Ideas to decorate (indoors as outdoors) with vertical garden

Outdoor vertical garden

Ideas to decorate (indoors as outdoors) with vertical garden

They take up little space, are very decorative, and offer the same advantages as a vertical garden. Plus, they look just as good indoors as outdoors. Look at these proposals.

What Is A Vertical Garden?

They are vegetal walls that can be placed both inside and outside. As their name suggests, they are gardens that grow on a wall. They are the latest trend in urban gardens, as they take advantage of space and offer all the freshness and naturalness of plants. They are grown on special supports that offer a compact appearance, maximizing space.

Three Wall Hanging Pots

Indoor vertical garden

To make it look like a real garden on the wall, the trick is to put the pots together as much as possible. This pack of 3 pots, from CitySens, includes a neon pothos, a brazil philodendron, and a scandens philodendron. The support is made of 100% recycled and recyclable polypropylene and you can choose it white, gray, or black. It is priced at €55.

Vertical Garden With 9 Pots

This vertical garden is made of high-quality recycled felt that comes from leftovers from other manufacturers. The support is very easy to hang, they do not create humidity and they decorate. It is from Vertiflor and the one with 9 pots costs €69.50. It is also available in 3 pots or even 15.

How To Install A Vertical Garden?

You have so many options. From a trellis with climbing plants or succulents, to high support with several shelves or even a ladder or a wooden pallet. Any wall is valid to install a vertical garden. In many specialized stores, they sell the rack ready for you to grow your own vertical garden, but you can also place several pots close together with hanging plants. When they grow and bloom, the effect will be similar.

To Royal Orchard

If you love gardening, but don’t have the space, this Amazon proposal is what you’re looking for. It has a capacity for 24 plants (there are 8 stackable containers with space for three plants) and can be placed both on the floor and on the wall. In addition, it comes equipped with a drip irrigation system, which will facilitate its maintenance. You can buy it for €139.79 (regular price: €149.95).

Also On Metal Support

If you don’t want your plants to damage the wall, a great option is to hang some pots at different levels that offer the same effect. And the idea works for both exterior and interior. In fact, the kitchen is a wonderful space, since it will benefit from the humidity that is produced in it and you will always have delicious aromatics on hand with which to flavor your dishes.

Vertical Plant Shelf

If you don’t want to start by installing a vertical garden itself, get a shelf – also vertical – that saves space and allows you to develop your gardening skills. This is from La Redoute and has three levels. It costs €119.

Indoor Vertical Gardens

Believe it or not, vertical gardens have many benefits also indoors. They offer all the advantages of plants, in the minimum space and with high decorative power. According to the Norwegian Jørn Viumdal, “indoor vertical gardens help to increase well-being and reduce stress levels, both for adults and children. In addition, they are decorative and beautiful to look at.” It’s the Skogfult method and we love it!”

Vertical Garden Starter Kit

What better way to get started in the art of vertical gardens than with a starter kit? They sell it at El Corte Ingles and it costs €39.95. It includes the support for the garden (29 x 66 cm), a small sprayer, some seeds, and a shovel. You no longer have an excuse!

Indoor Vertical Garden With Self-Watering

This proposal simulates a green wall and stands out for its ability to provide an environment with a touch of nature. The frame measures 40 x 40 cm and is designed for 9 small plants. You can do as in the image and allocate each 3 to a different species or place a different one in each mini container. It is available in gray and white and is very easy to install. Its great advantage is that it offers a self-irrigation system and also incorporates the substrate. It costs €110.40 and is for Vertical Garden.

Vertical And Artificial Gardens

For those who don’t like plants or for those who don’t want to spend too much time on them. This option offered by IKEA allows you to create authentic green mantles on the wall with several pieces. Place them from floor to ceiling in a setback and the room will gain freshness and color. Each FEJKA panel measures 26 x 26 cm and costs €3.

Very Realistic Looking

With this option, Maisons du Monde offers all the beauty of plants with minimal care. Wood, green, and graphite black create a natural and very contemporary ensemble. Perfect for those who are not good at plants. Her name de Ella is Flavie, she measures 70 x 70 cm and has a depth of 17 cm.

More Traditional Than We Think

In a way, vertical gardens have always been there. More or less traditional. Thanks to climbing plants, all the greenery of a lush garden can be emulated on a wall. Bougainvillea, honeysuckle, passionflower, and ivy are some of the fast-growing ones that offer spectacular results in record time.

For Climbing Plants

This option proposed by IKEA is decorative, practical, and offers a rustic touch to any self-respecting terrace or balcony. It is also great to place climbers and not complicate your life. This greyish wooden trellis is called ASKHOLMEN and costs €20.

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