How to furnish a large living room, 10 infallible tips

How to furnish a large living room

How to furnish a large living room, 10 infallible tips

Having a large living room at home, thanks to the measures of the new buildings, is an increasingly rare privilege nowadays. But managing a more spacious environment is also more complicated. Houzz experts provide a guide with ten examples of furniture to suit any space. It a double living room or a lounge and dining room combined, from classic to modern in design.

Distinguish areas by function

In a small or even standard-sized living room, the problem is to be able to fit everything (sofas, TV, any showcases) into a limited space. In the case of a large living room, however, the problem is exactly the opposite and it will, therefore, be necessary to pay attention to how to fill the spaces.

It is important, in fact, to avoid placing all the sofas on one side and perhaps leave only two armchairs on the opposite side of the room. The environment should be organized according to a well-determined logic, taking into account the functions: for example, imagining a relaxation area, a TV area, a dining area.

Frame the space with the rugs

When furnishing a large living room it is important that, at a first glance, the organization and division of the space are noticed. And in this sense, the use of carpets represents a valuable solution for marking areas within the different areas. For example, they can be placed between sofas or under the dining table, instantly identifying and differentiating areas.

Arrange in succession

Large living rooms are almost always distinguished by a clear longitudinal development, i.e. they appear as elongated rectangles and therefore also influence the composition of the furniture. For this it would be advisable to organize the areas in succession, placing the conversation area and the dining area in columns as in the photo. In any case, it should always be avoided, if possible, to place everything on one side in such a way as to move more comfortably around the room and give the furnishings the right importance.

Join across the ceiling

But if the available space is much larger than normal. It could happen that the functional areas still appear too detached and almost “floating”. To create harmony between the parts, however, the ceiling can also be used. Maybe by creating a continuous texture, as in the example in the photo, or by developing a decorative motif.

Play with heights

But a large living room also allows you to play with the staggered floors, just as seen in the image below. To do this, simply create a step to separate a surface without dividing. In this way, we will be able to differentiate the relaxation area from that for lunch. And the same result can also be obtained with false ceilings, by lowering the ceiling with plasterboard in correspondence with the area you want to highlight.

Decorate the walls

The walls are among the most important elements on which to focus to bind and make a large living room harmonious. If you do not give them the right attention, you run the risk of filling the living room with furniture. Perhaps even of excellent workmanship and value. But which will end up looking anonymous and cold as in a furniture shop? For example, a decorative finish could be applied to all walls.

Create a scenographic backdrop

An excellent result can also be achieved by emphasizing only one wall of a large living room. Just as in the case shown in the picture. In which it has been completely covered the fifth bottom. Making the protagonist of the entire space, focusing on warm notes of wood and a game of solids and voids. Alternatively, you could also decide to focus on the paintings to fill the wall, alternating different sizes, and genres,

Arrange in order

One of the mistakes to avoid, but which is easy to fall into, when you have a large living room, is to overfill it with furniture and accessories. For this reason, furniture should be arranged inside imaginary squares or rectangles, following the criteria of symmetry and balance. Also in this case the use of the carpets in the different functional areas will be extremely precious.

Predict more focal points

In every type of furniture a focal point should be created (an element that immediately catches the attention). But in the case of a large living room, more focal points should be inserted. To ensure that the gaze can move on every portion of the room. And there are many ways to achieve the goal: a work of art, a fireplace, a designer lamp, a sumptuous mirror. The important thing is to always keep a strict order.

Insert furniture with character

To create a harmonious atmosphere it is necessary to furnish the large living room not only with the right pieces. But also with consistency. The risk of creating a flat environment is always around the corner. So it is advisable to insert a contrasting piece of furniture that breaks an excessive monotony. For example, a pleasant aprosdòketon (from the Greek “unexpected”), which gives energy and liveliness.

Hope those tips will help you.

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