A modern townhouse with a terrace and a super kitchen

Modern townhouse

A modern townhouse with a terrace and a super kitchen

Paula Duarte has managed to give personality and affection to a newly built townhouse with a lot of potential, but too “cold”. Now, the owners and their five children can call it “home” and start a new life in La Moraleja.

A single-family home in the La Moraleja urbanization in Madrid, with  250 m² available and three floors, was new construction so it was very bland without the furniture. A couple and their five children decided to buy it and make it the townhouse of their dreams. The main thing? Give it warmth and functionality, in equal parts, so that they feel at “home”. They contacted the interior designer Paula Duarte, from Paula Duarte Interiores, to give that touch of life and color to the decoration. Do you want to see how it turned out? Keep reading!

A Modern, Elegant, And Warm Living Room

Built townhouse

The townhouse, being newly built, lacked both personality and enough space for a large family to find facilities during their day-to-day. In the living room, the interior designer opted for a much more classic and “serene” decoration than in the rest of the rooms but adapted it to the little ones in the house.

Imposing Sliding Doors Open Onto The Garden

For this reason, it has been taken care of that the upholstery was more suffered in gray and beige tones to monitor possible accidents that often happen in a home with children. The garden opens up completely to this part of the house with huge floor-to-ceiling sliding doors that let in plenty of light.

The materials that came in the townhouse were very modern and cold, especially the area of ​​the contemporary metal staircase: “the owners’ taste was much more classic and cozy, so we had to achieve this style through the furniture”, explains Paula.

The Kitchen Has A Large, Very Familiar Double-Height Bar

The kitchen connects with the living room and also with the garden through other sliding doors that let in light. The challenge in the kitchen was to adapt the breakfast bar so that the five children could fit in at the same time: “we decided to place a worktop at two heights that would be comfortable with five equal chairs, one for each child,” says the interior designer.

The Kitchen Is Modern, Functional, And Super Bright

The kitchen is white, which reflects, even more, the light that enters and enlarges the space, and has a nice wallpaper on the wall that is discreet but pleasant. On this wall, there is a small wooden shelf that gives the room a more cheerful and familiar touch. The ceiling lamps, matching the chairs and the shelf, are also very chic.

The Dining Room Is Full Of Light And Elegant

It was decided to place the dining room in a space in the lower part that is U-shaped and right next to the kitchen. It is not very big, but it is coquettish and original. To give it personality, they placed an aged-looking oak wood paneling in the background with a mirror that reflected the light even more. The table is round, with enough chairs for the whole family, and a large lamp that steals all eyes.

The Bespoke Wooden Bookcase Contrasts With The Iron Staircase

“Due to the peculiarities of the construction of the townhouse, we have had to order a lot of custom-made furniture to personalize it to the maximum, as is the case with the custom-made bookcase in front of the stairs,” says Paula. “This classic piece of furniture, made of quality wood, forms a counterpoint with the modern staircase and everything is more welcoming”.

One Of The Rooms Also Functions As An Office

On the ground floor, there is also a bedroom that serves as both a bedroom and an office. This room will be multipurpose until the youngest child leaves the crib. It has a beautiful custom cabinet with a desk and shelves that fit under the window and a comfortable bed with storage space.

The Corridor That Leads To The Bedrooms Is Simple And Beautiful

The hallway on the first floor was empty and seemed very impersonal. “As in other reforms, we have resorted to placing three IKEA shoe racks in a row. On the wall, we have opted for a very nice vinyl with a drawing of some swallows. In addition, this wallpaper is stain resistant, so the owners do not have to worry because is going to get dirty”, indicates the person in charge of the reform.

A Whole Work Of Engineering

“The townhouse only has four bedrooms. Upstairs we had to figure out how to fit the four older children into two bedrooms,” explains Paula. “The biggest challenge was getting three girls into one very small room, and the other two into the remaining room.” In the children’s bedroom for the girls, they placed three trundle beds, with a ladder with drawers to add storage space. The best? It has a large latticework that lets in lots and lots of light!

The Bedrooms Are Cool And Cozy

Although they are small and narrow, the children’s bedrooms have been very nice. “Fitting all the pieces together to give them a space to sleep that was comfortable, beautiful, and with storage space, has been very difficult, but they are delighted with the result,” explains the interior designer. This one is for the eldest son, with a desk to do his homework and a very comfortable trundle bed. The wallpaper is magnetized: children will be able to move the little houses in the drawing and play with them!

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