Trend Watch: Scandi-Luxe

emergence of Scandi Luxe

Trend Watch: Scandi-Luxe

We are long term lovers of Scandinavian design and are thrilled to see the emergence of ‘Scandi Luxe’. It’s where pared-down Scandinavian design acquires a touch of luxury; were white, pastel and blonde wood meet brass, copper, and marble.

For 25 years now, our exposure to Scandinavian interiors, has been largely through a certain Swedish giant. And while we still appreciate the need for practical kitchen equipment and low cost furnishings for student flats, many of us have moved on creatively and developed a deep yearning for quality, style, and individuality.

While retaining the clean lines, practicality, and simplicity that characterise Scandinavian design, Scandi-Luxe has that little extra ‘je ne sais quoi’. Perhaps a rounded corner, perhaps a subtler shade, perhaps a tad more comfort or a soupçon of more shine. It will create an interior that focuses on home comforts and maximisation of the light, an interior that is harmonious but allows itself the occasional extravagance, an interior in which the day to day incorporates an impression of indulgence.

We already love open plan living and the pared-down Scandinavian style works wonderfully in large open spaces. We are still delighted by all things industrial, but trends are moving away from factory grit and grime towards a pristine workshop style with shiny copper, brass, and gold fittings. The natural world is, as ever, of great importance. Lightwoods, marble and stylised elements from nature frequently feature as designs and, as winter approaches, the appeal of homespun fabrics becomes all too apparent!

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