Green Color In Interior Design – Decorating Tips

Green Color In Interior Design

Green Color In Interior Design – Decorating Tips

It is difficult to find a more welcoming and at the same time calming color than green. It is formed by a mixture of warm yellow and cold blue, it is in the middle of the spectrum and the main quality that characterizes the color green is peace. As the first thing we see in spring is how plants and flowers turn green, it is not surprising that this acts on our psyche in a relaxing way and at the same time charges with optimism relieves irritability and invigorates. These valuable properties of green can be used indoors.

It is difficult to find a person who does not experience the pleasure of contemplating summer landscapes. So why not extend this pleasure for 365 days? The green color in the interior can be used in different ways. You can paint the walls in a dark narrow hallway the color of a juicy apple, and this will make it lighter, you can hang translucent curtains with prints in the form of lush greenery on the windows, then summer will forever settle in your house. The only condition is to choose the correct shade.

The green color in the interior can perfectly decorate the house, a place where you always want to find harmony and peace after a hard day’s work. At the same time, the situation plays an important role. Certain interior colors can calm and cause irritation and negativity.

The least recommended shades are:

bright red black or bright orange;


dark blue

These colors have a negative effect on the psyche, inhibit, and cause irritation.

The most favorable are shades like:

light blue


pale yellow

These colors soothe, improve the mood, and set positively.

Benefits of shades of green

Green indoors is less common than white or beige. However, this shade is becoming more and more popular in interior decoration.

This is the color of vegetation, the color of summer; evokes associations with spring grass, nature, and the forest. The green range gives rest to the eyes, calms the psyche, and gives a feeling of harmony and stability.

There are several shades:

light green




The neutral palette is quite easy to use in the interior and combines well with other colors, which is one of its main advantages and offers a wide range of options and combinations for interior decoration.

The green color in the interior of houses or apartments will be an ideal solution for residents of big cities tired of aggressive and vibrant advertising. The interior is associated with summer, evoking pleasant emotions and memories. At the same time, the room is recommended to be decorated in bright colors, especially for people suffering from insomnia.

Kitchen and dining room

For the kitchen and dining room, the lime is ideal. Due to its association with fresh herbs, this shade improves appetite and mood. Also, this rule has the same effect on both adults and children. If you are not a fan of green in the kitchen interior, let your plates have bright green prints and light green glass on your table.

Living room

Green color will perfectly fit into the interior of the living room. For the walls of the living room (as well as the cabinet), calm light green or olive green is suitable. This is a touch of confidence and stability. Ideal for interiors in a classic style. In context, natural wood furniture looks great.

Another option is a bleached mint. But this is a Provencal-style story. A great option for a living room in a country house. Furniture in the Provencal style is complemented by white painted wooden and wicker furniture, textiles with a small floral print on a white background.


In the interior of the bathroom, cool green tones will be good – the color of the sea wave and emerald. They will not only add personality to this white kingdom but also awaken memories of the sea, which in this part of the house will be more than welcome. Emerald color is effectively combined with black and gold.


There is a place for green in the interior of your bedroom. Yes, yes, don’t be surprised! The same juicy green or light green shades increase sexual energy no worse than red. But at the same time, they do not have the aggressiveness of the latter, we can say that this “tool” acts more smoothly. Foliage wallpaper, a bedside table, or a dresser with green decor, light green linen. For the quieter part of the house, a combination of green and white is perfect. The walls of the room can be painted in olive green (as in the interior of the photo). This color gives a feeling of security.


Indoors, it’s best to avoid an oppressive bog hue and annoying acid green. However, bright green accents are good in the nursery. A green rug, light green toys, a quilt with green dinosaurs – these details will stimulate the baby’s cognitive activity and contribute to its development. By the way, take note of the “decoration technique” of the interior of Soviet libraries: choose a table lamp for the child with a green shade, it does not tire her eyes.

Harmonious combinations

When designing, special attention should be paid to the combination of green in the interior with other colors and shades. The most favorable variations are blue, even with its various variations. The palette is no less harmonious with pastel colors, as well as snow-white and gray shades. Light options look good in conjunction with yellow, orange, and coral shades. However, it should be borne in mind that such a combination does not have a calming effect, quite the opposite. Finishing options with a “wood” tone, red or blue tones are desirable if the main gamut is represented by saturated color, for example, emerald.

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