The best stair decoration ideas in your home

stair decoration ideas

The best stair decoration ideas in your home

In this article, we show you a list of current styles so that you can be inspired by any of them. We also show you images of different types of stairs and decoration ideas that will help you find the ideal style for your home.

The importance of decoration on the stairs of your home

Home decoration says a lot about ourselves, so it is important to choose a style that suits our way of being and that we feel identified and comfortable with it.

In this particular article, we will focus on how to decorate a part that can sometimes go unnoticed: the stairs in our home.

To do this, we must first make a study of how our house is decorated. In the event that it is new and we have to start from scratch, we must take into account the available stairwell. Also if the ladder is for interior or exterior and the materials of the same.

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Stair decoration according to style and inspiration

In this list, we show you 8 styles of interior decoration that are currently in fashion. In reality, many times one or more styles can be combined but we must know how to differentiate each one of them.

Depending on the decoration we have in our home, we can also apply it to the style of our staircase.

Contemporary Style

best stair decoration ideas

This style of decoration usually encompasses a decoration with clean and sharp lines. The color palette is very simple and its materials can include: Metal, glass and steel.

This style brings a feeling of simplicity in all its elements and furniture. The modern style is elegant and always presents a feeling of order and neatness.

In this style, we can find smooth, clean, and geometric shapes with high ceilings.

Minimalist Style

The color palettes are neutral and airy. The furniture is simple and stylish, and there are no excessive or extravagant elements in the accessories or in the decoration. In some cases, some furniture can be added with a color tone to give contrast.

Industrial Style

As the name implies, it is inspired by a warehouse or an urban loft.

Items like high ceilings, old wood, and metal pendant lamps with sparse functional furnishings. One or two pieces of abstract art or photography can be added to add a pop of color to a neutral color scheme derived from the primary materials of wood and metals.

Bohemian Style

It features a creative application of rich patterns and vibrant colors, especially those with shades of red or purple. The key is to carefully present a “messy” look on purpose. Layers of textiles (blankets, pillows, rugs, tapestries) can also be applied to create a warm atmosphere.

Moroccan, Southwestern, or tribal-inspired designs are trending today. Composition-wise, this style uses textiles, wood, animal skin, and metallic accents.

Rustic Style

A rustic décor is a modern approach to interior design inspired by mountain homes. Some items like dried lavender and other plants or wooden objects. Place, without overloading the environment, ceramic vases and planters to stylize the home.

Rustic furniture is characterized by aged wood and upholstered linen. Regarding the color, mainly white and beige base colors combined with wood colors and natural elements (plants).

Scandinavian Style

Scandinavian design and as its name suggests is inspired by the simple life of the Nordic countries. Scandinavian furniture design is simple, functional, and understated.

The color palette for this style blends white with natural colors like wood, glossy plastics, and enameled aluminum, steel, and wide plank flooring. If there are pops of color, it often comes from the use of art, natural fiber blankets or skins, or a single piece of furniture.

Lighting is very important in this style, looking for natural light from the outside. Practical accessories and furniture characterize Scandinavian designs.

Coastal Style

You don’t need to live next to the beach to want this type of decoration. In this style, you can paint the walls with neutral colors such as white combined with beige to imitate the color of sand. You can also add touches of blue to look like the sea.

Light, transparent curtains can be added to the windows to convey the coastal atmosphere.

Decorative elements like anchors and seashells are scattered everywhere for this interior design. Also, blue glass vases, striped wallpaper or abstract paintings convey the coastal feel.

Painted and aged wooden furniture combined with wicker or jute can perfectly match. To finish adding this style, we can add natural elements such as plants that will give a natural touch to the space.

Romantic Style

The romantic interior design style is a vintage style that is used in some homes.

Pale floral-patterned color palettes go perfectly with whitewashed floors and walls. The furniture with conservative and classic lines is combined with high-quality fabrics.

Floral elements and glamorous lamps are some of the factors that characterize this decoration.

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