Wall mirrors put a unique touch to the decoration

Wall mirrors will help you achieve a WOW effect

Wall mirrors put a unique touch to the decoration

Fiberglass, with a gold frame, window-type, flower-shaped… All these wall mirrors will help you achieve a WOW effect! wherever you put them. From cheapest to most expensive.

What are we going to tell you about wall mirrors that you don’t know? Surely on more than one occasion, you have read about the enormous power they have when it comes to multiplying the luminosity of a room, as well as giving depth and visually expanding the space. But what about its aesthetic value? Wall mirrors are also perfect complements to animate an empty wall to the point of turning it into a focal point of the decoration. Alone, as a couple, or in a composition of different models… Decorating with mirrors will help you give a very special touch to your home. Get inspired by these proposals and take the opportunity to get the one that best suits your style. Surely you locate more than one!

It Has The Shape Of A Flower

Composition of wall mirror

It is called Fabu and its rattan frame shapes the petals of a delicate flower. Since it is not very big, it will look great in a composition of wall mirrors with a fiber frame, but in different shapes and sizes.

Mirror For Chic And Bohemian Style Decorations

The Nogu wall mirror combines a wicker structure with an attractive flower-shaped double rattan frame. Imagine the change that your hall wall would give if you decorated it with a composition of mirrors in the shape of a flower.

With Panels

If the black profiles seem very hard to you, you will also find designs with a gold metal frame. This model belongs to the Orangerie range and, since it is not very large, it will be perfect both hung on the wall and resting on a piece of furniture.

With Room For The Keys!

The Wely mirror is made of rattan and has a storage area, very practical for storing keys and small accessories. For this reason, its ideal place is, without a doubt, the hall.

Perfect For The Dressing Room Or Next To The Closet

With a rectangular design and a matte gold-finish metal frame, this mirror from the Clifton range will come in handy in the bedroom to get ready before going out. It can also be placed horizontally.

Window Mirror

Window mirrors are very charming and combine very well with different styles: rustic, classic, current… They are elegant and distinguished, and you will find them with straight and curved frames, like the Rusty model.

Gold Metal

The Wheel round mirror stands out for its elegant and delicate design based on rods that surround the central moon and are held by two rings. It is made of golden metal.

Grid Frame

Modern and cool at the same time. This is the Gana mirror, an original design in black metal and a mesh in a natural tone. In addition, it can be placed horizontally or vertically and act as a full-length mirror.

With A Lot Of Charm

Manual is a beautiful wall mirror with a decorative white striped frame. Perfect to complete the decoration of your room and create a fresh and natural environment. Try placing a linear composition with two or three identical models on the wall of the sofa or in front of the bed.

Guaranteed Vintage Effect

Do you know that the decoration of the 70s is back in style? The Indus wall mirror, with a metal frame, finished in brass, has a charming retro air. It is also available with a black structure.

Rectangular Shaped Mirror

And it’s rotatable! Practical and elegant, the Cassandra wall mirror rotates on its axis. The brackets to be fixed to the wall have an aged brass finish that is easy to combine with the rest of the decoration elements.

A Touch Of Color

What better way to liven up a white wall than with a mirror with a frame painted in a contrasting color? This is the Argos model.

Octagonal Wall Mirror

Join the trend of geometric designs with the Douglas wall mirror. Its gold-finished frame has an original octagonal shape that fits in different rooms of the house.

Round Wall Mirror

With a metal structure and a golden window-shaped frame, the Kiri mirror is a decorative element with great personality and presence. Ideal for decorating the sofa wall.

Black And Gold

The Soho model has an elegant lacquered wooden frame with a black finish and gold inner edges, a very trendy combination that offers a decorative and sophisticated solution.


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