The gradual spring clean – Part 1: The bathroom

Believe it or not, Spring has been with us for a couple of weeks already (I know, right?!) and now the sunshine is making the odd, gloriously toasty appearance I’m finally starting to get excited for the warmer months ahead. Is there a better feeling than flinging open the windows and doors, sunshine pouring in, and having a good old clean and tidy? It’s one of those rare activities that you can’t plan for – a whim takes hold and you just have to run with it. Call me crazy but I love it. For those that perhaps aren’t up for hanging around and hoping for the superhuman burst of energy and motivation, may I introduce to you the gradual clean…

We’re starting with the most satisfying. The bathroom.

The room that is frequently used by the whole household, but that perhaps is the least likely to be maintained by all, the bathroom is so often given a quick clean but so rarely paid all that much attention. I urge you to go and take a good, hard look at your own tiny haven… when did you last treat it, and you, to anything decorative and exciting? You see… it’s a practical space but why can’t it be equally as beautiful to sit with the rest of the home. Let’s do this!

Step one – remove everything that isn’t fixed in place. Yes, everything.

Step two – clean. Get into the nooks, the corners, the crannies and even that bit right under the bowl at the back of the toilet. Wipe the floor. Clean the windows.

Step three – now for the fun part, let’s take a look at the storage situation. I recommend a 3 level system…

  1. Small and decorative accessories to contain the daily essentials
  2. Larger pots and baskets to organise and divide
  3. A large storage unit to house it all in an orderly and beautiful manner

Our storage superstars:

For the finishing touches, you can’t go wrong with greenery and an OTT bathmat!

The bathroom of our dreams…
Credit: Property owner, Chris Benz, Photographed by Nicole Franzen

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