Do dogs like big dog houses?

big dog houses

Do dogs like big dog houses?

Dog breeds are known for their individual personalities. Their characteristics can be as distinctive as their fur or as adorable as their intelligence. The subject of “dogs and big dog houses” is one of those topics that has a lot of interesting facts.

Big dog houses make your dog feel more like a king than a pet. However, they don’t do your back any favors either. Here are 10 facts about big dog houses that might change your mind about investing in one.

Do dogs like big dog houses?

Well, not all dogs are the same. Some love to curl up in them and some wouldn’t recognize their own couch! It may be worthwhile checking out a dog-friendly big dog house, of course, but the truth is you always feel “crowded” with large breeds even if they fit right into these houses.

The big house for dogs

This is the main point of many debates: Do big dog houses work? There are a lot of people that say it does not and some have even developed their own designs! The fact remains, however, that most dogs do love to occupy them – especially if there’s enough space for all.

Big dog houses: good or bad?

The first thing to keep in mind is the fact that you need a durable house for a large breed of dog. You will definitely have lots of fun designing one, but it’s important to make sure there won’t be any issues with durability over time – especially since they tend to get flopped around!

If your yard isn’t small enough (for reasons of maintenance, for example), then you’ll need to make other adjustments.

Internal rooms are one big thing with these houses (among many others). You might want a play area that can be used by all members of your household, and how much space will each dog mind sharing? Many designs even include bathrooms! If that appeals to you as well, then don’t miss this opportunity: Big dogs require more room per pound than small dogs!

Having said that, you can also get a standalone big dog house to step out easily if you don’t want to leave your dog all of the time. This is especially recommended for apartment dwellers – not only do they keep their dogs healthy and happy in spirit, but it might make running errands much easier as well! The old-school favorite does exist as a single sitter for large breeds.

10 facts about big dog houses

Here are the 10 facts about big dog houses:

Fact No 1: They should be able to withstand the fast-paced need for an outdoor bath.

Fact No 2: Even if you’re birding, these houses also have a peaceful sky view – and that too helps keep your dog happy!

Fact No 3: Some can even fit in with other birds outside of their enclosure (just make sure they don’t jump on them or try to ride it).

Fact No 4: They’re not exclusively for big dogs! Smaller breeds can also enjoy them, but don’t use a smaller house for your dog if you have other pets in mind. On the same note: don’t own more than 1 large breed of dog. Otherwise, it’ll be too small and they will become territorial (like any pet often does).

Fact No 5: Not all houses can accommodate multiple people who spend time outdoors with you! This can make life very difficult.

Fact No 6: If a dog is generally barky or someone has a tendency toward lunging, this house might not be for them. If your dogs tend to jump around (and the size makes that likely), then the hidden kennels would probably be more fitting – to keep them in easily but out of sight as well, such as under homes and decks, etc. For loud barking dogs, you should look at the “yappy houses” in which they can be enticed to bark a little.

Fact No 7: Dogs during winter/ear cold times get physical protection from these (and nowhere else). These also make pretty cool yard decorations too!

Fact No 8: They aren’t just for big dogs but small ones as well – so if your pet is usually wary or lumpy – consider one of the smaller ones. If you are fussy or must get a house that truly “fits” them, I’d look into getting one custom-made for your needs – perhaps out of some sort of fur – and then just keep adding treats to entice them!

Fact No 9: Unless you got a big one (which is not even recommended), they would make a great hiding place for the little ones during Halloween night.

Fact No 10: Dogs do better when working off their energy in an open area – so if you have other animals or children/friends, them being cooped up inside would probably stress out your pets. As well as things like puppies liking to play with each other more often than with you.

Fact No 11: Not just dogs, but goats and horses need to be kept indoors during the winter temperatures are too extreme for them!

Fact No 12: At night, in a house with these hidden doors is great protection from strangers or curious persons – such as kids prancing around at 3 am on Halloween or trick-or-treaters trying to see your pet’s face through the cage!

Fact No 13: Weatherproofing the house is great and will help protect your pet inside the cage (but you’ll need to leave some paths open around it if they are indoors). You may also want to put mesh fencing up or glass half walls. Spend time on designing their home before summer – be sure not to restrict them too tightly, though, as that makes escapes harder for these little ones!

Fact No 14: Most of these cages can be ordered inside out with the fleece fabric as well. That way, you can use other patterns such as Indian handicrafts or 3D-mesh wirework to decorate them!

Fact no 15: The one below has tiny cupboards that your pets will love for storage and recharging stations for their water. The same idea is involved here again, which is a single door that leads into 20 smaller caged rooms.


You’ve probably heard this before, but dogs like to be where they feel comfortable. To make sure your dog is as comfortable as possible, it’s important to ensure that he has enough room to move around and play. In order for your dog to live a happy life, the size of his house should reflect his needs. For example, if you have a large breed dog, you might want to consider getting him a bigger house than you would for a small breed.

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