Some Guidelines to Gain Maximum Visibility with Feather Flags

Some Guidelines to Gain Maximum Visibility with Feather Flags

It’s hard to come by someone who hasn’t seen a feather flag fluttering in the breeze. Even if you try your best, you cannot ignore them. Such is their charisma. But to allow them to perform according to their potential, one has to follow some distinct guidelines. After all, you will be using them for promoting your brand. You have to know how to exploit their versatile features to gain the expected outcome.

However, we only witness successful brands using them to draw people’s attention to the new or upcoming offers and deals. Unfortunately, the lesser-known brands are not seen to use the feather flags much to gain visibility. They are missing out on a great opportunity of becoming the next successful brand by not employing the flags as their marketing tool. If you have already decided to take the help of these flags to reach out to the people, then this article is for you. It will shed some light on how you can achieve the most of these flags.

Feather flags 

As the name suggests, not in your wildest dreams think that they are made of feathers. They got their name from the shape they have. Usually, white polyester fabric is the chosen material to make them. They have an aluminum or fiberglass base to support the whole structure. You can get your desired artwork printed on the feather flags in any way you prefer.

How to maximize their visibility

If you have a powerful weapon but do not know how to use it to get the desired outcome, the weapon becomes useless. Similarly, you have a good marketing tool but do not know how to portray it to the people to attain the required visibility, it will be wasted. Several factors are responsible for making feather flags a success. Some of the ways are discussed as follows.

  • Choosing the right location

Placing the flags in an apt location can make your brand noticeable to all without much effort. To reach out to people, install them where you expect a lot of foot traffic. Placing them in your entranceway or front of your booth in an expo is a great place to catch people’s attention. Take out time to study the pattern of footfalls in the vicinity and accordingly take action.

  • Banner design

It’s a proven fact that people tend to remember things they have seen more than what they have heard. So, selecting a good and attractive design becomes crucial in determining whether your effort will go in the right direction. The color schemes, font, background hue, font color – all these decide the final look of the flags. They need to be appealing to make a place in the onlookers’ minds.

  • Presentation of the content

Arrangement of the content also plays a definite role in making the flags stand out among others. What information to put, which ones to highlight, variation of the font sizes according to the importance of the information – these become the deciding factors of the effectiveness of the feather flags.


It’s not about only the feather flags. Before using any marketing tool, you have to know and understand their potential to gain the most out of them.

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