Home decor items we didn’t expect to find on amazon

Home decor items

Home decor items we didn’t expect to find on amazon

We like designer furniture and we like collector’s items, although, in the vast majority of cases, our budget does not allow us to get hold of them to decorate our home. Thanks to some brands that have democratized and brought Nordic design or some decorative trends closer to our pockets, the demand is almost satisfied. However, there are still certain details that we would like to find at a more affordable price without having to compromise on style.

And it is that when we talk about decoration and setting up a magazine house, it is normal that everything is too high expenses and prices. Or maybe not so much… if we know how to search. Which is exactly what we have done for you: browse through several of the sections of Amazon to find a good number of products -from plant pots to cushion covers, jugs, or even brushes- that are cheap (only one exceeds 30 euros and for very little), but which will add a touch of style and class to your home and will appear much more expensive and sophisticated.

Ceramic pot

Home decoration items

Available in ten colors and two different sizes (smaller, 12.5 cm in diameter, and larger, 15.5 cm), it is a pot made of ceramic and with a design of small bubbles painted in a gradient that It will give a vintage and stylish touch to any corner. To place alone or in the company of some others and put together a super striking combination.

Set of 2 sheets

It is difficult to find beautiful and delicate works of art at low prices, of course. That’s why you have to take advantage of options like this: a couple of drawings in a single stroke that creates delicate silhouettes of women. They are available in A3 or A4 size and can be purchased both framed and unframed. In addition, you can combine them as you want and choose the two that you like the most.

Metal bookends

That object that is rarely decoratively interesting, but adds a special touch to any shelf. We found this very striking option on Amazon: with a playful design of two stick figures holding the books, it is made of silver-colored metal. In addition to being the perfect gift for book lovers, it has garnered more than 470 reviews on the platform and has a total of five stars.

Glass vase

That Bohemian glass vase your parents had at home, is now available on Amazon and racking up a five-star rating and more than 620 reviews. A touch of luxury to place both with flowers and empty. It has a height of 30 cm. and a delicate, vintage-style design.

Brush design

You don’t expect to find such an object when looking for decoration, but a designer brush (which doesn’t look like a brush) is all your bathroom needs. Made of high-quality, durable plastic by mDesign, it is available in various shades and is highly hygienic, completely concealing the brush inside.

Crystal candy box

More decorated and decorative glass in this super special piece. A handmade multicolored glass candy box to have as a simple accessory or to use to store chocolates or jewels. It measures 10 cm. in diameter by 12 cm. high and is a unique detail that no one expects.

Mirror tray

With more than 1,300 ratings, this tray with a glass bottom and golden edges is used both to keep the bathroom or bedroom tidy and to serve coffee or drinks to your guests. That luxurious and shiny detail that decorates by itself.

Ceramic pin tray

And along the same lines, this pocket tray, perfect for any room, is made of ceramic but finished with the most sophisticated imitation marble. Available in various sizes and colors, it is ideal for placing your jewelry or keys when you get home.

Set of linen cushions

One of the best-selling packs of cushion covers on Amazon, with almost 1,400 ratings, and linen fabrics. This design of golden lines and geometric design is one of its most sophisticated versions and will fit in with a sober and elegant decoration. There are four covers of 45×45 centimeters.

Pack 2 hanging lamps

With more than 1,100 reviews on Amazon, this pack of two retro-style ceiling lamps is one of the most successful. It is not surprising: both only cost less than 35 euros and are perfect for their design both for decorating the kitchen and any other industrial-style room. Made of metallic material and finished in black and gold, they create a pleasant atmosphere (with 60 W. power) and can be placed at different heights thanks to their adjustable suspension cable.

Rope and leather basket

They call them “put-everything” and they are used exactly for that: to store anything and use them, at the same time, as a decorative object. This elongated basket style is made of 100% cotton rope and imitation leather rivets. It has a height of 40 cm. and a diameter of 38 cm. and combines white and beige in an aesthetic that is as natural as it is sophisticated.

Set of 6 ceramic coasters

Over 2,000 reviews and a total of five stars can’t be wrong. One of the most successful coaster sets on Amazon is this one with an elegant marble finish. They are made with a cork base and covered in ceramic (so they do not weigh too much) and fit in with the soberest and modern styles.

Scented candle in a tin

One of the best-selling candles, and also one of the most special, is this one from La Jolie Muse that smells of orange and bergamot (or other aromas if you change color and design). With almost 3,000 ratings, it’s a hit as a gift and is available in five different designs. It comes to be put in a decorated and decorative tin of 11 cm. in diameter and 10 cm. in height and offers more than 40 hours of combustion.


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