Of all the decorating ideas, have you decided that the one that will best suit your lifestyle is modern décor? We can help you turn your home into a cozy place, complying with all the rules of this style.

What Is Modern Style?

Do not confuse modern style with the mere fact of “being in the latest fashion.” It has a series of characteristics that must be strictly adhered to.

All free and easy

If the French or Italian decorating ideas are based on filling them with many decorative elements and overloading them, the modern style is, on the contrary.

Share with the minimalist style that seeks simplicity, open spaces, and that everything has its place in the room. Do not load the space too much with elements that are not necessary.

Simple furniture

You will not run out of furniture in the decoration of a modern living room. It’s obvious. But this one will have to be pretty simple.

Furniture with straight lines, in very light colors and with an architectural style according to the decoration you are trying to bring to your home.

Combination with other styles

A very particular characteristic of modern decoration is that it allows you to combine it with other decorative styles without problems. How, for example, furniture of an older style.

Clarity is the most important

Although there are other accepted colors in modern home interior designs, white is the most widely used.

Among other things, because it helps to create a clear and bright space. Below we will talk about what your options will be to paint the walls with modern colors.

All open

It is perhaps something that not everyone likes, but the modern style also relies heavily on the creation of Loft concept spaces. All free of walls, much like modern houses in the United States. You don’t have to follow it to the letter when designing modern homes. But isn’t there a space that fits?

Not to be confused with contemporary style

Contemporary decorating ideas

Do you know the characteristics of contemporary style? Because he gets very confused when it comes to designing houses with a modern style. Their characteristics are very different, but they are very confused.

The reason? Modernism in decorating style has a lot of history. Think of a piece of furniture from the 1920s. At the time it was modern, but now it is a vintage-style piece of furniture.

For many, the modern style of decoration is part of contemporary decoration.

What Are The Best Modern Colors?

The time has come to talk about what are the best colors for modern interiors. So that you don’t get too complicated, we are going to tell you about the top 5 that are trending this 2018, according to Behr:

Gray mint

Although it has not been chosen as the color of the year, it is one of the most recommended when painting modern homes.

It is relaxing, resulting from the mixture of blue, gray, and green. Helps you relax after a busy workday. Perfect for bedrooms and living rooms.

Old pink

Since colors can affect mood too, why not paint your house in a color that helps keep you calm?

This color has a calming effect and is very positive, ideal for modern living rooms and dining rooms.


Blue is a color that never goes out of style, and in modern bedroom décor, it is still number one. It is perfect to guarantee sleep and relax the mind.

And if you combine it with a little orange, white, or even wood elements, the environment will feel warmer.


How could red stay out of modern colors? What’s more, this color is the one that is most used in the decoration of modern rooms.

In the living room it favors the appetite, in the bedroom it increases passion and in the living room, it is a striking and lively color. You should try it.


The ideal color for your living room. A color that calls for fun and a free spirit.

If you wanted something flashy to paint with that would fit in modern rooms decorated with any type of furniture, mustard is your color.

A Bedroom With Modern Decoration, What Is The Secret?

Bedroom decorating ideas

In modern interior decorating ideas, it is a good idea to start by working with the bedroom. Ultimately, it is the space where you are going to rest, and you want it to be as relaxing as possible, right?

Fill the space carefully

The great secret to having a modern bedroom does not lie in buying the latest furniture that has hit the market.

But make the most of the available space, and adjust it to the needs of the people who inhabit it. This applies to both junior, guest, and double bedrooms.

A very stuffy bedroom is not modern. Remember that modernism meets minimalism in wide-open spaces.

Light colors for the bedroom

Blue or green can come in handy for a modern bedroom. But why not go for the classic white?

It helps modern small houses appear larger because they make the most of the light coming through the windows.

The walls, if they are smooth, much better than if they have gotelé. This does not mean that you cannot have it in the house. But if it is smooth, the color will flow better throughout the room.

You can even combine two colors for the walls of your home. The use of pastel colors is very common in this decorative trend.

What is the best furniture?

Since the modern bedroom should be simple, you cannot load the space too much. A large closet with sliding doors will do you good. Especially if you want to decorate a modern small bedroom.

The trundle bed will help you have that extra storage space that you may lack in your closet. Although, a current trend is for everyone to have their space, with their own closet.

The couple does not have to share it. Some classic bedside tables, a modern headboard, with very simple but elegant lamps … Getting modern furniture is not complicated at all.

You can bet on real or imitation wood, depending on what you can spend on your budget. Of course, the important thing is that the furniture is straight lines.

Now, if you are decorating a large modern room, why not purchase an armchair with a small table?

This way you will have a private reading space in the room, away from the distractions that you may suffer in the living room. Right next to the bedroom window.

Decorative elements?

Paintings? Plants? Books? You can have anything you want, as long as the walls don’t get too loaded and you feel cramped in space.

Remember that the bedroom is the space where you relax and rest, and therefore the energy must flow well throughout the room.

Try that the decorative accessories for this room are not too ostentatious, or you will be unable to relax and forget about the hard work day you have had.

Relax In The Bathroom With Modern Decor

Big? Little? Do you have a standard size? Never mind! We are going to give you some ideas for modern houses so that you can transfer them to your bathroom and get the most out of it.

Tiles And Tiles? What To Choose?

Here we are facing one of the most characteristic problems when decorating a modern bathroom; which floor and walls to choose.

Well, you should know that both elements have to be in harmony. If the bathroom is small, do not hesitate and bet on a white color, along with a floor in a darker tone. Or it can be white with black speckles.

On the other hand, if it is very large, you can bet on the tiles and the ceramic floor, which gives you many decorative options.

That simulates stone, a sandy floor … Or you can use the wallpaper, with an anti-humidity effect, for the area outside the shower and only put tiles in that area.

In modern house designs, choosing a good floor and good tiles are the keys to having a bathroom that invites relaxation.

Only The Furniture You Need

Remember; in modern decorating ideas less is more. Whether you have a large or small bathroom, this space should not be too crowded so as not to be overwhelming.

A simple washbasin cabinet (which can be without drawers), a simple toilet, and a shower instead of a bathtub. In fact, in the latter, you bet not only because you save, but because a shower helps to create a more modernist space than a bathtub.

All modern decorated houses do not have bidets or too many cabinets in their bathrooms. What do you need storage space for?

Buy a closet sink. Or make it a roomy sink with some doors with shelves. But do not fill the entire bathroom with too much furniture, or the space ends up becoming a place you do not want to enter.

Some plant calls to enter

Green never hurts in a room. And in the bathroom is no exception. Buying a small plant to put in the sink, or to hang from the side of the mirror, brings tranquility to your bathroom.

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