Interior design and trends for modern kitchens

Trends for modern kitchens

Interior design and trends for modern kitchens

When we talk about modern kitchens we refer to the styles included in the latest trends of the time. In recent times, the world of interior design in terms of kitchens has experienced a real revolution:

  • Now it includes socialization spaces beyond the mere task of cooking and storing utensils and food.

Design a Modern Kitchen

Interior design for modern kitchens

Where to start?

At Zebrano Cocinas we have a team of interior designers who work on each project to find the best solution in each case. In the first place, we adapt to the preferences of each client but also take into account the available space and the budget that is available.

Our professionals will guide and guide you on the most important issues to consider when choosing the style of your kitchen: furniture, materials, lighting, etc. These are fundamental aspects that will not only mark the aesthetic line but also the very structure of the kitchen and its distribution.

Modern Elements in a Kitchen

What should be taken into account when designing a modern-style kitchen? Let’s look at the basic concepts:

Structure and distribution

The sine qua non condition of a modern design kitchen is the maximum use of space and provides functionality to all the elements that compose it. The most important thing in a kitchen is that it is comfortable and practical. In modern kitchen design, what prevails is simplicity and organization.


Furniture with simple lines and easy-to-clean materials. Furthermore, at Zebrano Cocinas we design bespoke kitchen furniture to adapt it to every corner and every need.


One of the great advantages of advances in technology applied to the kitchen is that appliances are increasingly quieter. Something that apparently does not seem to be so important, is vital when it comes to integrating appliances into the kitchen design. In addition to its main function, refrigerators, ovens, microwaves, and many others provide a specific aesthetic that enhances the final set as another decorative element.


Light and lighting become one of the most important factors in the design of modern kitchens. Always following fundamental guidelines such as the use of natural light, whenever possible. As well as defining the activity points and the furniture, since they will need a specific type of lighting.

Decorative elements

Modern kitchens allow you to combine pieces or elements of any style in your decoration, from the most classic to the most avant-garde.

Latest Trends in Modern Kitchens

If we look at the latest developments in the sector, we can see that there are a number of very current elements, which give the designs an innovative and modern touch. The main ones are:

Integrated and compact furniture. In this way, a linear design is achieved, integrated into the wall and that can be accentuated by placing handleless doors.

Very spacious closets. Many kitchens today do not have a pantry area, so there is a tendency to place very large cabinets or drawers to store utensils, food, etc. Cabinets, unlike open shelves, provide visual order simply by closing their doors.

Organizers inside drawers. Drawers with interior organizers are becoming more and more frequent, helping to keep everything organized and order in the kitchen, at least as far as utensils are concerned.

The prominence of lighting. If something is fashionable, it is lighting in the kitchen. Different types and intensities depending on where they are placed, illuminating very well the cooking and preparation area, which until relatively recently was an area to which little attention was paid in terms of light.

Island, peninsula, or bar. Three characteristic elements of modern kitchens help create different spaces within the same room. In addition, an island in the kitchen offers multiple functions of storage, dining area, and even cooking.

Experts in Custom Design Kitchens

The interior design of modern kitchens offers a large number of options, which give an innovative, sophisticated, or current touch to a kitchen.

At Zebrano Cocinas we can advise you on how to achieve the modern-style kitchen that you have always dreamed of, whether it is new or renovating the current one. Let our team of professionals present you with a budget and proposal.

We are specialists in kitchen renovations with more than 30 years of experience designing and installing kitchens throughout the Galician community and part of Spain. Whatever the kitchen of your dreams, at  Zebrano Cocinas we will help you make it come true.


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