How to Style a Conservatory

I’ve always dreamed of having a conservatory. Alas, our garden is too small to accommodate one but perhaps someday, I tell myself. There is a certain romance in having a spot in the home where you can so easily allow the outdoors in. With the British summer as temperamental as it can be, having a quiet spot that allows you to watch the rain come in without an umbrella or the clouds quietly passing by whilst not being sunburned to a crisp or bitten by mozzies certainly appeals.

It’s no wonder that so many take on the work of building a conservatory each year and with modern eco-friendly and technological advances nowadays in terms of heating and cooling, it can be used year round.

So, if you are lucky enough to have a conservatory, you may be wondering how to style it to make the most of it. After all, a conservatory will not only add to the pleasure of owning your home, it can add much to the resale value as well.

For me, I have always loved a little bit of ‘boho glam’ in my own home so my personal style would extend my tastes to this lovely of inside out areas. Bohemian touches are big news in interiors this year and the days of ugly bulky furniture gracing these spaces is no more. Gorgeous furniture designs in wicker and rattan along with a plethora of plants would be my personal choice and I’m sharing some of my favourite picks with you today from Out There Interiors’ vast choice of garden and conservatory furniture.

Relaxation Station

I’ve recently become obsessed with listening to podcasts and so having a spot for a sprawl on a gorgeous hammock, eyes closed and drink to hand would certainly have to be included in my dream conservatory design. I’d flank it with a pair of palm trees (which never need watering – bonus relaxation time for me!) to transport me to exotic tropical locations.

Guest Stars

For entertaining, a comfy sofa and chair or two would be a given and the Ocean Lounge Sofa Set in Pearl would be ideal. In my fantasies, I can say to my guests, ‘Shall we take our drinks into the orangery?’ because saying ‘orangery’ rather than ‘conservatory’ always sounds a bit posh! Not that there would be any stuffiness to my conservatory design, mind you. No, everything in the space is meant to be relaxed and enjoyed and the matching coffee table in this set would be the perfect spot for a few pre-dinner nibbles and a glass of wine.

Faux Fantasy

Of course, one of my favourite aspects of boho style is all the plants involved. If you find you have a bit of a black thumb when it comes to plants, Out There Interiors has an amazing selection of faux plants that never require more care than a light dusting from time to time. I’ve included a few in my moodboard but you can find their full selection here. I’d love a group of these rattan hanging planters from Bloomingville to add some more height to the space and draw the eye as well. One can never have too many plants if you want the wow-factor.

Boho Glam

A pair of peacock chairs, a stunning 70’s bohemian throwback, would also be a must for my space. A few strings of fairy lights would sparkle as the night comes in and I could watch the stars from my conservatory do the same. Sitting back like a film star in one of those chairs would be the ultimate in luxury for relaxed evenings, feet up on a rattan footstool, more faux plants adding height behind.

Light It Up

Of course, the piece de resistance would be this beautiful beaded white chandelier at the centre, drawing the eye upwards and making a statement all its own. We may only think of using our conservatories during the day but there’s no reason not to take advantage of them once the evening falls and using feature lighting is a wonderful way of creating a style statement that marries with the rest of your décor.

So this is how I would decorate my own conservatory if I had my own. Perhaps in our next home, we should be so lucky that I can create my little boho oasis with the gorgeous offerings from Out There Interiors.

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