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  • Say Ooh La La to All Things French!

    So here we are – mid February and still high on the infectious remains of St. Valentine’s Day… the day of love, unashamed romance and flamboyant amore in abundance. In honour of all the romantic hearts out there we thought we’d take this moment to shine a light on our favourite interiors trend: Say Ooh La La for all things French!

    We’re not for a moment suggesting that you should update your interiors for this one day a year – far from it, in fact – no, we think this should be the go-to trend for the whole year round! The opulence; the glamour – what’s not to love!?

    So where to begin? With chandeliers, armoires, gilding and trompe l’oeil to get your head around, the oh-so-chic trend can be a minefield to pull off with no shortage of that famous ‘je ne sais quoi’ the French do so incredibly well. To ensure you end up with chic, rather than cheap, we’ve asked a few interiors insiders for their top tips…

    “Create an elegant yet relaxed Parisian style interior by teaming glamorous pieces like curvy gilt mirrors and glittering chandeliers with distressed antique-style elements like a French armoire, ticking fabrics and a beautiful calming colour palette.”
    Sophie Warren-Smith, Interior stylist & journalist,

    “Although Coco Chanel was speaking in fashion terms when she said 'Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance’, I think it applies to French-inspired interiors too. Rather than filling your home with endless things, find key beautiful pieces such as a stunning chandelier or statement mantle mirror.
    One way to create a chic interior with a French twist is to invest in an armoire - a free-standing storage piece with shelving to display treasured items or lovely vintage linens.”
    Jo Bailey, Interior stylist,

    “The great thing about French furniture is it’s flexibility. If you choose something gilded, it can give a luxury touch to a neutral scheme. Or something painted in the shabby style can add a soft touch to a room. Out There Interiors Rattan Kingsize bed for instance is a really versatile piece, add some soft linen bedding and your bedroom is a rustic chateau, or add some velvet cushions and it becomes a glamorous Parisian boudoir.”
    Harriet Loraine-Smith, Interior stylist,

    “The key to creating French inspired interiors is to keep everything classic and timeless-it's all about parred back elegance. Opt for tactile fabrics such thick linens and warm wood, simple plains and patterns such as ticking and faded toiles and keep your colour palette soft and neutral with the brightest tones being shots of inky indigos and pale crimson.”
    Sarah Keady, Interior stylist,

    “The rustic French style, is a look that never seems to date. Maybe because its been tried and tested over ages and has proved it’s longevity with authentic elements that we just can’t live without. Think about a French style kitchen with a rustic table and chairs; some matching, some painted and all most definitely worn. Add piles of cream plates, natural linen napkins (un-ironed), an enamel jug with garden stems and we would all feel welcome and right at home. That’s even before we opened the wine to pour into faceted tumblers while checking on the delicious food cooking away in the Le Crueset cast iron pot, that has been passed down from granny, on the stove. French style has a certain feel of nostalgia, awakening happy emotions and and inspire gatherings of friends and family. It is a style perfect for entertaining and is very forgiving because of it’s imperfections, my favourite being crumpled linen. French linens are to be adored and treasured and at the same time used, best not to iron them and keep them in their natural form and shape, there is such a thing as an ‘expensive crease’, you know!
    French style is about collecting pieces over time, everything with a story to tell.”

    Theoda Solms Iles, Interior stylist,

    To get you started, here are a few of our current favourite statement pieces that we’re lusting after…

    1. 1. Melina carved wooden bed £1495
    2. 2. Ostara mint green vase £325
    3. 3. Bellatrix chandelier £740
    4. 4. Rattan back lounge chair £1250
    5. 5. Fuschia Louis chest of drawers £1250
    6. 6. Maribel gilt mirror £357
    7. 7. Ria bedroom chair £239

    You can shop the full French collection here.
    Don’t forget to share your Parisian pads with us on facebook!

