#OTIgotthelook : Autumn Lilac & Wine

As Summer turns into Autumn our focus moves from outside to in. And we’re celebrating this shift with a glorious #OTIgotthelook. Image courtesy of Paint And Paper Gallery.

#OTIgotthelook isn’t about matching pieces exactly. It’s about showing how you can take inspiration from an image and combine product for a similar look.  If the coffee table suggested below is too big, choose a smaller one in a similar style. The aim is to show how pulling unexpected pieces together can create glorious interiors.

  1. Rosario Crystal Globe Chandelier £555
  2. Otelia Ribbed Velvet Sofa in Grey £2,045
  3. Celestia Velvet Comfy chair in Wine Red With Black Legs £410
  4. Hasina Diamond Pattern Glass Decanter With Gold Band £50
  5. Parthena Japanese Landscape Design Cushion £78
  6. Beryl Mongolian Lambskin Cushion in Rose £95
  7. Rumor Buffet Sideboard in Mango Wood £1,345
  8. Berlin Oval Brass Coffee Table With Black Glass £485

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