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Understand Quality Ratings

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C'est magnifique! Top quality materials. Flawless finish.

Sometimes high end products carry a relative price tag, other times they don't. For example, our designer furniture is classified as high end (it really is exquisite), and yet you'll find that these pieces are very well priced. On the other hand our high end mirrored furniture is almost double the price of the Beautifully Hand Made versions.

The reasons for this are wide ranging, but mainly stem from the country of manufacture. China for example produces some exceptional furniture which is lower priced than the British manufactured equivalents. No matter what the price, a product classed as High End will be absolutely top notch.


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High quality materials, carefully and skilfully put together.

A lot of products on our website are classified as Beautifully Handmade and rest assured that anything with this classification has been carefully and skillfully put together using high quality materials.

When we say handmade we really do mean handmade. Products are meticulously built by small teams of individual craftsmen who have spent years perfecting their skills in carving, beveling, weaving etc. Items with this classification may feature small elements of imperfection as do all types of handmade products.


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Love it, want it, need it? We feel the same way.

Design led products are not top quality, but they look too good for us to ignore.

Items classed as Design Led are perfectly serviceable and will last you many years, but the quality of the materials and preciseness of the finish will be less than those classified as beautifully handmade and high end. A lot of our deliberately distressed items are classified as Design Led. Usually the quality rating is reflected in the price of the item, although occasionally we do sell pricier Design Led pieces from far flung places – just because they’re so fabulous!


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Exactly what you would expect

The A1 Quality rating encompasses most of our high quality, factory made pieces. We felt it important to give everything a quality rating to differentiate between our top quality and basic pieces, but these items don't need it. They are exactly what you would expect from looking at the picture. Good quality, well made, functional. Happy shopping!

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