How to combine the mustard color in men?

mustard color in men

How to combine the mustard color in men?

Most men tend to have a fairly basic color palette to wear, at least in their day-to-day. It is reduced to black, gray, brown, and white, but this ends up being a bit predictable, basic, and even boring, that’s why today we come up with an article to learn how to combine the mustard color. Or at least try. Visit our partner site to know the latest fashion

When we dress only with basic colors, well, they all go well with everyone and what you wear will look correct, but when incorporating color, things change. A color that is not used too much, but that is really striking is mustard. One of the best things that go well with any skin tone and if it is combined in the right way it fits perfectly with casual occasions and a little more sport. Keep Reading Royal blue dress shoes.

If you are interested in adding that touch of color that your wardrobe needs so much, continue reading as we will give you the keys to combine this color in different types of garments.

Essential: how to combine mustard-colored pants

First of all, we must say that having mustard pants is already a somewhat risky fashion decision, which is why we recommend that you be cautious with accessories. The pants will be the center of attention so you must combine them so that the other pieces match and do not compete. Some alternatives are:

Mustard pants with a white shirt

In the photo that we show you we see a man with a lot of styles and who wears mustard pants. As there is no single shade of mustard, when you choose the pants, look for one that is not too vibrant, as it will help you play better with accessories.

This look will stay fairly classic, but with a fresh twist. Shoes may vary, but black loafers are always a good alternative. At the top, a simple white button-down shirt is a great success.

For this outfit it has been decided to go for something much more casual, that is why the sleeves of the shirt go up a little and two buttons open. To give it the most elegant touch but without being too rigorous, a very light beige natural fabric vest is included. So you have created a neutral color palette with a touch of leading color.

Mustard pants combined with gray

We have already told you that the king of the look is the pants, so you must highlight it and not overshadow it. For this reason, a slightly broader color palette is created, but it remains neutral. As for the shoes, light brown ones will look great. Since it is a more casual look, you can bet on textures and make it suede. In addition, you must include a belt, that being the exact color of the shoes is no longer worn, so it can be one or two colors above or below the shoes.

On top, wear a white button-down shirt. In the photo that we show you, the model has a bow tie or bow tie that you can leave aside if it is not your style. What you have to do is open at least two buttons from the top and it will be a much cooler look.

What is the great complement and closes the look is the gray color that is incorporated with a knitted sweater. This one is open in the front and we recommend that it be a medium gray. If you choose a very dark gray, the contrast with the other elements will not work very well, as well as with grays that are very light. The sweater you choose, although it can be with a zipper, the buttons give it much more style.

Combine mustard with more mustard

Monochrome is one of the clothing trends that never goes out of style, but now it has returned with more force. Mustard is already a leading color, but have you imagined it combined with more mustard? Well, you have this alternative as long as certain requirements are met.

Mustard is not as black, and although it has variations in tone from garment to garment, you can create a monochromatic look very easily. With mustard, it happens that the shade variations are quite marked and pants bought here and a jacket there may not match.

Due to the fact that the tone fits, we recommend that you get a complete suite in mustard as we show you in the photos. It may seem like too much, but it really isn’t because even if you have two pieces in mustard, it balances out with the other elements.

In the first photo, we have mustard pants with a fairly casual blazer. The model has combined it with a basic round neck t-shirt without prints and this serves to complement the mustard. In the footwear, he wears white sneakers with a red detail that you could eliminate and wear simple white sneakers.

The other look has a more elegant touch. It’s a full two-button, double-breasted suit that’s just gorgeous. The model does the combination with dark brown leather shoes and a light blue shirt, without being pastel blue.

Whatever style of mustard suit look you choose, make sure the suit is perfect. It doesn’t have to be the most expensive suit, but it does have to be one that fits you well. On your shoulders it should be tight enough, it should not be too long in the sleeves and you will look more stylized.

Combine mustard shirts, t-shirts, and sweaters

We have decided to group the top clothing items into one category to show you different options, but the basis of each look is very similar, so you can make changes and create your own combination based on the look of your choice.

Mustard shirt with white pants

White and mustard go quite well, we’ve seen it before, but the goal of this look is to make it more of a day-to-day look. With a dress like this, you can go on a date, have a drink with friends or even go to work if they have a not elegant dress code.

The shirt is long-sleeved, quite simple, but to give it a casual touch, the sleeves go up to above the elbows. The first two buttons of the shirt are also opened and it is tucked inside the pants.

As for the pants, there is not much to say, you can use one of the cuts that you like the most, but make sure it is pants without too many details. Leave out any ripped or worn parts as it can look sloppy, although the model has worn bottoms, a lot of this could look a bit odd.

For footwear, brown leather shoes in combination with a fairly similar belt will do. Don’t forget to pick a good watch and you’re good to go.

Mustard sweater with blue pants

A sweater can give a look a touch of special sophistication when it seems too basic. In this case, the mustard sweater will be combined with navy or dark blue chinos. These two colors make a very good contrast, but you must take into account that neither of the two should be too bright, choose somewhat opaque mustard as with the pants, otherwise, the two colors will compete.

As for the shirt that goes under the sweater, you can make variations, the model is wearing a blue one that goes quite well because it is the same color as the pants, but it can also be white so you can broaden the color palette and it will look quite good. To close, some casual shoes roll sneakers in black are ideal.

Mustard shirt with jeans

In the previous example, we saw how blue and mustard go very well and now with these two looks, we have one of the favorites of many, jeans. We all have at least one pair in our closet and the blue of the material goes great with mustard.

You can wear any shade of mustard with jeans of any shade. It can be light mustard with light jeans or duller mustard with slightly darker jeans just like in the pictures. Also, you can have variations between a short-sleeved or a long-sleeved button-down shirt for less casual occasions.

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In short, combining mustard color is NOT easy. We are not going to tell you that it is an easy task, except for a basic mustard t-shirt with jeans or shorts, and some mustard-toned chinos (more on the beige side), the rest of the looks tend to be more difficult. In any case, at Blog Moda Hombre we encourage you to try, try and take risks.


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