  • Bringing The New Modern Home

    We're officially obsessed with 'The New Modern' and have been drooling over gorgeous restaurant and hotel interiors for the past week, all of which have embraced this delicious new interiors trend (see previous post). Although we have focused on commercial design (this is where brave new concepts are often played out) the trend is perfectly suited to the domestic environment. Indeed Elle Decoration describe The New Modern as a 'joyful celebration of the home'. So here are our top picks for doing just that.

    Finja Angle Back Occasional Chair 

    Larique Metal & Glass Shelving Unit
















    Top Left: Meryl High Gloss Marquetry Cabinet

    Top Right: Maizey Button Back Studded Sofa in Blue

    Bottom Left: Vesta Contemporary Steel Dining Table

    Bottom Right: Kanya Hexagons Candle Holder

    Nyx Bar Stool with Furry White Seat

    Embeth Glass Rods Chandelier

  • TREND WATCH: The New Modern

    There is particular focus on mid-century glam in 2017 along with the new-found spirit and sophistication of The New Modern: a retro-glam-upgrade and by far our favourite interiors trend of the moment.

    Brave colours, polished metallics and plush fabrics combine to create what Elle Decoration describe as a 'joyful celebration of the home'.  We can't think of anything more appealing in these uncertain times.

    Feast your eyes on our New Modern Inspiration Gallery below from some of Europe's finest restaurants and hotels. Later this week we'll share our top picks for bringing this trend home.

    Le Roch hôtel & spa designed by Sarah Lavoine

    Hotel Le Montana, Paris

    Hotel Haymarket, Stockholm

    Song Qi Restaurant, Monaco

    Klub 100, Belgrade.

    Chiswick Fire Station Restaurant

    Le Roch hôtel & spa designed by Sarah Lavoine

  • March: What's New?

    Here's our monthly round up of our favourite new things.

    mirrored vanity unitOur American Antique Mirrored Furniture Collection continues to delight, so we have introduced several new pieces to the range, our favourite being this incredible double vanity unit with white marble top. Super luxe!

    black monkey light

    Sometimes a piece so obvious arrives that you wonder how it took so long. Introducing new monkey lights from Seletti.  Moe, Larry, Curly and Jake are back... in black!

    bamboo effect mirror

    We're predicting a trend for bamboo effect furniture and accessories. Here's a wonderfully versatile wall mirror to kick things off. Watch this space!

    starburst pendant in silver

    Following the huge success of our Lona Starburst Pendant we have introduced her chrome sister Indiana. Perfect for those who are keen to embrace this fabulous trend without switching over to the gold side.

    macrame lampshade

    The welcome resurgence of macrame continues with these fabulous lampshades available in grey and white. Filter soft light through the threads for an enchanting boho look.

  • March: Stuff To Do

    We obviously love our homes here at Out There Interiors, but being outside of them is equally important. Social events (particularly if they involve wine) are high on the priority list, so here's a run down of things we're looking forward to this month.

    House Of Holi

    Colour rocks. And so does India's festival of colour, Holi. We're heading to Cinnamon Kitchen to chuck paint at each other. Preferrably after a particularly rubbish Monday.

    throwing paint

    Sega-loha At Kanaloa

    We love an eclectic mix and what could be more random than Sega-loha. A retro gaming / Hawiian themed cocktail night at Kanaloa. Oh My God Can't Wait.

    kanaloa hawaiian theme

    The Harrowing

    Immersive theatre is one of our favourite things. Add an abandoned building and the prospect of being scared senseless and we're there in a heart-stopping-beat.

    the harrowing promo shot

    Escape The Room Games

    We're officially awful at games but it doesn't stop us from entering them. The same goes for pub quizzes. In fact if there's ever an opportunity to embarass ourselves with a lack of knowledge or common sense we will take it.

    Also, we love a red chesterfield but there is such a thing as one too many.

    escape the rooms


  • Are you a friend of the faux?

