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About Us

Jenny Hurren’s plan to be an actress came to an end when the small business she started to survive between jobs, grew wings and took off in 2008. Born of her passion for eclectic interiors Out There Interiors had one aim: To make desirable furniture more accessible for those who love it.


In 2010, her partner Mark fled the corporate world to join the fun, and amazingly despite delivering in Snowdonia in the middle of the night, getting lost in the far eastern jungle and arguing everyday about various pieces of furniture, they are still together.


Out There Interiors resides on a farm about 30 minutes north of Brighton, East Sussex. Here you will find us grafting in the warehouses, staring at spreadsheets, making excessive amounts of coffee and singing badly to Radio 2.


Meet the team

  • image of jenny hurren
    Jenny HurrenYou read a bit about Jenny above. She is the pink-haired, kitsch-loving, workaholic northerner behind Out There Interiors. Jenny does buying, blogging, sales and design. 
  • image of mark neenan
    Mark Neenan Mark is Jenny's partner. Ex IBM, he handles finance, business development, logistics and operations. Mark loves designer furniture and all things mountain biking.
  • image of simon twinn
    Simon Twinn Meticulously detailed Simon looks after warehouse, fulfillment and inventory. He also plays in an awesome band called Honour Amongst Thieves. Have a listen to them in our playlist on the right.
  • Image of Richard Baber
    Richard Baber Data crunching brain box Richard handles development and all things technical. He also takes great photos and makes great coffee. Richard's toddler twins keep him busy in his spare time.
  • image of julie white
    Julie White Financial analyst Julie crunches our numbers. She enjoys golf and playing the piano. She likes awful pop music and upsets Jenny with her thing for red files.
  • image of lee king
    Lee King Lee manages PR, Marketing and Social Media. Creative, fun and (just a little bit) bonkers she is super organised and plans everything six months ahead.
  • natalie daye
    Natalie Daye Loud, proud, multi-tasking Mancunian Natalie looks after Sales Support. Smart and straight-talking, this girl spins a lot of plates and rarely lets them drop.
  • liz higginbottom
    Liz HigginbottomLiz works on external marketing projects and contributes to our blog. She's writes about classy living on a budget and is an expert on all things French. 

Company News
  • 5 Unexpected Mirrored Furniture Ideas We've designed and manufactured mirrored furniture for years. And we've seen it all. The good, the bad and the very very ugly. As the years push on the way design experts use mirrored furniture is changing. It's still very much a staple in luxury  interiors and still has the wow factor (honestly 15 years of handling it and I'm still floored by the impact it has on a space) but there's more to this furniture than a matching bedroom set. Here's how to use mirrored furniture in 2018 and beyond. Add grandeur with a mirrored dining table This pal Read More
  • #OTIgotthelook : Eclectic Workstation Have you seen our OTI Style Pinterest Board? It's full of glorious rooms and vignettes that we feel encapsulate the Out There Interiors eclectic aesthetic. This workstation designed by Megan from Boho Beach Bungalow has been one of my favourites for a long time. It's a perfect example of OTI Style: A bright desk, a rattan chair, a gold mirror, something pink...and a plant!  Achieve this look with our product suggestions below... Goldie Round Wall Mirror in Gold £64 Drametha Ceramic Column Table Lamp £110 Ababa Deep Pile Chevron Cushion Read More

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