7 ideas to decorate children’s bathrooms

decorate childrens bathrooms

7 ideas to decorate children’s bathrooms

The best way for boys and girls to incorporate habits is through play. Brushing their teeth, bathing daily, and learning to go to the bathroom alone are habits that they must acquire from a very young age. Nothing better than encouraging them with a space made for them. We propose some ideas to decorate children’s bathrooms that will make them look attractive and safe.

In general, they are very simple and inexpensive proposals to apply. Color, texture, characters, and decorative objects will capture the attention of the little ones so that from the playful they incorporate healthy hygiene habits.

  1. Tiles

The tiles are the favorites when it comes to covering the walls of the bathrooms. If you have to start planning from scratch, a color explosion is a good idea.

Strong and well-defined colors such as green, orange or blue reflected in the tiles can make their contribution to a cheerful bathroom. You can place them freely, interspersing them with white tiles, or design a checkerboard-type pattern or geometric figure.

Now, if what you want to do is remodel, then use special paint for tiles and paint them following the shapes you want. These inks come in many colors and you can surely make some good combinations. Click ThinkBordner.com for the bathroom remodeling.

  1. Vinyl, among the best ideas to decorate children’s bathrooms

Vinyl is a decorative resource that has been used for quite some time. Among their advantages, we can mention that they are unlimited in terms of designs, textures, colors, and figures.

In addition, they are very inexpensive and you can remove them for renovation without damaging the tiles. This point is very important because as children get older, their tastes and interests change. So, when they are 3 years old, we could opt for certain designs, which after 2 years we will have to update.

If we choose vinyl, we lean towards a current theme that is of interest to them, such as dinosaurs, cartoons, characters, letters, and numbers. We believe that this is one of the best ideas for decorating children’s bathrooms.

  1. Children’s objects

This is the simplest way to change the look of the bathroom and make this space a place designed for children. Well, just by adding some decorative elements for children in strategic places so that they fulfill a function, we will already have a bathroom for children:

Bathroom sink: Soap dispenser, toothbrush and toothpaste holder, towels, and other items can be replaced by others that have children’s motifs.

Shower or tub: Non-slip figures on the base of the tub or the shower floor. They can also be glued on the tiles because they have a little suction cup.

Towel racks: They come in various shapes, colors, and motifs.

Custom toilet tables: There are toilet reducers that are very useful at the time when they learn to go to the bathroom alone.

Towels: In bright colors or with your favorite characters.

Bath time toys: Choose only two or three toys that are safe for water. In this way, children will know that taking a bath does not mean stopping playing, but only changing the setting.

All these accessories, apart from the fact that they are very useful, generate in children the habit of brushing their teeth and then putting away their toothbrushes. They incorporate the habit of bathing as a playful activity that, over time, will become a routine.

  1. Adapted bathroom sink

If you already have a bathroom and you have to adapt it so that children can use it freely and independently, we suggest the use of a bench. This way, you don’t have to break anything to lower the height of the sink, but rather add a step. However, you should choose one that is safe and slip-resistant.

  1. Storage spaces at your height

You could add some attractive colored wooden cubes or modules so that they can store their things there. Try to place them in a safe place and that is at the height of the boys. In this way, they will learn to organize their personal hygiene items.

  1. Shower curtain

It is a quick and inexpensive way to change the look of your bathroom and give it a childish touch. What’s more, they could even go as a family to choose the motif for the new curtain so that they feel part of the change in look. Do not forget to add the hooks that hold it, because in them you will also find fun designs and colors.

  1. Tables

In the bathroom, children’s paintings will look great. This is another very low-cost alternative. From drawings made by themselves, their favorite cartoons, or copies of masterpieces, the options are endless. It is just a matter of choosing the one that best suits the style.

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