10 simple tips an interior designer has to change a space completely

interior designer has to change a space completely

10 simple tips an interior designer has to change a space completely

Designing an interior will be easier when you understand what elements are important, and what are the small details that will make a difference. We asked an interior architect what are the secrets to transforming a space, and it all begins with this key, ” The most important thing in interior design is always to focus on who is the person who is going to inhabit it, what is it that person wants, what is their day to day, what does that person like, “says designer Haydée Pineda. So to get that personality quickly and easily, these are some of the expert’s advice:

Before changing something, think of yourself first: To begin, Pineda suggests understanding why you want to change your space and towards what. ” The first thing you have to ask is what that space is for, on an ideal day what would I use it for and how. ” The designer would make you wonder how you use the space, ” Ok, my room, what do I use my room for, My idea is that for one night after work I can turn on my night lamp and sit there reading, but for example, if I am very cold, the ideal is to have a basket with blankets to be able to throw it on, and they are things that give warmth to space and make it yours. ”

If what you want is to create more light, use light colors

more light, use light colors

“ Not necessarily white, it can be a light gray, a shade of pink, depending on your personality you can use the color you want, but in very very light tones so that it is reflected the natural light that enters ”, suggests the architect. At the same time, take care how you order your curtains to be made, ” Another very common mistake we make is that we measure the width for the window, and we make the curtains of that size,” says Pineda, explaining that the curtain then occupies a part of the window blocking the light. “Ideally, leave an extra bit on each side so that when you open them, the curtain will remain on the wall, and then you do not prevent natural light from entering, at the same time that makes your window and your apartment look bigger. ”

And if we go shopping quickly, these are the three objects that can give any room a professional touch: ” If I have to choose it would be a vase, and decorative things for the table in the center of the room, something very small but that reflects the personality of the person who is there. A good table runner always helps the dining room look warmer, more vivid, and that it can always be there, you don’t have to be taking it off and on, ” these objects give warmth to space, emphasizes the designer, and also help give it personality. ” And the other thing, pots, I believe that whatever space you need is always plants. The greener a house is for me, the better, it gives you much more life.”

To create impact, change the color of a wall

color of a wall

Painting all the walls can be laborious, ** so a wall can be the ideal option for ” character to the room ” says the designer. ” Having an accent wall which you can change, and everything else that is very neutral, ” he explains. ” You change the atmosphere a lot by having a blue wall, having it in magenta, and since it is only a wall you can go crazy, you can overdo it, put decoration there, put photos there, put pictures … ”

This little-appreciated object will make a difference in your space

It may not be the object we thought of buying first, but they are undoubtedly very useful and cozy. ” Bedside or floor lamps, I think indirect light always gives a very different atmosphere to rooms than an overhead light,” says the designer. ” For example, if I am in a meeting in the living room the mood that acquires when I have a normal light, it is very different when I have a standing light next to it, as it makes it more romantic, more intimate even if you are alone, you are with friends or with your partner, it gives a very different atmosphere and there are of all styles of life and for all personalities, and I believe that auxiliary lamps are always needed. ”

But the easiest way to change your home is to get rid of what you don’t need

If you are looking to create a larger space in your house, the designer suggests, “ To expand a space is to clean, remove all the things that you do not occupy at all, and that do not contribute anything to space. All that clutter that we always keep, the christening souvenirs, the blah blah memories, you don’t know what to do to them and they end up occupying space on your shelf and they hate them, they don’t contribute, they don’t give character to your space and they only fill it with stuff. “The idea will be to leave only the objects that are necessary and that show personality,” The things that have to be in your room are the ones that make you smile and you like them, the ones that you feel are their place.”

To change the color? You don’t need to paint

” The best tip is always, for example, in the living room you buy the gray or super neutral armchairs, and what should have color are the cushions because they are super easy to change as they are small objects, you can go super crazy and buy, yellow, blue, etc, and you can change those as often as you want, “he explains. In turn, you can add other objects such as vases or frames, to ” echo that color “, and change it easily in case you get tired of it.

Plants must be a must in your space

Although the designer suggests that there is no universal element that works for everyone, she emphasizes the use of greens in the space. “ I would say that plants, everyone should have a corner of vegetation that fills the space, cleans the air, and connects you with nature a bit. If you don’t have a lot of light in your apartment, go to a nursery and ask which plants do well in the shade. ”

Change your furniture, and give dynamism to space

dynamism to space

With the least effort, it is possible to create a new cozy place, ” Put touches of color, change the cushions, turn them so that they are not all glued to the walls at 90 degrees as many times they are. , peel them off a little, put them at 45 degrees, play a little with decoration objects, that highlight your personality, on a shelf, on a table. Try to make it look like your space, not just any room, but your room, it plays a little, dare, there is no universal solution, just start playing. ”

The trick is in those color details

When you want your home to be unique and have special touches, the designer suggests, ” Play with little surprises, paint the inside of the chest of drawers a bright color, then every time you open it you that pop of color without bothering you all the time because sometimes bright colors get tired, but if it’s nothing more when you open the door or open something, it gives small details. “The idea is to add moments of surprise color that make your space more beautiful.

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