) by hand. This means that each piece of silver and black metal furniture is (like a human being) unique, and each piece of furniture is (like a human being) flawed in some way. If you are a perfectionist who is meticulous about precise edges and silky smooth finishes, metal embossed furniture is probably not for you. By its very nature is defies accuracy, and is unashamedly imperfect! The quirky nature of our blackened embossed furniture is a charm, not a negative, but it’s important to understand these aspects before purchasing.

Different pieces of embossed metal furniture

Chests in the blackened embossed furniture range

Although the dark embossed furniture range is still relatively small it is continually growing and definitely here to stay, so don’t worry about not being able to match your furniture in the future. When it comes to chests of drawers we have some nice choices. Here we talk you through the various chests of drawers in the blackened silver furniture range.

Lilianna – a large embossed metal chest.

Lilianna was a long awaited large chest of drawers. Before she arrived there wasn’t a sensible sized chest of drawers in the dark embossed furniture range and Lilianna filled a big gap. She features 2 smaller drawers over 2 larger drawers which all have ample space for the chunky clothes. Lilianna is part of the black and silver furniture range with black handles, and has some lovely matching pieces.

Amelia and Kylie – small metal chests or large embossed bedside tables.

Amelia is the perfect accompliment to Lilianna, she is a small embossed chest of drawers or large bedside table with four deeper than expected dark metal embossed drawers. She also has black handles but is available with cut glass (Kylie). These narrow chests look wonderful in hallways with a matching mirror hung above.

Zoe and Zara – petite and shapely embossed chests

Our instantly recognisable eight drawer embossed chest of drawers features two sets of four drawers side by side within a wonderful shapely design. Often smaller than expected, Zoe is a compact chest perfect for underwear, make-up and odds and ends. She can be used as a large bedside table if you have the space, or as an eye-catching piece anywhere in the home. Zara is the equivalent chest with black knob handles, she is not currently advertised within the dark embossed furniture range but often available in the background, just ask.

Bedside tables in the black and silver embossed furniture range

Hannah and Davina – pint sized embossed bedside tables for all rooms.

Pictured above are the two versions of the dark embossed bedside tables we currently feature. Hannah matches the pieces with glass handles and Davina has the black rounded knobs and trim. Both are the perfect size for most modern homes, featuring two drawers ideal for bedside odds and ends.

Tables in the dark metal embossed furniture range

Alicia – a long, lean embossed console table.

Alicia is a wonderfully long and sleek console table featuring a single, centre drawer and shapely slender legs. Ideal for a long hallway or dining room sideboard Alicia is one of those useful pieces of furniture which are often overlooked in favour of more standard dressing tables. Her unusual size is often a plus for those looking to fill a big space.

Analise – a generous square embossed metal coffee table.

Analise is a large, low coffee table featuring a massive tactile table top which blows you away. If you love metal embossed furniture you could spend hours running your hands over this fabulously tactile surface. Ideal for the centre of a (large) lounge you will never be without a place to put your drink, or feet.

Evelyn – an elegant and versatile embossed dressing table

Perhaps the most popular of our embossed metal tables, Evelyn is a perfectly proportioned three drawer dressing table or writing desk. She has shapely detailed legs and cut glass handles giving her an elegant appearance which is favoured by many.

Kaori – a compact embossed dresser.

If you’re looking to fill that tight space with a fabulous console/dressing table then Kaori is the piece you’ve been looking for. Smaller than your average dressing table or console she is often just the right size for an awkward space. Kaori has a shapely table top and a unique pattern cut into the front.

What’s new in the black and silver furniture range

We are adding to the blackened embossed furniture range continually, so if we don’t have the piece you are looking for advertised yet, feel free to give us a call and we’ll let you know what’s on the way. Soon to be featured is ‘Drew’ a much larger embossed chest in the cut glass handle range and ‘Laney’ a new style of metal bedside table. We also have new Indian dressing tables, mirrors and stools on the way, along with a highly anticipated metal embossed wardrobe. Watch this space!

How best to use black and silver embossed furniture

Black and silver furniture is perhaps more versatile than the shiny silver embossed furniture. It has understated glamour and is not as in-your-face as the pure silver furniture range. It can therefore be used widely around many homes regardless of style. We have seen dark embossed furniture work wonderfully in contemporary settings and also in the traditional. Put a piece of metal embossed black and silver furniture in a white room and watch it create an instant focal point. Place it in a busier room and it will blend beautifully. All the metal embossed furniture pieces work wonderfully as a full range, or as individual talking points. It is wonderfully tactile and very aesthetically pleasing. Black and silver furniture is definitely here to stay.