6 Of The Best: Autumn Lighting Ideas

As the days get shorter and darker getting the lighting right in our homes becomes more important.  It’s not only required for practical living – it’s also a great pleasure to cosy up under low lights.  So here’s our top picks for the changing season.

6 of the best autumn lighting ideas

70s glam is back! And this is high-end standard lamp subscribes perfectly to the trend of the moment.  The nine glass spheroids create a beautiful soft glow.  Lamps shouldn’t hide in the corners of rooms, they should be features in their own right, and this statement floor lamp will not fail at that task.

burgundy hanging lamp

This lovely blown glass lamp in burnt burgundy is on-trend and on season!  We supply a small family of these glass pendants. See Gelsomina and Gayatri. Group together over a kitchen island or hang in a stairwell for a sophisticated display. Also available in white.

origami bird lamp

An incredibly cool table lamp comprising an origami style glowing bird perched on a brass stand. This is a quirky piece that is actually very versatile when you think about it. I see it working in contemporary and eclectic interiors, man-caves and children’s bedrooms. An autumn lighting statement to be proud of.
huge chandelier crystal

If you’re considering updating the ‘big light’ and have a high enough ceiling, then this beauty should be a contender. A ten-tier wedding cake of a chandelier comprising hundreds of faceted diamond plates. It’s incredibly glamorous but also totally unique. An absolute show-stopper.    industrial brass wall lights This is a trend that has been growing for so long that we now look at a wall lamp designed like unfinished metal pipe work with a big bare bulb on the end and see a thing of beauty. Weird when you think about it. But we’re not wrong are we? Look at this gorgeous thing!
hanging plant lamp

Going to miss the garden now that summer is over? Bring the outdoors in. Treat your hanging plants to heat and warmth from the light bulb above with this ingenious planter-come-light fitting.  Gorgeous in a kitchen or bathroom. If you love plants as much as we do these should be on your autumn shopping list.

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