    Look-a-like interiors are everywhere, from faux fur to imitation leathers, marble, concrete and wood the demand for ‘fakes’ is on the rise, and we absolutely get why. Whilst there’s no denying that the real McCoy is often a wonderful indulgence, there are several reasons why we could all be opting for the alternatives…

    Purse-friendly possibilities – a fairly obvious one but by choosing an imitation finish as opposed to the solid marble / antiqued wood / buttery ostrich skin you are likely to be saving a pretty penny… the perfect excuse to splash out on a few additional goodies, right?! Be bold, be opulent, be adventurous… the opportunities are endless. We love this full on marble-effect wall, created by Great Interior Design Challenge 2017 winner Daniela Tasca York on the show. What a show-stopper!


    Ethical motives – Whether you’re against the use of animal skins and furs, you believe that the world’s trees should stay firmly in the ground or you have a deep-rooted hatred for the production of concrete, there’s no denying that their doppleganger counterparts are often kinder to the environment and carry less guilty weight. Whilst the interiors industry is getting better and better at sourcing the real deal (and trust us, we would never stock anything that has been poorly treated or farmed unethically), if you can get a cosy and snug faux fur throw without harming a furry little critter in the process then why would you ever go for the real deal?


    Keep it moving – have you ever tried to lift a solid concrete table, or a marble-topped trolley? It’s heavy! Using an imitation, or even engineered alternative will make for much easier positioning and transportation, allowing you to update your look and switch up your schemes on a regular basis

    Broaden your horizons – We may not all have an exposed brick wall, or space for an at-home library, but by using a touch of trickery we can all achieve the same illusion. That’s right, wallpaper trickery! Plastering on any design you desire can transform your home into a wooden cabin, industrial concrete block, even a seductive leather cave (think Christian Grey with a touch of class)… the world really is your oyster. The best part – it costs a fraction of the price and can be changed at the drop of a hat!

    So if this all sounds too good to be true then why not follow our lead… we’ve rounded up our favourite faux finds for easy updates throughout the home.

    Shop the EDIT

    1. 1. Set of 2 Marble Effect Storage Boxes £60
    2. 2. Black Brick Wallpaper PHE-17 by Piet Hein Eek £249
    3. 3. Scrapwood Wallpaper 2 PHE-10 by Piet Hein Eek £199
    4. 4. Faux Bamboo Dining Chair £313
    5. 5. Square Concrete Stool £145
    6. 6. Stone Effect Table Lamp in Cream £195
    7. 7. Faux Ostrich Leather Bedside Table £455
  • Blogger Halloween Style! Which is your favourite?

    Happy Halloweeeeeen! Here's our little round up of spooky inspired blogger vignettes. Which is your favourite?

    spikey mirror with wine and candles Spooky spiky Absylla Mirror styled up by Ashley Wilson of A Mother's Edit
    gold skull with pink rose against black and white Gorgeous glossy Schuyler skull styled by Victoria Jackson of Apartment Number 4.



    Gold skull against blue wall Bianca Hall of French For Pineapple styled up our edgy Enya Skull against vibrant blue.
    Super fun styling from The Pink House's Emilly Murray who teamed our Bajojo Vase with Lego Minifigures. Super fun styling from The Pink House's Emily Murray who teamed our Bajojo Vase with Lego Minifigures.





  • Expert Halloween Styling Tips


    Wow we've been away for a while. Tons of reasons for this which I will not bore you with. All I will say is 'new internal software'. I'm sure that's all you need to know.

    But we're back at the most exciting time of year! That time when we're plunged into darkness on the way home from work, candles get lit in pubs, fireworks start going off and people start mentioning the C word... I love the dramatic change this time of year brings and styling up the home to reflect the change of the season is always a fun and satisfying project.


    blog_img_7377 7a44b09f50857506184e8b8fb9fd7016


    A bit of classy Halloween inspiration courtesy of  Don Carney (left) and House2Home (right).


    It's very easy to indulge in plastic tat at this time of year (especially if you have little ones to entertain) but that's not what we're about here at Out There Interiors.   So we have asked some of our favourite bloggers of the moment to give us their styling tips for Halloween, and will be posting some of their own vignettes featuring OTI pieces this weekend using the hash tag #itsspookyOutThere.   So without further ado, here's their thoughts how to make the most of the spooky season...

