Rustic house interior design and decoration

Rustic house interior design

Rustic house interior design and decoration

The rustic decor style includes a mix of several different styles. Country, western, and artisan styles all fall under this classification. However, despite the differences in each of these influences, there are some generally common elements that define the rustic style. Here we show you ideas, tips, and images of rustic house interiors so that they can serve as an inspiration and you can achieve a house in this fantastic and cozy style.


The materials for the interiors of rustic houses must be, precisely, raw, without too much elaboration. For example, wrought iron, worn woods, natural stones, bricks, etc. Among the fabrics, there should be burlap, synthetic leather, leathers.

Wood is one of the best options for floors, ceilings, and walls.

Wood in floors, window doors

It is essential that space has the wood element either in floors, windows, doors, or beams. If the room already has wooden elements, remove the paint with sandpaper. The wood used in rustic décor should be unfinished and raw-looking whenever possible. If you are adding a lacquer coating to give the wood strength, try not to shine. Always use matte finishes.

Wood has always been a luxury element to decorate the home, beautify spaces and add value to each room, as well as the necessary distinction.

Wood is often used to mark the transition between various materials, for example, the separation of the ceiling from the wall, or the floor from the wall, the window and the wall, or ultimately between two walls of markedly different textures. In addition, the wood itself can have a special carving that adds to the decoration.

The other great option for those who have a fireplace should evaluate getting a large wooden plank or a rustic cut with no apparent shape to place it on it.

Brick walls

Before it was used in the absence of money to finish the works of a house. Then for many years, it was stopped seeing as everyone wanted their houses painted and with smooth walls. Finally, fashion brought them back to the design and construction of housing, giving a step to a new generation in decoration. We are talking about nothing more and nothing less than exposed brick walls, which are widely used in rustic houses.

Some visionaries understood that covering up the quality of the walls of certain second-hand homes was really a crime for architecture, so they decided to chop the paint and plaster, leaving the quality of the old constructions visible.

Soon this became a decorative weapon used in bars, restaurants, and in homes. First, portions of the wall were timidly chopped, then entire walls were left and finally, the whole of a room, and then, together with accent lights, wood, and wrought iron, seal a rustic combination that any visitor will love.

The options that we leave you next, combine very different designs, from the neatest and refined, to others much more rustic. See for yourself, and choose the option that best identifies you.


Clay is one of the noblest materials to build a house and every day it is gaining more followers, due to its ecological projection, which promotes the use of the most abundant resources and which also gives very good properties to the home, but also to those who they inhabit it.

In addition, it offers the possibility of playing with shapes, varying the heights of the wall, finishing with rectilinear figures, making spaces for doors with incredible shapes, which later give way to a work of art in wood, to place a carved door to hand that has the same drawing as the wall.

On the walls you can see inlays of rocks and wood, a technique that is carried out when the clay is still fresh, thus promoting many possibilities of shelving, which serve naturally, and then having to avoid adding more furniture.

But to design such a home, logs without straight shapes must be obtained from the sawmills that have the corresponding permit, since they are the ones that will give the house its personality after they are in place.


With respect to the ground, it is common to do it with rounded boulders, although there are also those who promote the possibility of incorporating elements that were in the landscape, letting them stand out in the same place they are. That is why in many homes of this style, large rocks can be observed in the middle of the kitchen, living room, or room, which shows how not necessarily such beautiful elements of nature must be destroyed, to make a house.


You should opt for warm colors, such as brick red, sage green, etc. However, you can also incorporate different shades of green. It is about using colors that are seen in nature, from tile red to dark brown.

Interior walls of rustic houses

Paint the walls with shades of nature. Brown, green, tan, and other colors of the Earth, it will create a warm and rustic look in any interior space. For kitchens and bathrooms, use white or almost white to create a clean and fresh space. Just be sure to accent these blanks with other rustic items to add continuity to the overall home decor scheme. You must achieve a harmonious space.


It is recommended to use dark furniture, which contrasts with the walls. Most items in a rustic decorating scheme should be earth tones. However, you can also use furniture in light tones. To prevent the space from becoming monotonous, play with contrasts in different shades. Large cushions will help create interest, which is why they are a must-have item.

When looking for pieces for furniture, it is recommended that they be comfortable and somewhat worn, that they have a raw and handmade appearance.

Getting a rustic decoration at home is one of the easiest decorations to get and that most like. The main thing is to put the wooden furniture. If you want to buy untreated wood, you must bear in mind that it is one of the first to break down, so you must take into account its durability. What we recommend is that you use wood already treated or at least varnished. Choose furniture made from wide planks. Rocking chairs, old nightstands, etc.


Light up space with large floor lamps or pendant lights. They are generally used of wrought iron, old and rusty metal, or made of roughly carved wood.

When it comes to lighting, you can incorporate table lamps made with synthetic, wooden or real horns, they will also serve our purpose.

Accessories and ornaments

It is about using artisan elements, with natural fibers, such as tapestries or baskets.

Fireplaces or heavy carpets are also typical of this type of decoration and you can put some walls of small bricks to give more atmosphere. In case you don’t have money for the latter, you can draw them.

Rustic and modern interiors

It arises from mixing modern trends and rustic style, promoting design in materials such as wood, cement, iron, along with modern ideas, where rectilinear figures and minimalism predominate. It is also about using the color palette characteristic of the rustic style.

If we look at the images, everything seems to be in perfect balance; the armchair in the living room, in an almost black tone, goes unnoticed, adding distinction to the place, while the furniture and the wall at the back, add a rustic element to the whole room.

As time goes by, some decorating styles diminish in popularity, but rustic décor remains current, especially when combined with modern elements.

The combination of styles is something that every day occurs more frequently in interior decoration. Generally, there is a tendency to merge those in which the result that can be achieved, provides new paths of atmosphere, focused on fine palates, who always want to be at the forefront.

In the images below, for example, we see a beautiful loft that mixes an old rustic style and a contemporary design. Exposed brick walls, rough rustic wood floors, and mixes of contemporary and antique objects.

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