#OTIgotthelook : Eclectic Workstation

Have you seen our OTI Style Pinterest Board? It’s full of glorious rooms and vignettes that we feel encapsulate the Out There Interiors eclectic aesthetic. This workstation designed by Megan from Boho Beach Bungalow has been one of my favourites for a long time. It’s a perfect example of OTI Style: A bright desk, a rattan chair, a gold mirror, something pink…and a plant!  Achieve this look with our product suggestions below…
eclectic workstation with yellow desk and rattan chair

  1. Goldie Round Wall Mirror in Gold £64
  2. Drametha Ceramic Column Table Lamp £110
  3. Ababa Deep Pile Chevron Cushion £110
  4. Dionne French Desk in Yellow £710
  5. Cebelle Bamboo Circles Chair £235
  6. Yumi Yucca Plant in a Cement Pot £50
  7. Calloway Baskets in Natural Raffia £165
  8. Marge 16p Stamp Rug £695

The Dionne desk is one of our bespoke pieces which can be finished in any colour of your choice, so you see it used here in a delectable lime. The brand new Cebelle chair is the perfect companion, being just the right height for the desk, and it will be made instantly comfy with the fluffy Ababa cushion. Voila! An enviable eclectic workstation.

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