7 Factors To Consider When Buying A Sofa

7 Factors To Consider When Buying A Sofa

Sofas are a big commitment – both literally and figuratively. On the figurative side, they’re expensive, and they need to last for a long time. And literally, well, they’re big. They take up a lot of space in a room and often anchor a decorating scheme.

As a result, choosing the right sofa for your home and your lifestyle is a serious matter. When buying a new sofa, here are some things, curated by Australian online casino sites, to keep in line:

Does the sofa fit well?

One factor to consider when buying a sofa is its fit. Evaluate the depth of the sofa seats, choose seat-height appropriate for your height. Check to see if the backrest is adequate while your feet are on the ground, also evaluate a sleeping position if you plan to take some quick Naps.

Evaluate the frame

A Sofa’s frame can be likened to the foundation of a building because it’s the bedrock of other details.It is not possible to open your sofa to evaluate the frame, but you can certainly test how sturdy the sofa or chair by abrupt bouncing on it a few time to test how it fairs with some stress. Listen out for some squeaks or movement where there should be. Rough it up a little without causing damage. At Majeurs we produce all our sofa using solid hardwood frames, The way a good sofa frame should be.Good quality and rigidity are a watchword for a sofa’s frame.

Check the arms

There is nothing worse than an armrest that cannot be utilised for comfort. The armrest of a sofa plays a vital role, aside the beauty it adds, it also promotes comfort. Check to see if it provides 100% comfort by placing your arms on it. Remember beauty is important but comes second to functionality. So make sure your sofa arm is both functional as well as sturdy.

Choice of fabric/ leather

The fabric or leather used on a sofa is a major factor to consider, Majeurs only uses 100% animal skin & top grade leather on all our furniture advertised as animal skin leather. It is advisable to go for fabrics that can easily spot clean for a busy family home.

Doe the sofa color compliment other elements in your space?

Achieving beauty is a collaborative process. Evaluate the color of the sofa, ensuring it perfectly compliments the other elements in the space.

Nothing brings a space together more beautifully than an eclectic combination of both classic and modern furniture. Mix our classic chesterfield sofa with any of our modern designs and see how your space transforms into a designed haven of good choices. Visit our Website today for a Great Shopping Experience of unique furniture, you will be glad you did.

Arm style

ofa’s styles are heavily influenced by their arms. This sofa’s rolled arms add a feminine Art Deco element to a sofa that would look much more masculine and modern with straight arms. You can choose to go for a design correlating to the games you play at online casino usa.


Lifestyle is an important consideration when deciding on a sofa fabric. Sensuous fabrics like silk and velvet are perfect for grown-up, sophisticated spaces.

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