6 Reasons Why You Should Spruce Up Your Bathroom With Frameless Glass Doors

6 Reasons Why You Should Spruce Up Your Bathroom With Frameless Glass Doors

If you have plans to remodel your shower space, sprucing it up should be your priority. You may use shower curtains, but glass shower doors are ideal as they offer extra protection from water and related benefits that transform the bathroom into a spa-like space. Below is a list of why you should install frameless glass doors in your shower space.

Minimal Maintenance

Frameless glass doors have no frames where debris and soap suds can slide in to promote mold growth. Unlike wood that can rot and metal that rusts, glass shower doors can last for several decades as they withstand the test of time. Glass enclosures are easier to clean than shower curtains, and you can use a mixture of white vinegar and water. Let the mixture soak for about 10 minutes, scrub the glass with a sponge soaked in baking soda, and rinse with clean water to ensure the frameless shower door is sparkling clean.

Aesthetically Beautiful

Flameless shower glass doors lend elegance and sophistication to every bathroom as they are minimalistic. The clean lines associated with frameless glass shower doors emulate the experience of a spa to enhance a luxury feel. The sleek and modern design of the shower door adds openness and extra light to a small space. You can also decorate frameless glass showers with multiple metal hardware options that suit your home’s style. With the gorgeous centerpiece, you will spend extra time in the bathroom to enjoy the experience.

Choice Customization

Frameless glass doors can be customized according to your bathroom space. Homeowners do not need to settle for standard sizes and designs to ensure the bathroom has a one-of-a-kind look. Frameless shower glass doors allow you to have a cozy corner walk-in and a spacious shower space. You can purchase custom-built shower doors that fit different sizes and shapes of shower stalls. Frameless shower doors have bright and clear glass, ideal for various types of bathrooms, such as traditional, modern, or industrial styles.

Increases the Value of a Property

Homebuyers looking to purchase a dream home are usually impressed by a property with frameless glass showers. A modern bathroom elevates the overall home as it is the space that every homebuyer must assess when they visit. An enclosure with frameless shower doors makes your bathroom organized and beautiful and increases the functionality of the shower space as it contains water within the bathroom area. Frameless glass doors do not wear out quickly compared to other bathroom fixtures and never go out of style. A bathroom that has a minimalist and luxurious style wows your guests, allowing your property to fetch a better price on the market.

Illuminated Interior

Most homes have bathrooms that are not adequately lit. Most shower spaces have no windows, while others have a single light fixture above the sink or in the middle of the ceiling. Adequate lighting is crucial in the shower space, and the light flow should be optimal. A dimly lit shower makes it hard to locate shampoos and soaps, and you may fail to identify a dropped object on the shower floor, leading to accidents. Frameless glass shower doors allow natural light to flow easily into the bathroom to enable you to see clearly.

Ample Space

Shower curtains cut off the line of sight, making the shower space seem smaller. Frameless glass shower doors make your bathroom seem spacious by allowing you to see into the shower space. The glass on the shower doors refracts light, creating the illusion of a spacious bathroom. Frameless glass shower doors, unlike shower curtains or metal framed shower spaces, allow natural light to flow smoothly, making the area seem bigger and ideal for small bathrooms.

Frameless glass shower doors offer superior functionality, are aesthetically beautiful, and have long-lasting benefits. Hire a professional to install the shower doors tailored to your preferences and needs. 

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