How to choose furniture for a small kitchen

Small kitchen furniture

How to choose furniture for a small kitchen

They are practical, with storage, beautiful, and expand the space. Seems like a lot to ask, doesn’t it? The key is to plan well. These tips will help you.

What Should The Furniture Of A Small Kitchen Offer?

Choosing furniture for small kitchens is an exercise in ingenuity like a few others. They have to take advantage of the space, be functional, offer storage, and, in addition, do all this with style. Therefore, their choice depends on several elements, such as their shape, the presence of windows, the location of the door, or the natural light they have. We break it down little by little.

Tall Furniture, Yes Or No?

This question will find an answer in the size and shape of the space. If the kitchen is small and elongated, the ideal is to place the kitchen furniture on one side and with tall cabinets, as the Era Carroll studio has done in this kitchen. The linear ones are one of the most common options when designing small kitchens since they facilitate movement.

When To Do Without Open Cabinets

Select furniture for small kitchens

If there is a window in the kitchen and, in addition, it is distributed in a U, you can do without the wall units, since they would reduce light and spaciousness. This is how Pia Capdevila did it in this kitchen of just 4 square meters, in which storage is gained thanks to the base cabinet with a reduced depth on the right.

When To Do Without Open Cabinets

If there is a window in the kitchen and, in addition, it is distributed in a U, you can do without the wall units, since they would reduce light and spaciousness. This is how Pia Capdevila did it in this kitchen of just 4 square meters, in which storage is gained thanks to the base cabinet with a reduced depth on the right.

An Intermediate Solution

If the kitchen is a little wider, you can choose to place tall units only on one side, as the interior designer Jeannette Trensig did here. In addition, I take advantage of the back wall to place a small and light office, which does not eat up space and is very functional.

Take Advantage Of The Back Wall

In kitchens with rare plants, the ideal is to take advantage of the back wall to make a cabinet with a lot of storage. The panels, like the one in the image, designed by Celia Crego, are discreet and go practically unnoticed. You can do without even tall furniture. Do you see it? And to make even better use of the space, in the corner where the worktop and the paneled cabinet meet, some open shelves and the microwave have been placed. Handy and very functional.

Where To Put Appliances In A Small Kitchen

This decision will condition how the furniture will be. And in small kitchens, the ideal is to place them in a column. Before, the usual thing was to put the oven under the hob, but these spaces have now been given over to storage. In the column, its access is more comfortable (you don’t have to bend down) and they are completely integrated. Include the microwave in the equation and remove it from the counter: it only causes visual noise and steals your space.

What Color To Choose Furniture In Small Kitchens

Without a doubt, in small kitchens, white triumphs. It is the safest bet. It is timeless, it expands the space and illuminates it. Although white has a problem and that is that, although it is perfect for modern kitchens that do not go out of style, it can be cold. A good solution when choosing furniture for a small kitchen is, for example, a countertop or some detail made of wood, as has been done in this kitchen. It is very white, but the wooden tables and the stools help to raise the temperature.

Handles, Handles, Push Opening… What To Choose In A Small Kitchen?

In small kitchens, it is preferable to avoid handles. Although they are a very important element to give style to the kitchen, being small in size, the most recommended are cupboard fronts with fingernails or push openings. The set will be cleaner, eliminating visual noise, and the chances of hitting you with them will disappear. If you need advice to choose the opening system for your kitchen cabinets, we have them all.

Made To Measure: The Solution In Small Kitchens

Masonry columns, setbacks, and other architectural elements can be a headache when choosing furniture in a small kitchen. That is why the best thing, at least for those spaces, is to order a custom-made piece of furniture. Like this one, in which the column has been used to create a comfortable breakfast nook.

The Blessed Cabinets

What have we done for decades without dressers? They are a thousand times more comfortable than the hinged door cabinets of a lifetime. With these large drawers, everything is in sight and much more accessible. And they are also valid for small kitchens. You no longer have to take out everything you keep in the cupboards to access the utensils you keep in the back. And, although the usual thing is to store pots and pans, you can also use them for crockery, coffee sets, etc.

Plan Space For Trash

If your kitchen is small, every square centimeter adds up. For this reason, it is important to choose kitchen furniture that has space to hide the garbage cans and facilitate recycling. Having the garbage can in the middle of the kitchen, in addition to being a hindrance, will rob you of mobility and is aesthetically ugly.

Corners Are Key

Corner cabinets in the kitchen, depending on how they are planned, can be a waste of space. So that this does not happen, choose innovative proposals, such as removable shelves. They are the best solution for these difficult corners. In addition to making better use of each gap, they are much more comfortable and accessible. There are modules that can be completely extracted, others that rotate, with baskets, shelves… Choose the one that best suits you according to your kitchen utensils.

Small And Open Kitchens, Where To Store?

Open kitchens are trending. They are spacious, brighter, spacious and a good solution in small flats. But what about storage? By sacrificing a wall – where cabinets could well have been placed – and gaining an island, storage space is reduced. One solution is a showcase in the dining area in which to store all the crockery, glassware, dishes, etc., leaving the kitchen furniture for the pantry, pots, small appliances, and other utensils.


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