    Emily Murray of The Pink House

    “For me, Halloween styling is about having fun. I actually find Halloween pretty hilarious, so I like my seasonal styling to reflect that, with witty little details and some black humour. Laugh in the face of horror, that’s what I say.”

    gold skull and flowersVictoria Jackson of Apartment Number 4

    "Halloween doesn't automatically mean fake spiders and cobwebs - add an elegant touch to your interior this October by pairing metallics such as this gold skull with dark florals, black and white photography and candles.”


    Bianca Hall of French For Pineapple

    Rather than filling the house with disposable plastic decorations, I like to amp up the scare factor using things I already have. It helps that I'm a big fan of skulls, but just dimming the lights and adding rows of battery powered tea lights on top of picture frames on the walls, up the stairs and just about anywhere else you can put one, adds loads of atmosphere. Channel your inner goth and put some black candles into a candelabra, and serve blood red drinks. Fizzy water with a splash of Grenadine works well for the kids, and of course Bloody Mary's for the grown ups!


    Ashley Wilson of A Mother’s Edit

    'Halloween styling doesn't have to mean all plastic gravestones and silly string cobwebs... this seasons velvet trend is the perfect way to do ghoulish decorating with style. Think Morticia Adams - Dark and Glamourous’.


    Here at Out There Interiors we’re all about the style; unique, eccentric, Scandi, colonial… whatever you choose, we love that each and every one of our customers has an individual home to call their own and we’re very glad to be a part of it! Whether big budget or small, we work extremely hard to bring you the best that the design world has to offer, and to demonstrate that style doesn’t have to cost the earth we’ve challenged eight of our favourite bloggers to style up their Out There style with a product of their choice from - the catch? They have a maximum budget of a whopping £50!

    We’ve had requests for flamingos, vases, hanging planters, pineapples and more, and we LOVE that each and every blogger has created a completely different look. With inspiration a plenty you’ll find all of the bloggers sharing their snaps via Instagram throughout the weekend, just search for #ItsMyOTI

    Because it’s almost the weekend and we’re feeling generous, we’re also running a competition to encourage one lucky winner to create their own Out There style – simply follow us on Instragram at @OutThereInteriors over the weekend and you’ll be entered into the draw to win £100 to spend with us online. For extra brownie points, why not share your own Out There style snaps with us using the hashtag #ItsMyOTI, too!?

    To get your creative juices flowing you can see a peek at a few of our lovely blogger pics below.

    Happy weekend, folks!

    styled flamingo


    Apartment Apothecary - Katy Orme


    Swoonworthy - Kimberly Duran

    @redilocks (swoonworthy)

    These Four Walls - Abi Dare


    macrame hanging planter


    Hege in France - Hege Morris@hegeinfrance

  • Out There Interiors introduces Bloomingville upholstery range

    We're extremely excited to introduce the long-adored but previously unattainable (in the UK, at least) Upholstery collection from Scandinavian brand Bloomingville. We will be supplying the full collection of UK-approved sofas, armchairs and footstools, with each item available in either 100% New Zealand wool, or a recycled cotton. The collection falls into five core ranges...

    Calm: Clean lines and button detailing bring a modern edge to a classic design. beautiful solid wooden legs add Bloomingville’s trademark Nordic touch.

    bloomingville chair - calm


    Pause: A masculine collection with Scandinavian charm, the Pause sofa features a high back and sides, instantly commanding any room.

    bloomingville sofa - pause
    Chill: As the name suggests, Chill offers a relaxed vibe. Playful curves and an open design create an inviting feel.

    bloomingville sofa- chill
    Divine: With a slight 50s feel, Divine oozes feminine elegance and class, with solid wooden legs and frame bringing the collection bang up to date for an oh-so-cool industrial edge.

    bloomingville pink sofa- divine
    Sit Pouf: coffee table, foot rest, additional seating - whatever you choose to use it for, the Sit pouf offers an unfussy, simple style to compliment the whole range.

    bloomingville footstool grey

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