Trends and news 2020 in modern interior design

2020 in modern interior design

Trends and news 2020 in modern interior design

It is already August 2020 and the interior design trends and 2020 novelties for the home are already well known. If we are in the habit of starting the new year with predictions when it comes to home decor, we can now clearly judge the designs of the major home decor manufacturers and brands. Feel free to find out what decorating trends have emerged in recent months and will continue to dominate this year. Perhaps you could take the opportunity to fix your home for the beginning of the school year.

These trends include the color of the year, the return of pink, the modern kitchen, the use of textures, and velvets. Here’s more on it!

Interior design trend and 2020 novelties for the home: what are the novelties that dominate the decoration in recent months?

Like every year and 2020, some interior design trends are already very familiar to us, because we know them from previous years. Of course, every year, decorators offer a new reading of the great trends of the moment. In 2020, the thing is, self-expression is a well-documented trend in all big brand designs. Here’s how to take advantage of the latest news to improve the personal character of your home.

Interior design trend and news 2020: following in the footsteps of the color of the year

One trend that you cannot escape is the need to show the personal side of your home. This is something we try to do from the moment we enter the house to make the interior more comfortable and balanced. We have already paid special attention to blue. This is the color of the year 2020.

Specifically, the color of the year is classic blue. According to global and local industry players, this is a specific nuance that balances the living space environment. One less-mentioned interior design trend for 2020 is the Dulux shade known as Tranquille Dawn. This is a stunning shade in the range of green. Soft and peaceful, this color is easily combined with gray and white. In recent months, this shade has been used a lot to highlight furniture in the interior space.

Home Interior Design Trend – Pink Is Going Nowhere

For many people, pink is not the first shade that comes to mind when it comes to interior design. But the last few years seem to indicate otherwise. Certainly pink is a shade that we tend to associate with childhood. But, for the decoration of an adult space, we advise you to avoid especially the ones that you associate with a barbie or a nursery. Frosted surfaces in a cool, light shade of complex pink (mix of pink with gray or red, for example. They certainly contrast with the pure pink, which we associate with children’s toys.

The same is true for fabrics and textiles. Choosing velvet, wool or cotton is a good elegant idea to create an accent in combination with other more subdued tones. The combination of rose gold metallic decorations adds a subtle finish to the living space.

Interior design trend and news 2020 the simple and refined kitchen

You may have thought about hiding your refrigerator and incorporating it into kitchen cabinets. But have you considered hiding the entire part of the kitchen?

More and more households are moving in this direction. The interior design trend at the moment is minimalist spaces, which go precisely in this decoration direction. Small appliances and utensils can now disappear completely. This allows you to free the entire surface of the hob when you are not using it for cooking. It is a perfect solution for designing a small kitchen or a kitchen combined with a dining room. With it, you will not worry that your guests can observe the workspace where you have prepared your dinner.

2020 news in interior decoration – the accumulation of textures

The design of the space is not limited to the choice of shades. We are increasingly seeing customer demand for a multi-sensory experience at home and it is very easy to complement with a combination of textures. The accumulation of various reliefs and materials is a real tactile pleasure. It is a perfect choice when deciding to combine neutral colors. And it is a suitable way to decorate the living room, even without the presence of new shades.

Home decor and fashion news 2020: traditional patterns in unexpected spaces

Small floral motifs are making a comeback in almost every aspect of design, as ceramic plates, fabrics, and wallpaper are just the beginning. The new reading in 2020 will be precisely its unconventional combination with different contemporary decorations and styles. Feel free to use them in unusual spaces where they will make a strong impression.

Modern home decor idea and novelties 2020 velvet is back

Last but not least. Velvet is a huge interior design trend this year. It is very successful in the world of fashion but it also fits into the decoration, for example, through a nice armchair or a sofa. Velvet has long been a symbol of luxury. Many more people dare to add it to the interior, either as a distinctive finish or to emphasize your eclectic taste. Through the eyes of our professionalism, velvet in a good combination can emphasize the bold and refined style of the occupant.

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