How to Choose a Roofing Design in 2022

How to Choose a Roofing Design in 2022

Roofs are part of a home that is permanently exposed to external environmental conditions such as wind, sunlight, and rain. This calls for a need to carefully choose a suitable roofing design for their houses. However, it is quite challenging to choose which design is best for a house. Whether it is for a newly built house or replacing an old version.

Even so, unique roofing designs are key to a house’s exterior appearance. Along with looks, roofs play important roles in safeguarding the home from unfavorable climatic conditions. That being said, we always focus on selecting an ideal design. To help you, here are a few tips on choosing a roofing design for your house;

Property Location

Location is a key role in choosing the right roofing design for a house. Every place has its own climatic condition. If you stay in an area prone to strong winds or rainstorms, then choose pyramid roofs or hip roofs that are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions. If the home is in high monsoon regions, use a sloped roof such as a gable and saltbox. For places with a tropical climate, you may use all types depending on your liking, because the weather is frequently humid, warm, and hot.


Improving your home aesthetics begins with its exteriors. Its first impression always leaves an awed impression on anyone passing by. Choosing the right aesthetic design for your home should not just be based on suitability but enthralling to the eyes, among other benefits such as increased value. There are other aspects of an aesthetic roof such as color, designs, type of material, and texture that are compatible with the exterior of your home.

Cost of Construction

The cost of constructing a new roofing design or renovating is very high. However, it is an investment with great returns for your home in the future. This is clear if you will live in the house or won it for more than 20 years. Each type of roofing has a specific budget, especially when working with an expert, such as a commercial roofer in Arlington VA. For instance, dome roofs are expensive while skillion roofs are moderate, but this is determined by the material and cost of construction.


There are roofing designs that are not good for certain utilities but are appealing. For instance, installing a gambrel roof can look like a dutch style but is not suitable in fierce winds and harsh weather conditions. Therefore, if you still have to go for it, be ready to do roofing maintenance frequently.

Lastly, these factors play a critical role in selecting a roofing design that fits perfectly well with your house. You can always navigate through the options based on budget, durability, location, and types of aesthetics.

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