A more than rustic house in Cantabria

Rustic house in Cantabria

A more than rustic house in Cantabria

We are in the north, in the Cantabrian mountains, green to rage, leafy and beautiful, a hidden and privileged house. Fall in love with this old stable and enjoy the tranquility of country life.

The surroundings of this house are splendid, with extensive meadows and mountains on the horizon. The owner saw right away that she was worth converting into a home.

Enjoying The Porch

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It is on the porch where the family most enjoys the splendid location of the house, surrounded by green.

Summer Dining

The pavement is a composition of sandstone pieces of different sizes. The wooden deck is impressive, with meticulous craftsmanship, and in it, two main arch-shaped beams stand out.

The Entrance

A reception area with a carved wooden shoe-removing bench, originally from Empordà, in Catalonia.

Living Room

The main room of the house is a largely double-height space, which includes a large living area with a fireplace -it couldn’t be missing!-, the dining room, and a reception area.

Change And Feel

This covered atrium is the heart of the house, where the philosophy of the project is summed up: a house created for a family to enjoy their vacations, very open, very connected.

Mix Of Tradition And Modernity

The dining room is in a secluded area below the level of the bedrooms and next to the kitchen. In it, two twin wood and glass cabinets coexist, acquired in unpacking in France, with a buffet with two doors in which remains of a family emblem can still be seen, with carved and decorated legs, and iron hinges.

Eat Under The Rafters

Also here the beam is imposing. Under his shelter, the family enjoys the delicacies of this land.

The Bathroom, In Chestnut Wood

The warmth of chestnut wood gives the bathroom an undeniable personality. This prized tree is frequent in Cantabrian lands.


“I wanted to give it the same decorative line as the rest of the rooms in the house,” says Marian. That is why the materials and colors are the same. For the dressing table, I recovered a bread table with a chest that had been part of the furniture of an old bakery oven”.

Reusing Corners

Under the stairs leading to the bedrooms, an office area has been set up, with a table and chair from an old school.

Guest Room

Enjoy the intimate air transmitted by the sloping ceiling lined with wood.

Main Bedroom

The perfect marriage between stone and wood that runs through all the rooms culminates.

There was a decorator who really liked the countryside and the mountains. One day, on one of her, walks through her favorite places, she came across an old building, a stable, or winter as they are called around here, and thought it would be the ideal starting point to build a house.

Natural materials

Stone, a lot of stone, also brick, and lots of square meters of chestnut wood were needed to make this dream of our protagonist named Marian a reality, and habitable. And in addition to these materials, all taken from the bowels and forests of this land, an architectural plan inspired by the surrounding houses was also necessary.

Robust structure

The porch is the perfect introduction to the story, designed to catch the sun without letting a single ray escape. But let’s move on. The entrance, well protected from the cold, gives way to the large living room, the center of the house, with double height, and a fireplace that can fit several people inside. They make you want to stay here for the rest of your life! Its essence is in the stone walls, in its dizzying height, in the railing of the first floor that surrounds it, in the resounding wooden beams, in the solidity of the floor. We love rustic houses!

The heart of the house

It is a space that Marian managed to bring to life heated by fire. The other rooms revolve around this central heart. A small desk area and the dining room, are open to the kitchen. And, on the upper floor, bathrooms and bedrooms, also overlook the large living room and balconies overlooking the mountains. The protective presence of stone and solid chestnut wood on the floors helps create an atmosphere of refuge to relax on the long winter days.

A fairytale

In this beautiful story with a happy ending, there is not just one but several morals that can serve us all: Dreams can come true since a splendid home can be made out of a stable. Taking advantage of the majesty and element of nature to create a magical environment, the most successful thing is to do without the superfluous and bet on the most basic elements.

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