Top Seven Furniture Manufacturing Nations

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Top Seven Furniture Manufacturing Nations

Do you want the best luxurious furniture for your home or office? It would be best to research the key countries producing top-quality high-end furniture and architectural products. European countries are currently flourishing in the furniture export sector. But China is still in the top spot, according to


When it comes to manufacturing and exporting furniture, China tops the list. The country is rich in the raw material required to manufacture the finest quality furniture. They have some sizeable high-end furniture companies that made their mark in terms of the quality and reliability of their products.

Chinese people have got the skills, experience, and determination to manufacture world-class furniture. No wonder it is the world’s number 1 furniture exporter country year after year.


Italian interior designs are the hallmark of luxury, elegance, and art. Their furniture speaks of a perfect blend between the top quality textile, light features and natural materials. The Italian influence is timeless amongst the changing trends. You can get some exclusive custom-made Italian furniture from the best high-end furniture brands in Milan.

Their manufacturing companies offer both contemporary and classical Italian styles of furnishing. Italy has seen steady growth in its furniture export since the last decade. And the figures show a promising rise in the future as well.


Scandinavian furniture is in much demand in the global market for decades. More than 400 furniture manufacturing companies are successfully operating from Denmark. It is leading with a minimalistic and sophisticated approach towards design. Source interior design products from here if you are searching for a “back to basics” look without unnecessary furniture clutter.

With the increasing cost of real estate, not everyone can accommodate large intricate pieces in their home. Denmark is there to provide you with uncomplicated and functional high-end furniture, just as how new zealand online casino is there to cover your online casino needs.


Germany is a leading furniture exporter of Europe. They majorly cater to Middle East, Asia, and North America. It is also considered the world’s biggest furniture nation. You can find numerous branded retail outlets here if you are looking for interior design sourcing. German furniture is known for its high-quality standards, modern design, natural and selected material. It gives a very European feel to the whole interior design.


Furniture manufacturing is vital for the economy of Poland. It contributes approximately 2.1% to their GDP. It is a hub of interior design sourcing for Germany, the U.K., France, Czechoslovakia, and Sweden. These countries export a substantial amount of high-end furniture from here. The reason is that the south of the country is prosperous with forests.


High-end furniture is another exquisite export from Belgium apart from its chocolates and diamonds. They export furniture across Europe and globally as well. The skilled workforce of this western European country collaborates amazingly with its designers. Companies here are constantly striving to get hold of the latest manufacturing technology to decrease the turnaround time for the customer.


France is counted among the top furniture market in Europe. We can’t say much about the affordability of the architectural products available here. But they are undoubtedly cost-effective for their spectacular design, attention to detail, and exceptional finish. One of the reasons for this outstanding quality of French furniture is they mainly craft by hand.

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