Lighting solutions for the entire home

The nights are drawing in and the days are generally getting more and more grey so brighten your home with the perfect lighting. With clever placement, a combination of lighting solutions and beautiful styles it’s an easy and cost-effective way to update your home. The right lighting will bring a room to life. It will create a mood. It will make your home a more usable place.

For the definitive guide to getting it right we’ve asked a few of our favourite insiders for their tips and tricks.

Work it out – Lucy Gough explains how to light up your Home office…

‘When choosing office lighting don’t just focus on one source. You need a strong overhead ceiling light (I prefer daylight bulbs as opposed to cold, blue light) and really think about the right lamp shade for you. An opaque shade will focus light below the bulb only but a clear shade like glass will allow the light from the bulb to reach the ceiling too giving you more light overall in the room. Then choose a directional desk lamp that you can focus on your work space only. My desk lamp takes an 11W E27 bulb and that is perfect as it is not too strong and doesn’t hurt my eyes when it is on.’

‘Create a calming atmosphere’ – Alice Humphrys talks through the best bedroom lighting.

‘Whilst bedrooms have become a multifunctional space they should still remain a place of sanctuary at night so getting the lighting right is key to creating a calming atmosphere before bed.
Implement a dimmer switch for any overhead lighting to help get the ambience just right. If you have space, floor lamps are a good option as they cast a warmer glow than overhead lighting but will spread more light than table lamps.
When it comes to choosing the right bedside light, it is best to opt for matching styles either side of the bed for symmetry and a better balance. Bedside lights can act as a powerful accent in a room so go for something colourful or brass and concrete are big trends for 2017. You can also think outside the box and hang a small pendant from the ceiling or look at unusual wall lights with impact. Just make sure you keep the light switch within arms reach so you can easily turn it on and off.’

Liven up the Living room with top tips from Ellie Tennant

‘The key to good living room lighting is to ensure you have three levels – ambient lighting (for general, everyday use), accent lighting (to highlight art, architectural features or to create a cosy mood) and task lighting (for reading etc). If you choose rows of ceiling spotlights for your everyday ambient lighting, ensure they are positioned carefully, symmetrically – not randomly spaced, as this always looks untidy. Opt for efficient, long-lasting LED bulbs – they cost more than alternatives but will save you lots of money in the long-run. Fit a dimmer switch so you can adjust the light levels easily. For reading, I position compact floor lamps with adjustable heads next to armchairs and sofas – I have a lovely one by Original BTC, that fits in the smallest of corners as the porcelain base can slide underneath a piece of furniture. When I want to create a warm, relaxing atmosphere, I find less is more – I just have one simple table lamp lit (with a warm-white bulb), then light candles and lanterns to make the room feel extra cosy.’

Create an escape in the Bathroom with clever planning from Hayley Gilbert

“When it comes to bathroom lighting, safety is key, as we all know that electricity and water don’t mix! This is why bathroom lighting is IP rated, depending on the zone it’s to be installed in. For instance, Zone 1 is the area above the bath or shower and requires an IP65 rated product. Go for a layered effect to create task areas, ambient illumination and feature lighting. Recessed ceiling spotlights or downlights, wall lights and an LED mirrored cabinet are a great combination while the latest bathroom designs feature sensor controlled options.”

Our pick of the best:

1. Liorana Glass Globe Brass Wall Lamp – £150
2. Hasmik Pendant Lamp Planter – £95
3. Tuesday Wicker Hanging Lamp – £415
4. Rhyan Crackle Glaze Table Lamp – £55
5. Lovice Spheroids Floor Lamp – £665
6. Hinkley Study Table Lamp – £245

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