Kitchen To Garden Flow

I want to spend a bit of time looking at kitchen to garden inspiration. Point 2 of my Alfresco Dining Shopping Guide (You can read that here) was about ‘flow’.  Many houses (including mine) have the kitchen at the back with patio or bifold doors opening out onto the garden (or in my case a tiny back yard) and therefore the concept of  ‘kitchen to garden flow’ is important if you want to maximise the impact of your space.

Mark and I dived into Pinterest land to find our favourite kitchen to garden inspiration images, some of which you can find below. The full board is here.  The focus is on maintaining a flowing cohesive style, blurring the line between indoors and out to create delightful garden rooms. Take a look…

eclectic kitchen on the left and an eclectic garden on the right
Eclectic kitchen (image via and eclectic outdoor space (image via Achados de Decoracao)

Above is how one might style an outdoor space off of a quirky, eclectic kitchen. Note the mixture of styles, materials and colours in both spaces.

light wood kitchen on left and outdoor space using similar materials on right
Light, fresh wood kitchen (image via and similar outdoor space (image via

This would be a lovely flowing interior-exterior combo. The wood in the kitchen is mirrored in the outdoor space along with plenty of white elements and plant life.

kitchen and outdoor space pictured both feature tan chairs
kitchen left (image via The outdoor space is Owen Harris’s roof garden in Collingwood. Outdoor furniture by @madebytait, landscape design by Matt Dux. Shots by @annetteobrien, link to full story by thedesignfiles)

Here something as simple as chair seat colour ties the interior and exterior together. A touch of greenery from the garden on the kitchen worktop works too.

Luxury kitchen by @banksdevelopment. Garden lighting by Charlotte Rowe Garden Design. Click the image to see an interview with Charlotte.

And you can also tie your spaces together with light. This luxury kitchen would suit golden garden lighting. I would opt for white garden chairs here. Something traditional but with a twist, such as Starr or Aracelli.

quirky kitchen with peach ceiling on right and garden with peach wall on left
This gorgeous kitchen is by Justina at Jungalow. The peachy garden wall is from Casa Claudia

Here a peach wall ties the kitchen and garden together (remember these images are of totally different properties). Don’t they look well suited? The garden in this case looks very much part of the overall space.

eclectic, rustic kitchen on right and an outdoor dining area with similar style on the left
Kitchen via Outdoor space unknown. Pls tell us if you know so we can credit!

An eclectic ramshackle kitchen is matched with an eclectic ramshackle outside dining space. This look is created with vintage French lighting, industrial chairs and plenty of natural wood.

industrial monochrome kitchen and eclectic monochrome outdoor seating area
Kitchen by Johan Israelson. Outdoor space via Stone Textile At Home.

Here’s a lesson in eclectic monochrome style! I love colour but am sold on this fabulous understated look. The black furniture ties everything together but the mixture of styles keeps the look interesting.

I hope this post provides some inspiration. Which style is your favourite?

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