Ideas to decoration wall that will fill them with life

Decoration wall ideas

Ideas to decoration wall that will fill them with life

Wall decoration with photo compositions. We start with one of our favorite decorated walls. As you can see in the photo of this room, you can combine sizes, choose only color or black and white photographs or mix them. For example, visit the retro apartments.

They will add extra elegance. If you are looking for a neat effect like here, look for symmetries and choose the same moldings for all.

A Slatted Wainscot

Decoration with photo compositions

It is an option that gives a country and very cozy touch to the room, and at the same time decorates and protects the walls. It is appropriate in any transit area, also in children’s rooms or in dining rooms and offices, like here, where it is easy for the chairs to rub against the walls. A trick: if you place the slats vertically, as here, you will visually lengthen the walls. Horizontally, you will widen the room.

It and Also A Great Shocking Painting

Another example where simplicity wins. It can be an impressive one with personality or a more minimalist abstract work that practically blends with the tone of the wall. In any case, this wall decoration will be a magnet for the eye.

Bright Colors To Decorate The Wall

Let’s not forget that the painting itself is a perfect element in wall decoration to create a visual impact. If in addition, as in this room, you look for the contrast in one of them with a painting that stands out for its colors compared to the one used on the wall, you will give personality.

The Success Of A Shelf On The Wall…

Because it becomes support on which to place paintings, photographs, a vase of flowers, decorative ornaments… and thus decorate a wall without making almost any holes in it (only those that hold the shelf). So you can modify the wall decoration as you wish without effort.

Decorate The Walls With Ornate Panels

It is a very stylish way to turn a simple passage area into a decorative element in its own right. Here we took advantage of the fact that the open passage between the living room and the dining room was very wide to cover and decorate the walls with decorated wooden panels painted in white. The result is a stylish wall decoration. The large painting in the dining room is by Charly Dubois Escorsell.

An Ode To Walls

This room takes care of the walls: one of them is covered with brick. The other, above the sofa, complete the decoration with a double open metal shelf that serves as a display stand to group various works of art in different sizes and decorative objects. This wall decoration never fails!

Mirrors On The Kitchen Wall

And why not? All the more reason when the kitchen opens to the living room. Decorator Miriam Barrios has no doubts: “ Mirrors work very well in atypical places like a kitchen. This kind of showcase finished with light oak helps to combat the elongated shape of this and gives it character.”

Frames From The Same Series

It is a safe option to decorate the walls: choose a series of sheets, gradients, oils, watercolors, infographics… and create a linear and symmetrical composition with them. Take special care of the height at which you install the paintings (it must be at the height of the eyes of a person standing in front of it).

A Wall That Remembers Our Travels

If you are passionate about traveling, why not decorate a special corner of your home with travel photos? In this case, the collection has the cities as a link. It has been played with a composition on the wall in the form of a rectangle, with frames of different sizes and finishes. The large photo is from Ikea, spray-colored pink. The others are by photographer Carlos Arriaga.

A Personal Wall Collage

Photos, letters, arrows, clocks, three-dimensional objects… Anything goes in wall decoration. There are no limits. So open your mind and don’t just limit yourself to a gridded and symmetrical composition of sheets and squares (which is not a bad thing). This wall decorated with a mix of elements is very original.

A Wall Decorated With Fabric Trophies

Animal heads of all kinds but in fabric and very fluffy. A nod to the traditional trophies that hung over the fireplace in the most traditional country houses. You can hang several directly on the wall or place them inside a molding. They also look good combined with other elements in an original wall composition (they add volume).

A Large Mirror With An Aged Effect

This mirror from Maisons du Monde made up of nine small mirrors and with an aged effect, gives a classic patina to this hall, whose walls have been decorated with wallpaper that simulates moldings. With this wall decoration, the atmosphere does not need much more. And that is precisely a trick that you can apply to the passageway where there is no space for furniture.

A Very Natural Composition To Decorate Walls

Natural and informal, since prints and paintings of different sizes have been combined, with and without frames, and as they are not placed symmetrically, this wall decoration idea conveys a more relaxed air, very much in tune with the chosen theme.


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