3 Signs Your Commercial Building Needs a New Roof

3 Signs Your Commercial Building Needs a New Roof

The building that houses your business is one of your largest and most important assets. A damaged and leaky roof could cause rot and mold issues, costing you a lot of money in repairs. Get proactive and replace that roof before it causes problems. Here are some signs your commercial building needs a new roof.

1. Bubbles in the Roofing

When the roof of your building becomes damaged, moisture and air seep underneath, causing bubbles to appear in the roofing. You can repair it by removing the uneven materials and replacing them, but you’ll likely find it’s more cost effective to have the entire roof replaced by using the services of flat roof construction St Louis County MO. If your roof has reached the age where it’s producing bubbles in one area, it will likely produce bubbles in another, so get the entire roof replaced to save headaches and further damage to your building.

2. Sagging Roofline

When rainwater stands on your roof for days at a time, the material starts to rot and parts of the roofline will sag. If the sag is only in one area, you can likely repair the roof without having to replace it, but if the sagging covers most of the roof, it’s time for a new one.

3. Unpleasant Smell and Water Damage

When your roof becomes damaged from falling tree limbs and hailstones, the integrity of your roof is compromised and water gets in. You’ll know something is wrong when you start noticing a musty smell and water stains appear on your ceiling. It’s essential to repair the roof as quickly as possible so that harmful mold doesn’t set in. If the damage is too extensive, invest in a new roof for your commercial building.

Look for these signs to determine where your building needs a new roof.

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