Seven Best Sofa Types For Your Home

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Seven Best Sofa Types For Your Home

Are you setting up your first apartment? Looking to upgrade the living room furniture now that the kids are out? Or are you a parent with young children in search of a laid-back, family room sofa? Here are the best sofa types for you, curated by australianonlinecasinosites.


Known as the “family sofa,” sectionals are a great option for people who prefer to customize their sofa configuration and style options. Sectionals are defined as having sections (separate pieces) that can be attached to one another to achieve the desired look. They are made up of more than two pieces. With a sectional, you have many options, including attaching a settee to a chaise, a sofa to a corner seat, etc. The pieces you choose for your sectional will determine the shape and size of the sofa.


A simple and classic sofa, the Bridgewater is defined as having a low profile and low arms that are set back from the frontmost part of the sofa. A traditional Bridgewater sofa features a skirt and a rolled back. The looseness of Bridgewater backs and cushions makes them a great pick for those who want adjustable firmness.

Track Arm

A track arm sofa features arms that are straight and square. The straight lines, clean silhouette, and contemporary feel of a track arm sofa make it so popular in modern-style homes. Track arm sofas are popular among apartment-dwellers due to their compact form that comes from their angular, non-curved silhouette. If you’re looking for a more subdued modernity in the style of your sofa, the track arm is a great option.


While a love seat and a settee are often used synonymously, there are actually some differences between the two. While a settee traditionally fits two or more people, a love seat is designed to specifically fit two. Unlike settees, loveseats are always sold as an individual piece of furniture, and cannot be attached to sectionals (sectionals use settees). It can used to play games at usa real money online casinos.


The récaimer is another historic sofa style, originating from the French hostess, Julie Adélaïde Bernard Récamier, who was painted by Jacques-Louis David, sitting on a backless couch (now, the récamier). The récamier can be best described as a backless daybed with two scrolled ends.


The Knole sofa has a deep history that dates back to the 17th century. Originally created as an upholstered settee for the historic English house, Knole, it was one of the first-ever designs of its kind. The Knole set the stage for many sofas and couches to come. In modern day, the Knole sofa is a settee defined by its adjustable arms and deep seat. Typically, it has exposed wood detailing and finials, and (most distinctively) features side arms tied to the back of the sofa with braids or tassels.


The term divan originated in Persia. Traditionally, a divan refers to a long seat made from a mattress that is placed against a wall with cushions to lean on. The modern-day divan has a mattress-like seat that is tufted and sits on a low-profile frame. Divans are still typically placed against a wall and decorated with pillows, and are often used as a bed for guests. According to Houzz, “think of the divan as the daybed’s older, more lounge-worthy sibling.”



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