January: What’s New?

What’s new January? Four chairs, an iconic chest and a very ‘expensive’ coffee table. red velvet chair with gold swivel baseChannary Red Velvet Chair

Red isn’t my favourite colour. In fact I’d go as far as to say it’s my least favourite colour (possibly with the exception of doggy-do brown) but this chair threatens to change all that. It’s a rich, ruby red velvet with shiny brass swivel base and I absolutely adore it. Check out the lifestyle shots here.

wooden alphabet chest

Tocara Alphabet Chest

There have been many variations of the alphabet chest created over the years, but this one is my absolute favourite. Rustic pine with a wonderfully beaten up finish, this practical 26 drawer chest of drawers deserves its coveted status.unique designer deckchair with tropical pattern

Philippa-Leaves Chair

I love that this chair is called Philippa-Leaves. Obviously the chair is called Philippa and ‘Leaves’ denotes the tropical pattern on the seat,  but the name has given it a whole new meaning. Not sure why Philippa left when she had the world’s coolest deck chair to sit on. (Many variations also available here)

mustard coloured armchair fifties style

Philoma Velvet Petal Chair in Mustard

An Art Deco style shell chair in the colour and fabric of the moment. What’s not to love about Philoma? This comfortable lounge chair will look incredible against dark walls with teal accessories.

Carrabelle Wire Lounge Chair in Dusty Rose

I know it’s too early for garden furniture but both Philiappa-Leaves and this peach beauty can be used inside and out. And these would look gorgeous around a soft grey dining table with delicate gold or copper accessories.  And as soon as the sun comes out… you know what to do.




gold coffee table

Trillian Gold Glass Coffee Table

I try to avoid describing things as ‘expensive’ as I think it’s a bit of a silly adjective. Something is either expensive or it isn’t, right? But I have to say that this coffee table looks ‘expensive’. Some would say it IS expensive at £662. But you can pay a LOT more for something that looks equally expensive. Enough already! Also, Richard who added this table to the website obviously subconsciously thought it looked expensive as he gave it the name Trillian. Superb.


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