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Mirrors: Ornate, Venetian and Decorative

If you're looking for a statement mirror you will find some fabulous examples on the pages shown above. At the time of writing we only have two pages up above Ornate Mirrors and Venetian Mirrors. But soon there will be much more to choose from in this category.

Ornate Mirrors

We have used the term ornate mirror to describe our decorative mirrors which do not have a frame of glass. (Glass framed mirrors in whatever form have been labed Venetian mirrors).

Our ornate mirror category holds some real gems, in particular the gold ornate mirrors Eloise and Hermia and their silver equivalents Esmeralda and Melissa. Soon to be advertised are some huge ornate mirrors with the same frame. Our oval rococo mirrors have been endlessly popular, the dimensions perfect for all over the house.

Venetian Mirrors

The term Venetian Mirror has been used to describe any mirror with a glass frame. Some of the mirrors you find on this page are not technically Venetian in style, but it works better to group them together.

The diamonds in the Venetian mirror category are definitely Sienna - a stunning Venetian wall mirror which is currently exclusive to Out There Interiors. She is always in high demand. On the non-typical side the Art Deco mirror Bellamy is a favourite with many, being more like a piece of art than a mirror.

Decorative mirrors: more to come

As mentioned above, we will very shortly be adding to this page with a huge selection of decorative mirrors in all shapes and sizes. Watch this space!

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