What’s New: March

Out There Interiors is such a plethora of styles and colours because I could never be restrained or disciplined enough to commit to one genre. No matter how much I love elegant French bedrooms, sleek black kitchens and neutral Scandi spaces I just can’t resist a pink parrot. Or a fried egg rug. Or a bright orange chair with a cat on it. There’s no doubt that colour and fun are essential so embrace them both this March…

pink decorative parrot

Decorative Parrot in Pink

Time for a new feathered friend. I LOVE this parrot. Bright baby pink (same as my hair) googly eyes and perfectly crafted from polystyrene, bamboo and real feathers. He’s a beaut!

fried egg rug

Egg Rug

Novel this may be but tacky it is not. The Egg rug is a fabulous quality, fun piece of eccentric Italian design which adds instant essential quirk to your floor space.

bending crane picture in green

Great Blue Heron Picture

We don’t supply many pieces of art because very few appeal, but I love everything about this Heron painting. The dramatic arch of the bird, the retro colour palette, the impressive size. It’s all very good!

giant jute pendant

Jute Lampshade in Natural

Wow, this is a lampshade and a half. Manufactured from hundreds (probably thousands) of natural Jute strands woven tightly around a metal frame. This is a huge (take a look at the lifestyle pic) neutral statement piece.

orange cat and mouse chair

Kitten and Mice Armchair

Yep it’s a bright orange chair with a picture of a kitten surrounded by mice. Part of a little range of new super quirky chairs.  I love the idea of placing this chair somewhere completely out of context.  A classy monochrome lounge or an all-white bedroom.

floral pouf black with pink flowers

Velvet Pouf With Buttons in Floral Pattern

And finally we have this gloriously granny chic floral pouffe. Vibrant florals on black always look great and this is the perfect way to add a pop of vintage colour to your lounge or bedroom.

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