How To Manual Your BMX Bike Easy Guideline

BMX Bike Easy Guideline

How To Manual Your BMX Bike Easy Guideline

Today I’m going to try and teach you guys how to do one of the most fundamental beginner BMX tricks.

If you want to do lines straight lines or any kind of skatepark lines, the manual is the best trick to learn.

So, we’re going to teach you how to do a manual where I learned how to manual and also explains details for all about it.

First Step to Follow

Basically, here we have lines that we could just practice getting our length and our balance but for this trick, what you need definitely needs a helmet because this trick is going to require a lot of looping.

To learn and finding your balance point you’re going to go back a lot and you’re going to land on your feet, but just in case that one time you don’t and you want to have a helmet on.

If you guys aren’t aware where the manual is, cause it’s when you’re riding down like this without peddling balancing and a wheelie would be pedaling, but basically just using your legs to pump, keeping them straight arm straight and manually.

So when your ride on a bike which top BMX bikes for adults the process is the same you don’t need to do put in any extra effort.

One thing you might want to do before trying this trick is if you have back. You might want to take them off because when you loop out to learn this trick, you have to know how to loop out.

It’s like one of the main things you need to know that I recommend doing because there’s no way you’re going to find your balance point without learning how to fail backward. After all, the balance point is the spot you feel the most comfortable with.

It could be down here. It could be up here. It could be up here. Usually, it’s sort of happy, medium like right here, times pull up too hard.

Something that I’ve noticed has become a reoccurring thing in every house too. I’ve mentioned so far is you have to know which put your riding forward and which foot is more comfortable riding forward, just down the block, bunny hopping, whatever for me, it’s my right foot forward.

Some people that might be left foot forward, it really doesn’t matter at all. It’s just whatever you feel more comfortable with, but the feet have to stay level one foot forward, one foot back.

You can’t be like this. Not going to work in the manual. Like it’s not going to work in really any other tricks and which put your ride comfortably forward and then just make sure that you have level pedals as you’re doing this trick.

So, when you’re learning how-to manual, you just want to get comfortable picking up your phone wheel like this.

It takes a lot of repetition and a lot of trial and error to find out that balance point that you’re comfortable with.

Second Step to Follow

So, the balance point which we recommend and It’s probably a good balance point for everybody else is you have your arms locked straight back like that.

You have your butt kind of over your back higher and you’re balancing what your needs are.

No, I have bent arms and straight legs cause then you’ll do that all the time and that’s not an uncommon feeling, not very good, locked in point.

If you have friends that can manual, go have a session with them in a parking lot and just see what they’re doing, ask them to do a couple of manuals so you can get a better understanding cause you guys are watching me, but when you’re riding with your friends, it’s easier to.

That’s how I learned a lot of my tricks growing up and how I still learn a lot of my tricks. If my friends are better than me and they’re doing all the tricks that I can’t do and it just watch them try and see what they’re doing and then try and apply it myself.

There is just a need to feel comfortable and If you throw your bike and it’s fine. Just make sure you don’t wash out on your butt or your back or your head.

Definitely, once you get comfortable and looping out the next point is trying to find the point of balance. That is good for you.

Want your arms to be locked straight, good tension right here and you don’t want to have bent arms locked straight.

You want a happy medium where you feel comfortable balancing. So, when you see my knees going back and forth, finding my balance point and my arm stayed straight the whole time locked in, I stay focused on going straight.

I wasn’t going to the left to right. You want to keep your arms straight and just balancing another thing.

A lot of people do, which will make it a little bit harder to learn if they don’t pick up enough. But when they pick up, they do not anticipate hang the balance points.

Let’s do a lot of this and then they’ll drop it because my arms are still and my knees are straight.

When you have your arms straight, your knees bent, just riding with your bike front wheel on the ground, you’ll have a better understanding of that balance point that you’re looking at.

Now you’re going at the manual, you do not want to just like and start with your weight all the way back because that’s going to happen.

It’s kind of like you’re going to go into it and pull up the front wheels. So now you’re comfortable pulling up the front wheel like this.

I’m not trying to fall back, but once you start pulling out, the front wheel is when you start dropping the weight back. You may also like to read Top 5 Mongoose mountain bike 2022.

Third Step to Follow

It’s going to be a nice fluent motion of pulling up the front wheel and then shifting your weight back over the rear tire.

If you don’t shift your weight back, you’re just going to be stuck in this position. Like a tiny soil. Also not good. You guys may know. I do not run breaks at all and no back breaks, no breaks anywhere.

For some people, this may be a trick that you want to have brakes on just in case you go too far back and loop out and you have breaks.

You can be at a steep balance point right here, and then just pull the brake and you fall. What I would recommend, not relying on breaks at all for this trick. Just rely on knowing how to loop out without falling back.

Just put your feet down and some people prefer to learn in a skate park and I’m going to show you on a bank to bank. I know it’s also a good way.

I see a lot of kids at the skate park learning. They might not necessarily have their balance point yet, but you’ll see them going up the back and just kind of like holding it and say, the bank starts here.

They are, they’ll make it across and that’s a really great way to get comfortable being locked on the back wheel, even if it’s just for a little bit, because once you bring it to the streets, once you bring it to a parking lot, you’ll pretty much have the fundamentals of holding it out for a long time.

Even a little steep, like even a slight decline in the road, a little down and might help learn this trick because you don’t have to worry about going so fast to start.

You just kind of let the hill take you down and once you have forward manuals, the possibilities are endless. You could do bar manual one eighties manual to any trick you could imagine.

Piggy mangoes are definitely a more advanced trick than a regular fellow, nine-year-old. So, there’s anybody out there who wants me to do how-to want to manuals.

I’ll do that in the future too, but for now, we’re sticking a regular man as I mentioned before we’re at the skate park. This isn’t another perfect setup to learn the manual on just like that.

You got to do the manual and be lazy with it but he had it and it’s the same thing. It’s just a little bit easier to get into that balance point and I’ll show you right here.

The same concept applies to everything I’ve said before. It’s just that this is a starting point and this is the endpoint. It might make it easier. It’s not too long and it’s a little short, but it might make it easier to have a little goal in mind when you’re trying this trick and just flowing through the skate park.

Yeah, it just gives you a nice little starting and finishing point to practice that little balance point and repetition, repetition. You just go back and forth all day long on this if you want.

But that’s pretty much it. I’m going to show you guys a bunch of examples of the manual let’s see I’ll do it many ways.


Hopefully, you guys took something away from it and If I missed anything, if you know how to manual and I missed anything, please let me know in the comments

And if anybody has any questions in the comments, leave them there. I’ll try and answer and if want to get more biking tips you can visit OutdoorXsports.

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