6 Of The Best: Home Decor Gifts

It’s officially December and now an acceptable time to start thinking about and buying presents. Home decor gifts are always tempting when you’re into interiors, but they can be dangerous if the recipient doesn’t share your passion or understand that a chrome arched floor lamp is ‘supposed’ to be oversized and hang low over a coffee table (yes I’m speaking to you, brother).
So here’s my round up of acceptable and fun home decor gifts that won’t leave your recipient looking confused.

Prosecco Neon Sign

prosecco neon sign

There’s always a prosecco fiend in the family and this pink neon lamp puts their fave tipple in the spotlight. It can be a permanent fixture or a temporary party accessory. Fun, girly and ideal positioned above a bar cart or drinks cabinet which are all the rage. These are going to fly out this Christmas.

Faux Cowhide throw

cow print throw blanket

Throws and blankets are always on my Christmas list as they are easy to store, and practical for the winter months when everyone likes to cosy up on the sofa. Our new faux cowhide versions are perfect for injecting a bit of personality into any interior. Choose from black or brown, or alternatively a nice fluffy neutral version.

Gold stemmed champagne glasses

champagne cocktail glasses gold stem

These delicate, vintage inspired champagne saucers are perfect for anyone who enjoys entertaining at home. They are delightfully thin and elegant and will never fail to impress. If the gold stem is a bit ‘blingy’ for your recipient consider these gold rimmed versions instead.

Extravagant Dog Bed

pink french dog bed

Something the recipient wants but can’t justify to themselves is the perfect Christmas gift. Much as I adore this item I couldn’t personally bring myself to spend £355 on a dog bed. (It’s SO gorgeous though). If you have a large budget and an animal loving, house proud recipient consider this extravagant baby pink, French style dog bed. You’ll have not one, but two ecstatic reactions.


storage baskets scandi ethnic

Baskets are brilliant and you can’t have too many. I have loads all over the house making storage a whole load more stylish. My house plants are in baskets, my kid’s toys are in baskets, my blankets and bedding is in baskets, my laundry is in baskets. I even have a basket for ferrying things up and down the stairs. Trust me your recipient can find home and use for an attractive set of baskets. Practical, versatile and perfectly safe.

T-Rex skull

dinosaur skull wall decor

There’s novelty, and then there’s the best possible kind of novelty. This is the latter. Our incredible replica T-Rex skull does really well every year, delighting kids and adults alike. He’ll go anywhere- the kid’s room, the hallway, the man cave… never failing to be admired by surprised guests.

So there you have it. Six Home decor Christmas gift ideas to get you started. Happy shopping.

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