Dining room decoration and make it a unique space

Dining room decoration

Dining room decoration and make it a unique space

Having a special dining room in which lunch and dinner become the most pleasant moment of the day is possible if you update its decoration with these simple but very effective ideas. In addition to enjoying an exclusive space for lunch and dinner every day, it will be the perfect environment to celebrate long after-meals with friends and family, now that we welcome people back home.

In The Style Of The Best Restaurants

Best dining room decoration ideas

Who does not like to enjoy the experience of going to dinner at an upscale restaurant? Who does not want to spend a pleasant evening in a Michelin star restaurant? Now you can reproduce that environment in your own dining room if you elevate its decoration with certain guidelines that are not so complicated to put into practice.

The objective is to achieve a functional and elegant space at the same time, comfortable but without forgetting the aesthetics of the hole so that it is also original. Preparing your dining room and decorating it with style is a good idea to celebrate that those pre-pandemic gatherings with friends and the whole family are getting closer.

A Well-Kept Environment

If we start from the most general to the most particular, we will have to start by considering the environment. The first thing your dining room needs may be a renovation of the walls and other surfaces that can be carried out without the need for a full-fledged reform.

A great idea is to wallpaper one of the walls, choosing a striking and special wallpaper. You can do this job yourself with little help and the financial investment is minimal. If you choose vinyl paper, it will be much easier to clean in case of a stain.

You can also decide on painting. To paint the walls of the dining room you will not need to call a professional, since it is an affordable task that will not take you more than a day.

A Commitment To Naturalness

Choosing natural materials for furniture and decorative elements is a great idea that will raise the decoration of the dining room to very high levels. Wood, vegetable fibers, natural textiles, etc. The texture and appearance of these materials, in addition to increasing comfort, endow the space with the elegance of the essential. Keep this in mind if you have to change any furniture, whether it is the dining table or an auxiliary element.

Place The Table Next To A Window

If you are still not sure where to place the dining room in your house, or if you have decided to change its location because its current location does not work, consider the possibility (if you have one) of placing it next to a window.

This allows you to provide the dining room with natural light, a great idea that will make lunches and dinners much more pleasant. On the other hand, if your window has good views, it will allow diners to enjoy them just like in the most special restaurants.

Choose Different Chairs

A special trick to give the dining room more dynamism is to mix different models of chairs around the table. You can opt for painted wood models along with others without painting, or combine chairs of different colors and, of course, shapes and designs.

One key worth looking at is trying to make the chairs have similar dimensions, even if they differ in design. In this way, we establish a visual order that is pleasant.

The Power Of Special Parts

An heirloom chest of drawers, a sideboard from a flea market, a nightstand from an auction converted into a side table, a restored wardrobe, etc. We already know that any of these pieces are not easy to find, but if you are lucky enough to have some, placing them in the dining room will be a fantastic idea to elevate the decoration. Although they are not furniture designed for this space, they will serve to store table linens, crockery, and cutlery, and will give the dining room a unique air.

More Comfort

As much as you want your dining room to be elegant and glamorous, sacrificing comfort for it is not an option. There is nothing comparable to a long table with the people we love, but in order to enjoy it, it is essential that everyone is comfortable.

In this sense, the seats are the essential element to take into account. If possible, choose upholstered chairs that usually provide extra comfort thanks to their softer seat. Or you can add cushions to the chairs (choose resistant and easy-to-clean textiles).

In the event that your dining room is small, it may be practical for you to place a bench on one of the sides of the table since they offer several seats and take up less space. If you do, do not forget to equip it with a mat or cushions that increase comfort.

Lighting, An Infallible Resource

A pendant lamp that casts warm ambient light is often the main lighting source in a dining room, although recessed spotlights can be substituted if the dining room is small and the ceiling is low.

If you decide to put a ceiling lamp on the table, it should be about 80 cm from the table. It is the right distance to properly illuminate the dishes, without dazzling or disturbing the diners.

Is your dining room spacious? Then you can complement the light above the table with wall sconces or other lighting sources, such as a table lamp in a side cabinet. Having several light sources makes the space more welcoming.


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