11 Ways to Maintain a Healthy Roof

How to Maintain a Healthy Roof

11 Ways to Maintain a Healthy Roof

Your roof is one of the most critical parts of your home. It protects you and your family from the elements, so do your part to protect it. If you only react to roof problems as they arise rather than implementing preventative measures to maintain its health and longevity, you’ll pay far more for damage control.

Get ahead of any problems with regular roof maintenance and a reliable roofing contractor. Here are ten ways to maintain a healthy roof.

Regularly Inspect Your Roof

The first thing to add to your annual home maintenance schedule is regular scheduled roof inspections. Take a ladder and climb up on the roof once a quarter or twice a year and check thoroughly for damage or wear and tear. Call a professional if you notice anything that looks suspicious.

Can’t climb up on your roof? You can find many roofing companies that offer free roof inspections and will gladly come out and take a look for you.

Clean It Annually

Clean your roof at least once a year using a safe and effective method. Use a hose and a soft-bristled brush to gently remove any dirt, leaves, or debris accumulated on the roof.

If you notice clogged gutters, spend extra time removing anything that may prevent the water from draining down properly. Pooled water can lead to leaks and structural damage, so the goal is to ensure the water has a clear path down and away from your home.

Act Quick With Repairs

Repair any damage as soon as possible to prevent further issues. Even if the roof damage doesn’t appear too severe, it’s better to take care of it as quickly as possible and not wait until the problem has worsened.

Whether that means pulling out the ladder again and climbing up there yourself or calling a professional as soon as you can, the less you delay, the less you’ll likely pay.

Invest in Good Gutters

Install a gutter system to help keep your roof clean and in good condition. If your gutter system is old, don’t put off getting a new one. Invest in a quality system and keep an eye on it. Then, clean clogged gutters of debris or leaves twice a year, either by yourself or with the help of a roofing contractor.

Trim Trees and Keep Branches Away From Your Roof

Trees are beautiful, but you want to keep them trimmed and away from your roof. Too much foliage can create areas of shade where moisture can easily collect and cause rot or other damage. Trim your trees at least once a year so they don’t start rubbing against the roof, tearing shingles off in the process.

It’s always easier to trim a tree when it’s smaller, so the longer you let it grow, the more sturdy the branches will become and the more difficult they’ll be to cut.

Don’t DIY Everything

Sure, doing things yourself can save you a buck or two here and there. But it’s good practice to use a qualified roofing contractor when making major repairs or replacements to your roof.

While you might think of yourself as capable, and you might be, some things should be left to the professionals. Replacing a few shingles might seem like an easy job, but there’s more than goes into it that contractors are trained specifically for. Let them handle it.

A Roof Coating Goes a Long Way

Use a quality roof coating to protect your roof from the elements. A roof coating will help keep out water, provide UV protection and keep your roof looking like new. There are several options available, so research what’s best for you and your roof or consult with a roofing contractor to see what they recommend.

Keep Your Roof Ventilated

Make sure you have proper ventilation installed on your roof to prevent the buildup of moisture and reduce temperature differences. A well-ventilated roof will keep it in good condition and increase its longevity.

A few signs that you may have poor roof ventilation include icicles or ice dams forming along the roof, a broken A/C system (a sign that it’s overworked), hot spots or cold spots in the home, roof leaks or mold, and finding unwanted pests like rodents or insects in the home.

Check Your Attic

Make sure your attic is properly insulated so that it’s able to stay cool during the hotter summer months. With ample insulation, you’ll help prevent damage from occurring due to extreme temperatures. Also, check for any signs of water leaks or mold growth, which can lead to more damage.

Remember Mold Can Grow on the Outside, Too

Mold growth can occur on the outside of your roof as well as inside. Exterior mold growth is especially common in more humid areas or in areas that are shaded or where water may pool on the roof. While mold plays an important role in nature, it’s not something you want on your roof.

Keep an eye out for any black streaks or discoloration on the shingles and take care of it quickly if you see it.

Consider Weatherproofing

Consider investing in a weatherproofing solution such as solar reflective shingles or metal roofs. These materials can help keep the roof cooler in direct sunlight and reflect UV rays, keeping it from becoming damaged over time.

A metal roof can also be a lifetime investment, with the materials lasting over 50 years. While they’re much more expensive than shingle roofs, the money saved over the lifetime of the materials may make it worth your while. If it’s already time for a re-roof, consider these more durable options.

A Healthy, Happy Roof

By following these tips, you can help keep your roof in good condition for years to come and avoid costly repairs with a roofing contractor down the line. The trade-off for a lack of maintenance is usually a hefty repair (or roof replacement) bill down the line, and no one wants that.

Proper maintenance is key for ensuring a healthy roof, so integrate these roof tips into your typical home maintenance schedule and enjoy a roof that protects you for years to come.

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